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I am thinking of getting a tattoo , what should i get one of ?

Asked by salthegeek (12points) October 1st, 2008
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How about a jellyfish?

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Wait to get one—until you have an idea that is personally meaningful to you.
(You’re going to be stuck with it for awhile. Best to not have random strangers suggest it.)

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something that is actually meaningful to you that will matter to you your whole life, ive seen too many people get something pointless like winnie the pooh and regret it soon after

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If you’re asking us, you shouldn’t be getting one. Wouldn’t it be terrible for you to end up with a Dude! or Sweet!

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…he asked for a 13 and they drew a 31….

You’re actually considering a permanent body alteration design based on the advice of a bunch of people who don’t know you!? Dude.

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It’s a very personal thing. It has to mean something to you and/or represent a certain time or person in your life. Don’t let ppl decide for you.
Once it’s there; it’s there forever. Choose wisely.

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Knowing fluther, Id say a picture of Barack Obama.

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I like to watch a reality show called Jon & Kate + 8 (they have a set of twins & sextuplets). Both of them are in their thirties and both have Tats. Both have explained to their children and their audience why you should “Never let any one color on you”. Jon has 4 tats that he says he ‘hates’ because they now represent the opposite of what he stands for and Kate’s is a big Pooh bear on her ankle…to which she says she’d like it removed and knows she’llbe the only eighty year old in the nursing home with a Pooh bear on her.

I have a sis-in-law with a butterfly on her ankle. She doesn’t regret it so much but is having a hard time w/her preteen daughter. It’s hard to argue when your kid knows you had yours done as a teen.

I don’t know how old you are salt, but I’d recommend getting one only after you put this thought in perspective, statistics show you’ll live about 50 years or more OVER the age of 25. What will your tattoo mean to you when you’re 30, 40 or 65? Will you regret it? Will you need to pay $1000 to have it removed?

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I think it’s not just a question of what but also of where. I have a big ole koi fish on my stomach, but unless I’m hanging out in my underwear, nobody knows it’s there! Also, if you have a general idea of what you want, go to an artist who does custom work. Tell him/her what you want and then he/she will draw something up for you. This is what I did with my tattoo artist and he drew up something absolutely beautiful which I am proud to have on my body.

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I started getting tats when I was much older; my daughter got her first one at age 17. I think of each of mine as a story from my life. I love them and wish I would have started earlier.
As far as getting older—more stories to share in the nursing home.
But, again, all mine mean something to me. I would never get a person’s name (other than my daughter’s name) inked on me.
I also think band names are kind of stupid, because as you get older your tastes change.
So take your time. Think about what you want. And start small. Getting stuff like a Pooh bear is just stupid…unless you wrote the stories or look like the bear….

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@nimis, I agree. rather than coming up with something to get tattooed, why not wait until something really strikes you or you find meaning in something that is unlikely to fade, then get the tattoo?

Maybe to spark some ideas, look on the web for tattoo art or search on topics you really love. Hopefully you’ll see something that you can make your own.

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@DeadDolly great advice

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Knowing Fluther, I’d say a picture of Andrew in his poo hat.

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I have 13, and I only regret one. I have an entirely custom fairy, a WTC tribute, one addressing part of my heritage, my name, the letter J, 2 different stars, a kanji symbol, my tattoo artist’s signature piece, and two portraits of pets passed… my first two pets. The one on my arm was my first tattoo, I wanted to get something as big as possible for $150, and it’s some tribal thing I grabbed off the internet. LOATHE IT. So… it’s entirely possible that in just 10 or less years, you’ll not give a crap about something you once did, only now you have it tattooed on your body.

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haha i like the jellyfish idea. But dont get your name because that looks stupid. personally when i see someone with their name tattooed on them i think they are retarded and cant remember their name.

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Thanks, Fire Man. I didn’t JUST say I had my name tattooed or anything.

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Something with meaning. Don’t just pick something off the wall. Or atleast something that represents you. I have an Amy Brown fairy that I got to represent me. Her hair is messy and she has a bored look on her face. Ha. Then I had them change the color of her eyes. I also have a ankh, the egyptian symbol of life, I got it with my best friend when she miscarried. We got it in memory of “Zygie.” (It is also known as a symbol of fertility and protection…) I have a lot more I want to get, all with meaning or some sort of thought behind it. Take your time and you’ll love it even more!

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@krose1223 Amy Brown is pretty cool!

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Indeed she is. I love her work. I love my tattoo! I don’t regret it at all. I love tattoos… I just think they should have meaning if they are going to be permanent. I have atleast 5 more I want to get…. I just have to get the money for them.

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an ankh* sometimes I hate my typos.

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I don’t know what the rest of you are talking about. Of all the places where you can pick at tattoo based on the suggestions of strangers, you’ve come to the best one!

My vote is for: (In order)

1. Tribal bands around both upper arms
2. An enormous dragon spitting fire on the middle of your upper back
3. A butterfly sitting atop a rainbow with a shooting star above it on the middle of your lower back (regardless of your gender)
4. Betty Boop in a sexually explicit pose on your ankle.

Let us know how it turns out!

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My avatar, huge, on your back.

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I’m getting my avatar done this weekend!!! Seriously…

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No way! You MUST post a link.

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I will. I’m excited because Dan Henk is doing it. Check his stuff out on

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@EmilyNathon—you forgot tribal design on lower back, and Olde English lettering across the upper back or belly.

I’ve always been a fan of Mighty Mouse and Tweety bird tattoos, or it you wanna be truly gangster: praying hands on your neck.

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@deaddolly, but isn’t your avatar one of the generic ones? Or do you mean a different avatar?

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@Jeruba Pssst…she switched to a generic avatar before abandoning her account.

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Oh. Abandoned. I see. Well, it was nice of her to wish us a lovely day. So no point, I guess, in watching for someone with a tattoo of an upside-down jelly that looks to me like a beetle on the wall.

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[pats Jeruba on the back] I know. I know.
We live with disappointments every day.

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Thank you, @Nimis. I’ll be all right.

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Well, I have one tattoo that I am having removed, and it isn’t costing me $1000. It costs around $50 per square inch. The technique isn’t fun, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Still, laser treatment has got to be better than some of the other procedures I’ve heard about. The tattoo has some meaning but it was poorly drawn during a very bad time in my life, it was done on impulse, and it is on the back of my hand. Once it is gone, I will still have a pretty decent sized scar.

The replacement tattoo will be of the same type of animal, but farther up my arm where a shirt can hide it.

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thats nice? if its for something thats not stupid at all, but if its just your name, personally i find that strange.

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Right. But you basically called me retarded. Are you socially retarded or something?

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A koi fish.

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@haleyray07 Exactly what I was going to say :)

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Wait till you find something you reaaaaallly like, something you wudnt mind looking at everyday, never get a tattoo that your not sure of, cus you will just regret it… you will know when you see it, that its the tattoo you want.

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I like the idea of ‘test driving’ a tattoo (on this thread)...i.e., if plausible, try putting a design you like on a tshirt or on a necklace, then wear it. A lot. See if you still like it enough to have it tattooed on your body (pretty much) permanently. Even if you decide you don’t want it tattooed on you, you still have an awesome shirt!

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never ever ever ask other people what to get….you’ll probably end up regretting it or just felling a general meh feeling about it later

its expensive, painful, time consuming, and nearly permanent….so you should do some deep soul searching…find what you are passionate about…what you love…then brainstorm ideas of cool ink surrounding that topic…when you get an idea sk your self “could i see myself still liking this in 10–20-30 years” if the answer is a resounding hell yes…then go for it

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