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Did you know that Fluther has a chat room?

Asked by jlm11f (12403points) October 28th, 2008
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Since there has been an influx of new members recently, we thought this was a good time to mention the chat room. It’s where Jellies go to talk to other Jellies (good place for off topic convo) and ask Qs related to fluther etc (like a mini fluther!)...or you know, just vent about whatever happened today and basically procrastinate more so you are up late at night studying for the exam that’s tomorrow or maybe that’s just me. Oh. and we discuss food…a lot. The link to the chat room is not public so as to avoid spammers and trolls getting a hold of the link. So if you are interested, you should PM me for the link or any of the mods. Chat mods include johnpowell, Allie, and delirium.

As for the regular chat users, you should respond to this and welcome the others and tell them why you are in the chat room so often :P

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Who wouldn’t want to hang out with PnL, JP, allie and delirium all the time? Its like a dream come true.

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heheheh shi. exactly :D

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And shilolo is always willing to help with any problems you might be having with your genitals.

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Only for you, JP, only for you…

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I haven’t been there in weeks, but it IS a lot of fun (just don’t have much time on my hands lately).

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I used to frequent the chatroom, but I haven’t had much time reecently. I miss it, a lot.

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Word to the newbies… jp likes it when you post pictures of spiders.

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And naked women.

jrpowell's avatar

Nooooooooooo.. I love spider pictures. That is why you should never post them. They make me happy and we can’t have that.

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I haven’t been there for a while, either. It’s almost like I forgot about it…see you all tonight?

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It’s a great place. I lived there all summer. Now that school’s started up I visit on weekends sometimes.

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I don’t go there because people would tell me to shut up. Because I’m a blowhard.

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As the talk in the chatroom tends to be risqué at times, sadly, I am too young to join in the merryment.

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@susan – you know that’s not true! now you simply must come in so we can prove you wrong haha.

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If you have anything of any importance to do, DO NOT GO IN CHAT, its kinda like Hotel California “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

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ok, thanks. I’m anti-chat room tho.

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@astro, I’m 17 and join in the merriment every day.

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Well, I’m in my forties but my avatar is just a young lad. Because of that PnL won’t let me in on the fun. Someday I hope to be big enough, though.

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I had heard of it but never knew how to access it. Now I know. If I ever have a couple hours to kill, I’ll PM someone for the info. But right now, I’ve been so busy I barely manage to check-in once a day.

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@chuckie – gee thank you for making me sound evillllll :(

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@PnL wellll you kinda are…

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i am sorry to report that uberbatman has been banned.

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About Goddamn time!

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The chat room makes me late for school :P

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Don’t they also have a meditation room?

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I’m scared to go back; last time there was talk of vaginas with teeth and burnt cheese.

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Mmmm. Burnt cheese.

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu hahahah yes, that was his name I believe. That suckerfish thing of death?

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No ones been going for a while!

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@timeand_distance, Yes :) If you’re ever mad at RichardHenry, PM him a picture for revenge.

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everyone should pm our dear friend richard that picture ;)

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Dick don’t like the lamprey?

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