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End of the World Scenario: What happens to us if there's no moon?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) October 28th, 2008
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What would happen to us if an asteroid flew by, destroyed the moon, and did it so hard that we were in no danger of any debris falling into us… what do you think having no moon would do?

Just thinking out loud myself… actually writing a crime story, nothing at all related to this sci-fi question.

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The tides would stop, then the wind, then the world.

Funnily enough, our moon is floating away from us slowly but surely, and the tides it causes are slowing the earth’s rotation slightly over time. So we can’t win, can we?

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Well seeing as the moon controls the tides, fish patterns and all sorts of weather we would be pretty screwed.

.:edit:. damn beat me to it.

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Well, the surfers of the world would be pissed off. The moon affects the tides so that would hamper their ability to ‘Hang 10’.

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@asmonet – we need a giant gravity beam! or superman….

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Goodbye tides. The Earth would wobble quite a bit as there would be no gravity well to keep us at a 23 1/2 degree tilt. Over time it would mess up agriculture, but we are talking hundreds of years before it got really bad. I would imagine weather would get crazy, as well. And, of course, we’d be pelted with all that falling green cheese the moon is supposedly made of.

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I don’t know. But apparently these people think that we’d go on living happily. Or maybe they’re suicidal?

Credit to our dearly departed(?) JackAdams for showing me the link.

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@shadling21: Yeah…where the hell has he been?

@joey: Apologies, but he is unavailable, I keep him chained in my bedroom with krpytonite 24/7, I can’t risk him being let out to play. You better get crackin’ on that gravity beam.

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My turn-ons could no longer include: moonlit walks on the beach… strong hands… and a great sense of humor…

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Spring and neap tides would disappear. Tides would be about 66% of what it was with the moon in place. The world would not end.

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If the moon ever blew up, we could just launch Michael Moore into space. He’d make a suitable replacement…

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@ fundaddy, just think “moore“lit walks on the beach

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Someone needs to rent Space: 1999 !

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I’d be sad. I love the moon…

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The moon is only partially responsible for the tides, as @johnpowell pointed out.

BUT! Baby sea turtles wouldn’t be able to find the ocean, which is so sad. Nocturnal predators would go hungry, leading rodent populations to soar. A lot of animals’ mating cycles would be off, leading to lots of extinctions.

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We’d just have to commission the Empire to build us a Death Star, scaled down to moon sized (and non weaponized, of course)

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Writing a crime story? I myself am writing a fantasy fiction story, literaly. Any way if the moon is to be destroyed, well off to the bunker for me.

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The Science channel did a special on this very topic, here. It’s a fantastic program.

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…because your bunker simulates the moon, or because it’s made of something a little less destructible than the planet it’s built on?

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less destructable.

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