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Does anyone know a good App for handwriting recognition for mac?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) October 26th, 2008
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Okay, this is going to short and sweet cause my carpal-tunnel is acting up, badly.
It’s a multi-part question:
1) I would like to know if anyone knows a good App (pay-for or Free) for mac that would work with my pen-tablet for hand writing recognition that has most, if not all the power of Word, or perhaps a plugin for Word ‘08 that would let me use writing recognition. I don’t like the built in one (unless it can do a lot more then what I think it can.)
2) If there are no good Apps or Plugins, then can someone tell me someplace I can go to get a copy of Windows XP Tablet Edition so I can use my Gateway Tablet Laptop to write. It is running Vista at the moment and I would like to down-grade to XP for obvious reasons. I don’t care if it is pirated or not, I just need something that isn’t a keyboard or a pencil and paper, to write with.
Note: I have tried voice recognition software and love it, but when you are using it write a novel, it is not that practical, if at all practical.

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OSX’s Inkwell will shows up in system preference if you have a tablet plugged in. You can also look into controlling your Mac via voice. You can turn it on in Universal Access.

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I really like the mac’s Inkwell App, but the problem is I can only use that little “note pad” in the app to write on, (unless I can use Universal Access to enable it in other apps) and it doesn’t let you use the mouse and keyboard to edit your entries.

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