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How long did you wait after a major break up to get seriously involved with another person, and how successful was that new relationship? (In terms of duration and happiness)

Asked by noraasnave (3094points) October 4th, 2008
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The standard answer of course is 1 year. What is your experience…good or bad.

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Depends. There isn’t really answer that can put something like this in a perfect little package. Every person and every relationship is totally different. My first girlfriend took a long time for me to move on. My last one only took me finding enough change in my dirty laundry to ride the bus to the library and meet someone there.

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It gets better in time.
When your ready, you know it is.

May it be a rebound or not.

It was worth the try.

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When you’re not looking is usually when you meet someone. Don’t pressure yourself. Work on things you want for yourself. When you meet someone; you’ll know if it’s the right time to begin again. And never compare ex’s!

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It depends on too many factors. I will say that I think the whole rebound stuff is crap.

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It really depends on the individual. I met my current boyfriend (of more than a year) only one week after breaking up with someone else. I met him, we clicked, we started dating. It wasn’t about waiting or not waiting, I just knew I met someone awesome.

All my friends shouted REBOUND but they were wrong. We’re still together and still really happy. Right now he’s out getting the eggs so we can make breakfast together.

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I started dating my husband right after separating from my ex-husband. It was supposed to be just for fun. We fell in love, but I resisted the pull for quite some time. We’ve been married for 3 years, still going strong.

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