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Anyone know any good music I would like to listen to on my morning bus ride?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) October 7th, 2008
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Moreover what do you like to listen to at 6:30 am?

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At that time of day? Radiohead.

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Definitely sweet.

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6:30 in the morning?!! The only music I wanna listen to at that hour is the sound of myself snoring!!!

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Not an option.

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For a good solid year I would wake up and listen to the mountain goats
Tallahassee, Beautiful Rat Sunset, and Heretic Pride are my favorite albums.

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Souza marches? Those always seem to perk me up.

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Did you spell that right I can’t seem to find it.

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Le Loup

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you need AIR. This will make your day better.

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Oops! Sorry! It’s actually SouSa.

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@judochop I find air so depressing. Maybe it’s just the cds i’m listening to.

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You guys ever heard of Explosions in the Sky?

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@Elumas yes, they arent too bad.

some other good morning (instrumental) bands

sigur ros, mum, efterklang, anything Yann Tierson

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Are you kidding me, I totally looked it up too. Arrrg, whatever.

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Mogwai is nice in the morning too. I the same lines as Explosions in the sky and Sigur Ros

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Teddy Thompson. Melancholy but energetic.

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pearl jam / tool

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The Shortwave Set
Fleet Foxes
Emiliana Torrini
The Motorcycle Diaries (OST)
Modest Mouse

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