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What does this graph tell us and how does it happen?

Asked by seawulf575 (16871points) 3 weeks ago
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While tooling around on the internet I had the question of how many registered voters there are in the US. I came across this page:

This shows the number of registered voters from 1996 through 2022. I noticed that it covered only presidential election years from 1996 through 2008 but then swapped to the in-between election years as well. What I found interesting about this is the increase and decrease in the number of registered voters. The first thought I had was “decrease in registered voters?” I’ve never known anyone to actually pull their registration to vote. Please note this is not number of people that voted, it is registered voters. What other things look odd on this chart?

Please remember this is in General. I’m looking for abnormalities in this graph.

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I’m thinking they’re comparing the general populations of each time. Like there is an increase in the population vs historical numbers of voters.
And also people die and get taken off the list.
Now I’ll go look at the graph!

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I like how it spiked in 2016. Didn’t make a difference thanks to the electoral college.
Spiked again in 2020 and it worked that time.

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Voter roll purges, legal disenfranchisement and deaths.

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@Smashley I thought about those things. But I didn’t think voter rolls purged very often and births would off set deaths. That didn’t make sense. Besides, purging and deaths would cause it to go down, but 11 million after each election? I’m thinking not. Besides, it then goes up by almost 17 million before the presidential election. ??? When I take out 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020, the slope is almost perfect for the increase due to increasing population. There would only be a couple outliers. And it always goes up, not down with only those points (except for the outliers).

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GOP controlled states like North Carolina, purge as many as they can, maybe hoping to remove people of color and women ? ?

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^^^^ Interesting Willie.

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According to the chart, in 2020, 168,310,000 people were registered to vote.
Looking at the election results, 81,283,501 voted for Biden, while 74,223,975 voted for Trump. Third party candidates received 1,865,535, 407,068 and 88,241 votes. That equals 157,868,320 votes. Since many registered voters didn’t vote, I doubt the veracity of the chart.

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I’m guessing statistical error. All graphs like this go up and down, but overall the trend has been going up.

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