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How do you pronounce Fluther?

Asked by circedog (49points) October 6th, 2008
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I’ve tried to describe this site and always end up going, “Floother, Fluffer, Flouther???” What exactly is it?

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Where’d you get the name Fluther?
A fluther is a group of jellyfish, like a gaggle of geese (or a taint of tilapia).
“Fluther” is pronounced /‘flʌ ðɚ/. It rhymes with “brother” and “mother”.

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It rhymes with brother and mother

squirbel beat me to it, drat

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Very quietly, because I don’t wish for others to hear me say that word.

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Who knew a group of tilapia are called a taint! HILARIOUS!

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OKAY! A show of hands from all the people that had to google “tilapia.”

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hand raised.

hand only raised to figure out that there was more than one thing called a taint.

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I pronounce Fluther alive, and well!

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I knew about the taint only because this question (understandably) has been asked on a regular basis.

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it has to be fluther like you pronounce “other.” it cant be “floother” like “hoover” or else the site would spelled “floother.” we’ve answered this one before. check archives. oh and also refer to phonics book. sorry if i seem blunt here, but fluther is just what it appears when you read it.

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@charlie: ^^ two of the links listed.

If you speak Casthillian Spanish, you might call the E A Poe Story, “The Houthe of Uther.”

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