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What are good office gift exchange gifts?

Asked by mollykm (126points) December 12th, 2008
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It should be in the $25.00 range.

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Office toys, anything made by nerf, gift certificates to nearby restaurants/fast food joints, and of course, funny hats.

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We had a white elephant gift exchange yesterday. Some of the more popular presents were a bottle of wine, lottery tickets, a Chia head, and a giant stuffed Kermit Frog.

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How about a fire hydrant liquor dispenser?

[ I think you can find ‘em at Marshall’s stores for less than $20. ]

It’s fun to give unusual gifts in a group setting.

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All of my office mates are Mormons, so no gourmet coffee, no fancy tea, no booze, dispensers, or flasks. Bummer! We usually give holiday decorations. When I decorated my house this year, I realized that I have a nice collection of Christmas things, all from the gift exchange. I have a snowman on skiis, an ice cube man, a light-up ceramic village, candles, nativity set, wrought-iron tree centerpiece, a set of three wooden, toll-painted trees, a decorated snow shovel. They are all lovely, so I can’t complain.

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Oooh! Ooooh! I got that.

Origami Christmas tree balls.

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rob: i saw that dispenser at marshalls today. was wondering if it’s a piece of junk or not.

calendars can come in handy. also candles. if you have a “Christmas Tree Shops” near you they have all sorts of cheap stuff at good prices. another idea is kitchen stuff, like towels, pot holders, in themes like Christmas or cats or whatever.

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Something Dilbert.

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If you have time to buy from I know you would find something great!
If not, go to Spencer’s Gifts if you have one in your area. You can always find something crazy funny there. Make sure you throw in a whoopee cushion!
Also, think about fun board games.

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reusable bags, gift certificate to TJs or Whole Foods or something that anyone could use. $25 is very high, no?

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