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Would you listen to a Fluther "Radio Show"?

It seems that anytime I’ve made a video and shared it here, it gets flagged/removed… even if it is on topic or relevant: Just because my name is on it, it’s considered spam.

Well, what if I went out of my way to make a “Fluther Radio Show”... a show that’s free to listen to, supports many live listeners at the same time, and even allows us to “take calls” (in this case, “Questions”) that a panel of guests (Different high-rated Fluther Users) pass around in a circle and answer.

The format would be very similar to Loveline, for instance.

Only problem I see: What if the people at aren’t interested in an offshoot project of their website? How important is the name “Fluther” in your decision to listen to a show with the same “Ask us Anything” mentality?

Yes I am serious, we could have this thing going as early as tonight if it turns out there’s enough interest in it.

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