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Question for the females about nail polish...

Asked by Mexicanamerican (1957points) November 19th, 2008
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It could be that I’m extremely picky but I bugs me when my S.O. wears one shade of nail polish on her hands and another on her toes. She wears a lot of open toed shoes and sandles. Am I wrong for feeling this way or do other girls feel it’s tacky as well?

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I pretty much think that polish on the toes looks freaky/tacky anyway.

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I would never say that someone is “wrong” for feeling a certain way. It’s how you act on those feelings that may or may not be best.

If this was a discussion between my boyfriend and me, and he just casually mentioned it, and then didn’t bring it up again, I wouldn’t have any problem with that.

If he told me how to do my nails, I’d be pissed off…

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I guess that it is subjective. For me, I like to wear bright and/or funky colors on my toenails, while I usually wear lighter or more subdued colors on my fingernails.

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I would say that it depends on the person. Myself, I think that if your going to wear it on your toes that it should match your fingers. But that’s just me.

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It’s a preference thing mainly. I’m like answerjill- something bright and fun on my toes, and a coordinating lighter, more subtle shade on my fingers.
I think it’s tacky when the colors have nothing to do with each other though, like bright red and lavender or something.
If your SO is non-tacky in most ways, I’d let it go. If you find her to be generally tacky, then maybe there’s a bigger problem. :)

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If my boyfriend talked to me about my polish I would think he had lost his mind. He does get mad when my fake toenails fall off in bed and he wakes up with them stuck to him. He actually talks about that a lot. Just be happy hers don’t fall off and leave a trail behind her like bread crumbs.

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You wear fake toe nails?

They don’t have to match, but they should coordinate. Maybe hot pink on the toes, lighter pink on the fingers.

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Yes, they are the best. The cheapest pedi ever.

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I should add that the stuff on my toes is rarely coordinated with the stuff on my fingers. I like weird combos, I guess. Also, I rarely wear nail polish on my fingernails, but I wear it much more often on my toes. BTW, Jessturtle, your answer cracked me up!

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@Jesse lmao.. Yeah she doesn’t wear those.. LOL.. Don’t get me wrong I’m not like crazy about it, it doesn’t bother me, but for some reason I pay attention to little things like that. I still think the world of her..

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I don’t even think you have to wear the same color on all your fingernails. I often don’t. In fact, I’m amazed that so few people do vary the color scheme at all, even in small, tastefully coordinated ways. It’s just the tyranny of convention that says your earrings have to match, or your shoes, or your fingernails.

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Nail polish in general just weirds me out, as do long, “nice” nails.

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I never wear polish on my fingernails because I would ruin it in .5 seconds, I am that clumsy. However I do put clear polish on them just to make them shiny. Every now and then I will get a pedicure and when I pick the color it is whatever mood/season I am in, so in essence the clear nails and my toe color doesn’t match. I don’t think my boyfriend cares about colors just as long as the once in a while pedicure makes me happy.

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So much for the “subdued” colors that I mentioned above. I just painted my fingernails a fierce purple!

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