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Would you be opposed to a transexual getting married?

Asked by loser (15027points) November 1st, 2008
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What if a woman had a sex change and became a man and then wanted to marry a woman? Technically, it would be a man and a woman getting married, right? But birth certificates can’t be changed so legally, it would be a same sex marriage, right? So if Prop. 8 passes, this man/woman couple wouldn’t be able to get married.

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That’s a big IF….

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I would have no problem with that at all, it really isn’t any of my business anyway.

As an aside, I have a female friend whose husband had a sex change operation during the marriage. They actually stayed married through the entire procedure, but once she was living as a female, the marriage broke up.

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I would have no issue with it, though I think honesty about the sex change before marriage should be required.

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It don’t make no nevermind to me.

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“Birth certificates can’t be changed” is bull.

I have two birth certificates. One has my birth name. The other was issued 5 years later, when my step father legally adopted me. The new birth certificate has the same information as the original, except for “Last Name” and “Father’s Name”. That is now my legal birth certificate. When I applied for a US Passport, the passport agency wanted both of them.

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I’d wish them a happy and love-filled marriage, as I would with ANY two people who wish to share in the joys of marriage.

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I believe that any partners of legal age who want to get married should be able to.

There are two things I’m anxious about for Tuesday – the outcome of the presidential election, and whether voters in CA will say no to prop 8.


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I think people should be able to marry whoever they chose, regardless of sex. If your in love, more power to you.

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Not at all.

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No. I would not object.

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I don’t care if lesbians, gays, trans, whatevers do anything, they’re no different then me. I wouldn’t want them picketing my wedding. So I’m not gonna be bothering them if they want a little happiness too.

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Loser, changing from M to F or vice versa on your birth certificate can and does happen. Those who complete their change from one to the other would not be affected unless they were homosexual (ie, M to F, wanting to marry an F). And usually in that case, they just don’t get their birth certificate changed to stay within the law.

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i’m cool with anyone getting married

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I know of only two states that allow you to change your gender on your birth certificate. California and Missouri. I believe you can change your name on your birth certificate in any state, but to legally change your birth gender you have to have been born in CA or MO.

But assuming someone was born in CA or MO and legally changes their birth gender, and decides to marry a person of the opposite gender this is legally a heterosexual wedding and there are currently no laws against heterosexuals getting married.

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