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Do you keep a journal or notebook?

Asked by greeeengloves (125points) October 7th, 2008
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Do any of you keep notebooks for journals or random ideas or thoughts? Describe the journal and it’s contents.

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I used to. I’m not going to describe that contents. That is personal lol

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To answer my own question, I am a moleskine addict. I love the sleek look of it and it inspires me to write. I often write about my day, ideas I have, and things I want to try or accomplish. I also love to make lists.

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I used to. Now I have 3 banker boxes full of them that I have to drag around with me every time I move.

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I would love to start a journal but I think it would just be a place to write things down that would make me feel sorry about myself. How can this be avoided?

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I know what you mean. I actually use a journal just to help me think positivly. I write about my goals and things in life I appreciate.

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yeah, maybe with good things that I’ve done that I could possibly forget in the future like the good score on the calculus test I just took.

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I’ve kept journals for years. They’re invaluable because I can see my thinking in front of my eyes. I don’t think I’m a good auditory learner; I forget things I hear, and I forget thoughts if they’re in verbal form unless I put them into visible form.
I was just going through some journals I wrote 40 years ago. Imagine that. I was an adult 40 years ago.
My thoughts back then were very, very young. Sometimes they were intelligent, and sometimes they were intuitive. But they were unformed. Writing helped me to make sense of all the information I was trying to handle.
Now, of course, all my thoughts are coherent and correct, lol.

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Oh and what TYPE of journal or notebook? I like the ones that you can get at
Barnes & Noble (I never buy actual books there, I go to our struggling independent bookstores) which are made in Spain and are very fat and have blue, red or black
plasticky flexible covers and have graph paper inside and cost about eight bucks. You can make floor plans and
use the horizontal lines to keep your writing from spilling all over the page and you can draw in there too, and they last maybe a year, depending on how much pain you’re trying to deal with.

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I keep a journal where I just write down anything—anything at all—that comes to mind at any point during the day. It tends to be a series of short bursts.

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I had a journal, I wanted to keep record of how my life was so I could pass that knowledge to my kids (if I ever have kids) but then one day I was feeling bad and read my journal and felt even worse so I took the zippo fluid and I burned it, now I regret my decision…

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I have a journal because it’s a good way to keep track of how I’m changing/growing. I started it because I felt like I was stagnating mentally, and so I resolved that I would prove this with a journal. But all I have to do to see change (often for the better) is to go back 3 or 4 months and read what I was thinking then.

Physically, it’s a roughly letter-sized Clairefontaine notebook, a little under half an inch thick. My favorite pen is a Lamy Logo fine-point, with Waterman ink in it, if that matters.

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i have so many notebooks and journals. but i often throw them out halfway through because i can’t help but to look back at old things i wrote and be like “ew, why do i whine so much?” and get embarrassed. haha.
but i’ve got a few notebooks right now. i like to write lists. i have a listography account, but nothing beats writing them down. and sometimes i write in more of a journal format. sometimes i write little stories that go nowhere. but it’s nice to be able to put pen to paper and get something out.

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My journal is on my computer, it’s the only way I can write things down. It is not a journal in the sense of a diary, more a place I can sort out and work through issues and situations that are happening in my head/life. I find that the process of writing very often clarifies things for me, makes it easier to be somewhat more objective. I find this a very useful survival tool.

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