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Do you think you were ever listed as a Missed Connection on Craigslist?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) November 16th, 2008
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I often wonder how many people who are mentioned in the “missed connection” section of craigslist actually see the post about them. Most of the posts are so random… “blonde girl in gray SUV on 40W.” What are the chances she will see that?!

What percentage of people do you think have been a missed connection?

Do you think you have ever been a missed connection?

Do you know about having been a missed connection? If so, did you find it, or did someone who knows you tell you?

Do you think any missed connection posts have been successful? Do you know of anywhere I can read about them?

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No, but we used to match missed connections with personal ads. Or sometimes personal ads with personal ads. Then we’d read them on the radio as a PSA during college. Not the most mature thing ever, but really fun.

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@EmpressPixie: Haha, that sounds hilarious and really fun to do!

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I doubt I’ve ever been one. I simply don’t make a good enough fleeting impression to where someone could see me for 30 seconds and be so enamored as to try any means necessary to meet me. It takes longer exposure to make them feel that way. ;)

That said, I have spotted descriptions of people I know in the “missed connection” section of my city’s Craigslist. I worked at a grocery store at the time, and there are elements of the general public that have wicked infatuations on cashiers. Many of my co-workers were thusly sought out. I think it’s because we always had to be smiling and friendly, and customers take it personally. “She bagged my bread with a smile! She must want me!”

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no. Not me. Nobody’s ever been that impressed on first impression. Now hang around me for a second, and you’ll just ADORE me. Ask my husband!

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@laureth: Haha, that’s interesting. I do tend to see a lot of ads for waitresses/cashiers/bartenders. I wonder if people with a job like that (in which they are exposed to many likely crushes) are more likely to check the missed connections section.

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probably not, but i always hope!
even if someone did post one about me, it’d probably be some creepy old dude. just my luck

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No, but if I have ever been, I wish I’ve seen it! Great question…

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I found a guy through it once, we had a really good conversation at a bar and then my drunk friend broke her foot so I ran off to help her. Only realizing afterwards in the emo-gency room that I had no idea what his name was, let alone his contact information. So, my friend drunkenly suggested I try Craigslist. I figured why the not, went to post and lo and behold, cute boy beat me to it. We ended up becoming pretty good friends but we’ve both moved on and drifted apart.

Still makes for a good story though. GQ!

The title is what helped, alliteration and it was really super easy to figure out.

“Redhead ran off in R***** bar, RATS!”

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@asmonet; that’s so cute! i totally love the title
& it gives me hope. haha

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@general: Isn’t it? :D That’s kind of the reason I wanted to find him again, he’s a silly quirky manboy. Sadly, he decided that cocaine was a much better friend than me. Oh well.

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oh no! that’s never a happy ending.

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Yeah, not really. :-/
But he’s doing better now I hear, so I guess it’s an okay ending. :)

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I was walking out of Wal-Mart just the other day and I made eyes with this girl that was the passenger in a car being driven by another girl and I thought I might as well try so I looked on it. I wasn’t. You never know though and they’re usually funny to read anyway.
I did also notice that I see a lot of ones from girls that see guys at public so… hehe.

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I have no idea. Some of them are very vague. I just read one from a guy who visited a mall that I frequent, asking for some girl who smiled at him. No more hints. Just that. I could definitely be that girl, as I usually smile at everyone I make eye contact with.

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Never at craigslist that I know of. I have checked tho, in hope of nothing more than being found attractive by someone enough so that they would want to contact me. I would not contact them back, however, but I would build a nice story and fall asleep thinking of the story.

Now, in college I did have someone who was looking for me and advertised in the personal (we called it “Melting Pot”) section of the college paper. She and I are still close friends. I actually married, and divorced, her brother. Weird, huh?

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Nope. When I’m in public, I’m very determined in completing my task, so I often have body language that indicates this (fast walking). And my natural face is a frown, so that adds a bit to the unapproachability.

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Been a what? I’ve never even heard of this. I think I’ve looked on CraigsList once in all my life though for a TV for an apartment.

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I had a successful MC on CL. One time, I was at this local music venue and I had a good conversation with the guy who was selling tickets at the counter. When I got home, I posted an MC for him. (I did not even know his name.) Sure enough, about a day later, I got an email from a guy who attached a picture and asked me if he was the one that I had been writing about. I said yes and we went out one time.

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I’ve never been a missed connection but after reading through all of these great posts, I’m going to initiate a missed connection. I work in a multi-story building with an atrium and I have glimpsed a great looking guy on the floor below me numerous times through the windows. Last time we sort of had a moment (or maybe a moment in my mind!) and I’m thinking about trying to contact him. He works for a security company and I can’t access that floor unfortunately. I wonder if he will see it???

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Good luck. :)

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I’ve had a missed connection before….my friend found it….my gay friend.

My friend calls me and is laughing and asks me if I’m at my computer….and I reply with why, whats up…he still laughing he says, you have a missed connection on craigslist.

I check regularly, mostly for fun, but also because I’m curious. He found it under the Men seeking Men missed connections. Apparently I sold a computer to two girls, who took their gay computer friend with them.

I emailed the guy to say hey, thanks for taking interest in me, but I’m not gay, however my friend who found this ad to show me is recently single, maybe you guys can talk. And now they’re friends.

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I was a craigslist missed connection. We even went on a date but it didn’t work out. Still, it was cool to have someone search for me.

I know two others who had missed connections, one actually went on a date. I think that the whole thing is kind of sweet but a little unrealistic. I found my current boyfriend online, though, and I highly advocate online dating. But please be safe! Just read an article about a guy who meets women online and drugs their drinks when they go to the bathroom so that he can rape them. Be safe women out there!

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Some kid I was seeing for a bit posted one as someone I told him I’d met once, was instantly attracted to but hadn’t seen since. Like he used all the stuff I told him about when I met the guy. I knew it was the kid I was seeing immediate and I don’t know the point of why he did it.

As to my knowledge I know I haven’t been one. But I do often check, just hoping I intrigued someone that much, you know?

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I think I was- except he described me as a boy, everything else was spot on. I never replied.

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