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Favorite band you've discovered this year?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) October 4th, 2008
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they can be new or old, it doesn’t matter.

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Probably Squeeze Awesome New wave/post punk era UK band!

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Deltron 3030 and Asamov, neither which you have heard of.

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Oh man theres so many. I always find these favorite questions really hard so heres my usual list.

A few of my favorites in no order.
Dj Dangermouse
Shpongle (really awesome trippy vid)
1200 Micrograms

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Wiretree and Sugarplum Fairy.

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Porcupine Tree

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i just realized the song i posted for shpongle wasnt the whole thing so if your interested, here it is

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There are tons, but Crystal Castles stands out. They are at the top of my playlist right now.

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Here are a few bands that i’ve really fallen for this year:

Caroline Smith
The Virgins
Cat Power
Kings Of Leon

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Blitzen Trapper, Breakestra, Fleet Foxes, anything on NPR song of the day, Grizzly Bear, The Swell Season

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awww man thanks shadling21 i completely forgot about crystal castles

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Final Fantasy. I know he has been around for a while but I just recently discovered his music.

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Songs about giant ISOPODS!!!

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Probably El-P

edit :: (NSFW) or if kids are around.

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Sigur Ros is wonderful. They have been out for awhile but I have just recently discovered them.

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Pretty much everything Uber said minus 1200 Micrograms I already knew about them.

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@ Ladytmerie Sigur Ros is pretty awesome. I only have four of their songs are there more?

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Scouting for Girls and Alphabeat

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I just discovered Lenka and a while ago, from reading answers here, Lemon Demon.

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last month I fell in love with cloud cult. indie + cello = awesome.

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Adam Fielding, Amoeba, Ambient Teknology, Pendulum and Zilla.

My favorite has to be Adam Fielding (at the moment, although i was hooked onto Pendulum not so long ago) and all bar Pendulum are available from Magnatune, a fantastic online music store with hand picked, non-mainstream artists. It’s really good stuff :)

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Porcupine Tree, Muse, Neal Morse, Transatlantic, Daft Punk, Dunderbeist, Stonegard, Opeth, Rage Against The Machine and Spocks Beard

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@Trance24 Sigur Ros has several cds. All are amazing. I saw them live and they were breathtaking, the whole audience was speechless after their gig.

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@ greeengloves that is amazing. Where did you find their CDs they are not well known where I am. Do you live outside of the US by any chance? I can never find their music on the net, and pretty sure they do not sell their CD’s in the stores I have been in.

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Versailles. Their song zombie is tight as hell. But warning: they’re very weird.

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Speaking of Zombie i never heard this song until this year somehow.

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Well I didn’t so much discover them obviously because I knew them before but I didn’t really realise how good their stuff was and how much I would like Coldplay until this year.

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@greeeengloves I envy you so much, I would absolutely love to see Sigur Ros live, their tour of Iceland look amazing beyond all belief.

@Trance24 Sigur Ros have created some beautiful music, and their albums are fantastic, here’s a simple Amazon search for them: Amazon I first got Takk…, then (), then Heima with Hvarf/Heim and then Ágætis Byrjun and their new one Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust. If I was to pick out my favorite, it would have to be their ‘movie’ Heima as it’s got a range of their lovely songs. As for my favorite album, erm, Takk…? Ágætis Byrjun is lovely as well and contains some of the first songs I ever heard from them.

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@Trance24 has a lot of downloads for a good price. I am from the US and a small town too, but I can find any of thier albums in my local music store. If you have an independent music store anywheres near you you might find them there. I don’t think places like FYE and Strawberries would carry them.

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Fujiya & Miyagi – Collarbone
Broadcast 2000 – Get Up And Go
I know I’m going to keep forgetting to add something or rather.

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@Nimis that collarbone video is amazing.

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Gree: Isn’t it deliciously deranged?
Have to admit (the first time I saw it) I was rooting for the aliens(?)
to make some kind of Frankenstein animal out of all those parts though!

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Daft Punk, Ting Tings, Kevin Rudolf (Not a band but you get the point)

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@rss, cloud cult is awesome! and i love there green activism! I recently hung out with the drummer from Cloud Cult (who also plays with Caroline Smith). Really nice guy. I’m looking forward to seeing them in NYC soon.

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seconds on Cloud Cult, Flobots, and Blitzen Trapper. I also just got really into Noah and the Whale.

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the ”å” fucks up the hyperlink system in fluther

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@wil: like their sense of humour – not so sure about the music….

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haha. don’t it remind you of mario, or gameboy? :p

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@wil hooray for 8bit :)

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Have you heard of Akron Family?

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@foolaholic: yeah! they’re rad.

I was at a mountain goats concert a few days ago, and Kaki King opened since she sang on their new EP. I gotta say, that girl blew me away. I’m just bummed I hadn’t heard her sooner.

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I spent all of yesterday listening to Josh Fix and RJD2. Josh Fix is like Queen meets early Elton John meets up to the minute songwriting smartness. RJD2 is instrumental hip-hop at its very best: funky, intense, cool. If you watch Mad Men, RJD2 does the theme song.

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Black Kids (also by way of Kate Nash)
and of course:
Peggy Sue and the Pirates

which should’ve been our band name, even though we don’t have a band.

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Most recent discoveries:
Ida Maria
Katy Perry

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flobots, shwayze, eykah badu, flatfoot 56, mates of state <333

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The Waybacks from California, Laid back guitars, fiddles, drums, and other instruments, easy on the ear…

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