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What professional sports teams do people from Montana root for?

Asked by housley (7points) November 25th, 2008
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what about north dakota?

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If you know what professional sports teams people from North/South Dakota, as well as Idaho and Wyoming root for, that’d be helpful too.

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The Seattle Seagulls.

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They are mostly college fans and generally feel “professional” sports are for people who don’t know how to be active themselves. Most people up north bike, ski, hunt, play hockey, hike, ride horses, etc. But they do like their Grizzlies. Like, ALOT.

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It depends on what part of the state…the west is usually for Seattle, the east is usually for Minnesota, and the southern part of the state usually goes for the Broncos. All three are pretty much of equal distance from the state.

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It depends on the part of the state. If you look at the NFL for instance, there’s lots of cowboys fans. South theres lots of broncos fans. east is vikings and packers. west is all for the seahawks. Montanans love pro football, and also like their college ball as well. (the bobcats and the grizzlies). The city of Billings needs a football team called the Stampede! They would ahve a big fan following.

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