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Asked by Elfman (452points) November 24th, 2008
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Ease of getting into NYC…?

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if going to manhattan, JFK

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I’d choose Idlewild.

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Experience says: JFK.

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I guess I’ll be the dissenting voice. If it’s not rush hour and a cab doesn’t bother you, LGA isn’t that bad. Mind you, Kennedy was never an option on my trips to New York.

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It totally depends on where in the city you are going. If you are taking public transportaion, LGA is easy to get into upper manhattan on the bus, while JFK has the airtrain that goes to downtown/midtown. If you are cabbing it LGA is probably closer, but JFK has flat fares to manhattan.

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what rss said. exactly.

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rss is pretty right on.

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Yup, rss is right on target. Have a good trip!

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Personally, Newark.

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