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What type of handmade gift would you like to receive for Christmas?

Asked by dynamicduo (14372points) November 29th, 2008
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What gift would you love to be given as a present? Would you prefer a quilt or a sweater with your initial, how about an edible treat or a scrapbook? In your mind, what would be the best handmade present you could be given?

I’m also very interested in what guys have to say about this! Guys, what type of handmade present would you appreciate the most?

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In this order: Scrapbook > Quilt > Sweater > Food. Don’t get me wrong, I love my food, but it’s not really a long-lasting gift (as in, one you can look back to and think about years later).

oh. and female here.

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#1 I wanna know what guys think too.

For Christmas.. Hmm. Well I probably won’t be with my family this Christmas cuz I’m in the Cayman Islands for a few months with my boyfriend and I know that I would love if he made me a nice dinner. That’d be awesome..

As for handmade gifts for other occasions, I have the cutest idea for my 1 year with him in March :D

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a hand knit wool iphone

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Some self-printed money would suffice.

As long as I don’t get pinned for counterfeit.

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Anything handmade by someone I know would be an appreciated gift. How much usage I’d get out of it might be a different matter!

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A white, thick and soft hand-knitted scarf!

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I love making scarves. Hahahaha

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I asked my husband what he would want, and he said a quilt that’s only because I am a quilter and he thought it was a loaded question his second choice was a knit beanie with ear flaps like this beanie Though if he had seen the hand knit iphone he would probably want one of those. As for me I would want a quilt, mostly because I know how much work they are, and they make for a very personal gift.

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The great thing about food gifts is that you don’t have to look back on them for years and years. They’re the gifts that disappear!

Either you eat them, or you throw/give them away and say you ate them – and that’s it. You don’t have to put them up for display every time Aunt Edna comes over either, especially if they were ugly. They’re always the right color and size. You don’t need to find a place to store them, you don’t have to maintain them, and everybody could use more of them. Food gifts, FTW!

That said, I would also like textiles (knitted, woven, sewn stuff, if it is done with my likes and dislikes in mind) or girly bath foofoo (like soaps or bath salts). Really, anything handmade is just fine.

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Painting painting painting.

Especially from family members who aren’t great artists. There’s just something so special about something that someone spent the time sitting down and making, that I can hang on my wall and look at, and keep forever.

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A hat and scarf set. Or just a hat. I love me a hat.

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I’m with Laureth. I’d rather have something consumable, like food, bath products, or stationery. I love the idea of someone making me a quilt or sweater, but what if I hated it? Then it becomes a burden instead of a gift. The other kind of thing you wouldn’t have to deal with often would be a handmade Christmas ornament.

@Pete: The only people I make paintings for are my children and my best friend’s daughter (because she asked). I’d hate to foist one on someone who didn’t want it!

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Any craft from a child and yes FOOD!

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sweaters! i love sweaters. or scarves, even though i live in florida. i’m such a sucker for homemade stuff. blankets are awesome. scrapbooks are wonderful and should be made more often.

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