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Who said, “So Sambo beat the bitch!”?

Asked by damianmann (112points) October 1st, 2008
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Why would anyone vote for this woman?

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Wow. An entire article based on what we in the business call an “unsubstantiated rumor” or “hearsay.”

Not exactly stellar journalism.

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It reminds me a bit of the “Richard Gere” rumor that has been circulating for so long. I’m not a huge fan of Palin, but I don’t know how reliable that story is.

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Hard to say what’s true. We’ll hopefully see the real Pallin at the debates tomorrow. I doubt they’d make me like her; even in the slight chance she’d be considered the winner.

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Palin vs. Biden? Slim to none, Dolly. Should be fun to watch, though.

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I agree with the person who questions whether it’s a real story or not. But, there is some degree of truth to her being racist. It’s not the first time this portion of the story has been covered.

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You did!

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Damianmann, saying “there is some degree of truth to her being racist” is tantamount to saying “There is some degree of truth to Sarah Palin claiming she is made of coal;” simply because a so-called “journalist” quoted her as saying she is happy to be a carbon-based lifeform.

I am not a supporter of Palin per se, but as far as I can tell, the author of these articles hasn’t a shred of journalistic integrity.

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