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Windows movie maker?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) November 1st, 2008
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in windows movie maker how can you have backround music play and have sound effects while the music is playing without stopping and starting the music each time?

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Oh awesome question. I have tried to figure this out with no avail.

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I use the program alot, but I am at a loss.
Its never been an issue because i never add in sound effects, but i suppose your correct. they don’t really let you input more than one external audio source

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Movie maker is a piece of shite. it doesn’t have multiple audio layers and therefore you can’t have more than one audio track. As a last resort you could try using Audacity to combine the two tracks where the effect has to go, making it a single audio file.

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Been searching around for some free alternatives to Movie Maker, there doesn’t seem to be much. However I did have a look at Jahshaka (hope I spelt it right), and it seems promising. I’m pretty sure it’s actually installed on our computer graphics machines at school.

Have a look, let us know if you have any luck!

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i actually found out by pure luck that you can cut the song into pieces like the video. so i just cut the music and put the sound effect in then overlapped the sound effect with the music on the left then overlapped the music on the right with the sound effect. It turned out pretty well.

here it is if anyone cares

i didnt do it to well in the begining but near the middle, when beowulf fights the dragon, it gets much better haha

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