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Emergency!!! How can I get Microsoft Word without purchasing the software?

Asked by ArmyWife0112 (112points) December 5th, 2008
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My laptop came with a free trial version of Microsoft Office Word 2007 and now it’s expired and I can’t edit or print or even copy my files!!! I can’t afford to purchase it right now and I’m on a tight schedule to turn in some papers… Is there any way to enter someone else’s product key or SOMETHING to get my files?!? Please help!!!

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You should be able to use use to open your Microsoft Word documents. Some of the formatting may not be retained but at least you’ll have your work.

Just download from their website and install it. It really is a pretty cool office suite, especially since it is free.

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OpenOffice is spectacular. I highly recommend it.

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I use NeoOffice.

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Actually I’ve already started downloading Open Office… I REALLY hope this works :)

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Wow. Justn, you’re my new best friend :)

Thank you all for responding so quickly.

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Torr * cough * ent

But seriously, just get open office, I just started using it and love it.

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Open Office, Zoho, Google Docs
There are many many options, but those are the few that most people use it seems.

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OpenOffice is brilliant!

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Nice icons on OpenOffice,org; They mimic Microsort Office. The company that hosts the site, Sun Microsystems, is big in enterprise-wide business solutions.

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google docs are also pretty great.

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It is Fieryspoon. My daughter posts things that she wants me to read and comment on, in google docs. It would be really great for people who travel for work and have to edit documents from on the road.

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Google Docs is fine up to the point where you need to format your text. Unfortunately Google Docs seems to go a bit crazy at this point and starts un-doing and overdoing text sizes and such, using multiple fonts or losing fonts etc. very strange, but for collaborative editing Google Docs is an excellent option, great if you travel between public computers or have a laptop and a desktop both functioning as primary work computers.

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Related: Anyone know if there is a plugin/ad-in for open office or MS Office that could open/save to google docs? I know MS released their Office Workspace….it’s lame and sadly rather broken.

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