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Do you ever want to respond to the message Fluther puts in the sidebar?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) October 9th, 2008
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Right now, it says, “You have that certain je ne sais quoi”, and I want to say, “Vraiment? Merci!”

I remember actually saying something aloud to Fluther earlier today.

Am I the only crazy one?

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I think the percentage of crazies on Fluther is much higher than the general population.
So you’re probably not alone.

For the record though, I’d only call you crazy if you actually heard it reply.
I think my standards are a little lax from “hanging out” with all you…lovely Flutherers.

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in my head, always
in real life, i wish it would be normal

ben and andrew should create something like smarterchild where we get to have a conversation with Dr. J. that would be tres cool.

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@mtl_zack: In the works. Seriously.

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YES!!!!!! my dreams are coming true!!!!

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What is the sidebar? Where is the sidebar?

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“You had us at hello.”
Now, what would there even be to say to that. I wouldn’t think anything that followed that line would involve words.

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The sad part for me is the fact that those little blurbs actually make me feel better to read. Wether that was the intention or not, that is what they do. I would love to be able to talk back to fluther, and get a response. I too, talk out loud to my computer and dang it, someday I am going to get a response!

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I’m upset about mine today. I thought that we (or most of us) were already friends.

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@basp; if you’re on a computer, eyes up and rignt——>^To right of the orange bar with “question” on it is your username..Under it is the compliment of the day. (Just below that, in red, is “log out.”)

There was a contest a while ago, started perhaps by Peedub, in which over 100 suggestions were made. Thus Ben and Andrew could think about other issues.

Like the Futher search. If it were working better, I could find that question.

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Thanks for the information. I have always used my iPhone to access this site. Looks like I’ll have to get on the computer to see everything.

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It is a charming lagniappe – unnecessary but cheering.

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Gail: Human search engine says Voici!.

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@Nim; what did you type in and where?

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Gail: I actually went the blog route for that one.
Resourceful little bugger, aren’t I?

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I don’t feel tempted to answer, but I get a little thrill when I see the one when I see the one I suggested in the Fluther Greeting contest. (It’s the one that says: you look good, but your desk is a mess.)

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I love the one that says “You’re the one we’ve all been wating for” ... I AMthe One

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