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Is it weird for me to not feel that embarrassed when my thong shows?

Asked by maria523 (32points) December 11th, 2008
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I know a lot of people find it to be unattractive but I guess I’ve become so used to it showing that I kinda just forget about it(It’s difficult for me to find jeans that fit because i’ve got small hips and a big behind)

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nobody could tell you to feel a certain way. how you feel is how you feel. if you’re not embarassed, it’s not weird.

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Nah, lots of people are OK with looking trashy.

just kidding

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I only wear thongs in public if my toenails are trimmed.

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Only if you’re not hot.

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Maria, I was just noticing that all three of the questions that you have asked on Fluther so far involve jeans and butts!

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Based on the number of thongs I see sticking out on the girls nowadays, I’d say that the embarrassed ones are in the minority.

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maria: answerjill is spot on. I don’t know about your thong or your level of embarrassment, but your questions are all jeans/ass/thong related. WTF?

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I just kind of see thongs as part of a style now. It does not mean you are trashy or slutty at all. I see plenty of ladies that sport the hip huggers and a nice thong. I think it’s hot. Run with it.

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I personally don’t like this look at all, but it’s not my place to decide that you should be embarrassed.

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It’s not weird, although I try not have my thong on show, if it does happen to show a little it desn’t embarress me. Ialways make sure I am wearing nice undies so I don’t care if people happen to catch a glimpse. I think girls that deliberately have there thong on show do look a bit trashy though.

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Show it off!! Just do it here… You busy friday night?

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I know a lot of electricians and plumbers who aren’t embarrassed to show a little butt crack. That doesn’t mean they should.

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