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What would be observed if there were a secret videocamera in your car?

Asked by girlofscience (7556points) November 7th, 2008
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I wish a could give myself a Great Question for this one.

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A lot of yelling and flipping people off. People in California don’t know how to drive for shit. It take me like ten minutes to get to work and I see at least five dumb-ass incidents every day. I need it though, it’s like therapy, it’s the only way I release my pent up rage.

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Me, compulsively hitting the scan button, fiddling with my iPod and its connectors, making horrible faces at bad drivers, rehearsing presentations for work, slathering on the lip balm like it was my job, and singing my ass off like my windows were tinted or something.

My friends, rifling through all the lip balm in my glove compartment, looking for snacks and grabbing the safety handles when I make faces at bad drivers.

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Illegal actives

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A crazy bastard talking to himself while driving.

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lots of singing :)

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In my car, it would be a complete breakdown of civility (and sanity) of any kind. I have zero patience and tolerance for bad drivers and being stuck in traffic itself and although I refrain from using obscene finger gestures, I rant and rave and yell and lay on the horn until I feel better. If none of that works, then I take it to the next level which is something that I cannot talk about here on Fluther. It would probably be better if you just watch the video of it on YouTube. :o)

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Some personal hygiene with a kleenex and a booger, singing along to a song, a look of complete and utter boredom (rotate these every intersection/city limit/crosswalk).

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illegal stuff

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Too much email checking/GPS fiddling/phone calling while in slow-moving traffic, and a surprising lack of radio at moments.

Sometimes I just like silence when I drive.

I also never sing in the car. Despite having an MFA in Acting, I rarely sing out loud if I’m not performing or making up my own tune while I’m walking. I lip synch, though. Is that weird?

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I confess, no seatbelt…take me away officer.

Oh and I pick up my mail on the way out so there is always a big brown paper bag for recycling junk mail in the passenger seat.

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Illegal stuff, lots of that, plus a lot of time spent flashing guns, swords and sometimes paintball markers, screaming, profanities, hand gestures of an “impure” nature,
Actually as I think about it more, the camera wouldn’t see much, for after about the first ten minutes the lens would be drenched in my own blood, flowed from the imminent wounds that, somehow, appear on my knuckles, as if I had been, say, beating my dashboard in a rage spawned of the hatred of all those that would attempt to drive… and FAIL!
That happens on the days I let my “bad” personality take over (which is most of the time.) But when I go on long trips I put the “bad guy” away and bring out “mellow dude” and I do a complete 360, turning into the guy that doesn’t scream, doesn’t yell, doesn’t do much of anything but chill. The only strange thing the camera would capture there would be me lip-syncing and pantomiming I am on a stage, pretending I am the singer and doing all the hand swings and stuff.
Once my friend was passing me on a road trip and thought I was having a “fit” and pulled over, got out all screaming and freaking out. That would have been awesome to catch on camera…
“OMG! I thought you were having a seizer!”
“OMG! NO! I was just singing… god… /wrist” (good thing it was an emo song.)

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A lot of eyebrow plucking, booger picking, rightous cursing, goofy singing, and make-up checking.

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Oh, and a lot more recently, crying! I do a lot of that in the car nowa’ days. Not because I am emo but I think a lot about the characters in my book and end up crying about stuff that happens to them, not me. (Or maybe it is me, I mean they are my characters, which means they are part of my brain, which means I guess I am crying about myself, but it’s not me, so then it…)
**sound of brain fizzling**
/smoking ears
/brain goop splattering sounds

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Just some idiot talking and singing to himself.

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Me rocking out. Also, a lot of burping. A lot.

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How can you drive and pluck your eyebrows??? At intersections?

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If there were a secret video camera in my car, it would be the most boring video ever. I listen to WAMC and follow the rules of the road.

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about 45 seconds of each song in my disc player or me searching for something on my iPod. 80gb of music and I can’t decide on a thing.

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That is the only draw back I pitch to people looking to by an mp3 player with more then a gig of space. Once you have 1000000000+ songs on your iPod, you will never decide on one song to listen too ever! I am notorious among my friends for being “iPod ADHD” unable to find anything good to listen to, and when I think I have something, I change my mind!

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@judochop: Ain’t that the truth.

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I sing a lot and tend to words when I forgets the right ones. Usually about the idiot drivers in this town. I also tend to attempt to entertain my son when he gets bored. That can be very amusing. My time to pick my nose ring clean from boogers. I talk to myself a lot when I try to analyze something I may be upset about. Yelling. Making up of my own cuss words.

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Well, since it takes 3 hours to get to the Lake where we have our major rowing regattas, and we have about 10 of those, and my best friend usually comes in the car with me, some pretty random shit would be observed. Long periods of time in a car with my best friend equates to fits of laughter and snorts and other strange noises. She cackles, screeches and yelps and makes the stupidest calls out of anyone I know, and when we have to get up at 4am she makes it worthwhile.

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I will be sitting there and waiting for things to happen. I don’t know how to drive! And I don’t really have a car either.

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talking on the phone, twirling my hair, playing with the radio excessively, talking to the baby.

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@Blue, I don’t believe any of that for a minute, ha. Not your style. ;-)

Gosh, I’m pretty dull in my car compared to the rest of you. I’m just listening to the radio or a CD, tooling down the road with my cruise set at 60, minding my own businss. In my area, the drivers are pretty considerate, so I don’t have much trouble with other people bothering me.

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Looking around desperately for a napkin, tissue, or paper towel so I can harvest boogies stuck in my nose ring, and then realizing I have none of these things and have to use a receipt from the gas station… singing like I’m Aretha… wishing a pox upon the houses of 99% of everyone on the road.

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@poofandmook I’m so glad I’m not your accountant! Imagine going through those mysteriously “sticky” reciepts while processing your taxes!! ha ha!!

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This is a very boogery group. Doesn’t it have to do with very low humidity? Maybe if you put humidifiers in your homes you might become booger free and able to drive with both hands on the wheel.

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singing made up songs
silence as I listen to podcasts

endless hours of spelling, grammar, and memorization games

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I do my own taxes! :D

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Most of the time it would like like absolutely nothing was happening. Just me, sitting in silence. Inside my head, though, it’s a different story! An endless stream of consciousness in which I ponder things big and small. From world peace to what I should have said during that argument, anything goes! I come up with great inventions, book ideas, project plans, Fluther questions…now if I could only remember any of it!

The rest of the time: Me singing like a fool and cussing like a sailor. My girls and I having deep philosophical conversations and burp-offs, fits of laughter and crying.

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Total concentration on trying to avoid accidents with those who are playing with Ipods or cell phones. Occasional to frequent sip of coffee. Boring.

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@greylady – I’m afraid that I’m usually the one calling people and scaring the crap out of you. Sorry.

I sing, talk to myself, flail my arms around a bit. Often, though, I take the bus, and there isn’t much freedom to do that there.

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I explain fine points of my past behavior to persons who are not there. They always have a lot of questions, but ultimately agree that I did just
what the situations called for.
I must do this explication out loud so they can hear me. Occasionally I have to shout a bit.

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@poofandmook ha ha! I guess it’s easy to find your reciepts because they probably “stick” around a long time, huh?

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[slapping knee]

to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it right!!

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Oh, geez…I meant ‘it would look like…’.

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I am impressed with how few people said talking on the phone.

I am boring. Hit the radio. listen until a commercial. Change station.

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I should have mentioned talking on the phone. It’s not illegal (yet) in my driving areas. I know it drives some people crazy, but it is a fact of my life that I spend a great deal of time on the road, and must make calls during those hours. I do take into consideration my surroundings, though. For instance, I avoid the phone in dangerous situations…like merging onto the highway.

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augustlan, augustlan, augustlan. . . . sigh

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I know.
Hanging head in shame.

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augustlan – we just love ya so much!!!

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I love you guys, right back!

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just use a headset, and don’t drive into oblivion if you forget to take that exit 5 miles back

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@siren-AMEN! I mean c’mon. I hate it when people cut across 3 lanes and just barely make it. Drive down and come back.


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Smoking blunts/joints, laughing, singing, rapping, and ranting with full intensity….....hmm chugging wine on the freeway….(responsibly).........the naked look of existence…...

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@Jess: I hope you’re kidding about drinking wine while driving. If you’re not, I hope they lock you up. People who drive under the influence make me fucking sick.

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@ Poofandmook – I applaud your answer.

@Jess: I have lost 4 people in my life to 3 different drunk drivers and my car to another one who was convicted 4 times, once for hitting a person.

You better be joking. And if you are. Grow the hell up and get a real sense of humor.

If you aren’t joking I hope your existential wannabe ass gets thrown in jail.

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Lol i love how everyone just jumped all over him for drinking, but not smoking weed. One more thing to prove my point that weed should be legalized. :P

btw i agree, drinking and driving is stupid.

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@uber – the wine bottle gets way more in the way than the blunt, unless the idiots using a bong.

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@Bri L LOL!
i find these handy

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@uber: I’m sorry, but all the people I’ve met who smoke weed… it’s so not the same mind altering BS that alcohol is.

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@poof lol dont be sorry, i couldnt agree more. ^_^

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@ uberbatman – What poof said! And did you ever try to make a rope or hat out of alchohol? Its wet.

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@Bri: LMFAO!! Excellent reasoning! If you can’t make a rope or a hat out of it, it’s bad! :D

and I hate weed o_O

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you would find myself, and more than likely my boyfriend singing nofx at an alarmingly loud volume, while swerving through desserted back roads at high speeds.
Or, It is quite possible we are doobie cruising the shore with a cold beer, you never know.

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lacer: you describe yourself as “fun” loving. What happens when the fun stops? All of the posters here who joke (??) about driving impaired, think about the 10’s of thousands of men women and children who die due to impaired drivers-the equivalent of a small city-so fun lovers can have a good time. Think of the 10’s of thousands are injured and must spend significant time in pain while they are recovering. If you want cheap thrills, go bungee jumping or extreme cycling in the mountains. Then only YOUR friends and families will have to share the fun of your funerals.

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@ galileogirl – well said.

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God, people like that make me sick. Lurve galileo.

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its no picnic taking care of the ones who don’t die, but are paralyzed for life, either

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A crazy clash of me singing at the top of my lungs and dancing, annnnnd me honking, giving the middle finger and cursing people out for cutting me off and then driving slow. :) It’s the Jersey in me.

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i pick my nose and beat drum sticks on my steering wheel

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LOL A crazy woman that sings like I could be the soloist in a choir! My indication that I probably can’t sing well is when my kids ask me to at least pretend I really know the words rather than sounding like an echo to each line until the chorus. (I sing anyway, though). :)

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In high school it would have landed straight on a porn site, luckily i’ve grown older and more discrete

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* squeezing pimples

* picking food from teeth/wiping lipstick from teeth

* changing knickers/changing clothes

* smoking

* texting by feel, glancing quick like and hoping I send to the right person

* talking to myself when irritated, carrying both sides of a conversation because sometimes I come to a new perspective if I pretend to be the other person. Sometimes this includes swearing.

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