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Do you wish you can give someone lurve in "real life"/ to non flutherites?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) October 30th, 2008
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i often get really good insight into a topic and really want a link to show up on the advisor’s forehead that i can touch so i can give lurve. i feel good when i give lurve, because it means i laughed/understood/was taken seriously/etc…

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….and so, the addiction really starts to take hold…

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Sure. But if I can lurve people I want the ability to flag people as well. I know a lot of folks that need to be flagged.

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@uber: i was addicted since i joined (march 1st), but it was a psychological addiction, like weed. now, it turned into a heroin addiction (not that i know, but ive heard).

@ac: i would like to flag mccain and palin and have their speeches removed by world moderators.

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Hell, I’d ban them.

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I’d love to give lurve, both for other printed material and real people. Somebody (Nimis?) answered a while back that she wanted to start slapping people with “GA” post-it notes!

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@ nimis’ idea: someone should call 3m and request custom post it notes with dr. j on them and a GA underneath. i know they make custom post its, but for a price. i would buy them for sure.

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That’s be cool. I’d give out so much lurve (just like I do here).

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Ben and Andrew…are you listening?

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I do this all the time, mostly on other forums though. I get the urge to add people to my fluther too.

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I do that all the time.

I settle for inappropriate hugs in public

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Yes, constant reaching for the clicker to GA and GQ people who are sitting at tables across from me, trying to eat dinner.

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Here is an idea I had for spreading lurve in real life. Suppose you helped a stranger, who is very appreciative. You then give the person a card saying that the holder is under obligation to provide assistance to someone else. How is that for spreading the lurve?

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Pay it Forward!

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Here’s a question: let’s say you could give people lurve in real life. Let’s say that a person’s lurve would be instantly readable by anyone who wanted to, and that anyone could give it. Would this be desirable? How would such a system work? How would it have to be different from Fluther’s? Would it?

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@Hobbes: Interesting Q. You should Ask the Collective!

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YES. I think it was nimis or delirium (not at all positive) who said something along the lines of ”...and they’ll be really surprised when I pull out a sticky note that says “great answer” and slap it on their forehead….”

if anyone remembers who said it/in which thread, please remind me

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Oops, I didn’t realize that augustlan had said that already.

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Nope, if they aren’t enlightened then they don’t get no lurve

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