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Getting vehicle title cleared?

Asked by Raggedy_Ann (455points) December 12th, 2008
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Purchased a vehicle in May 2008 and later found out that it has a salvaged title. Dealer is not being very helpful in getting necessary paperwork completed to clear title. Have contacted State’s Attorney office (consumer protection) in my home state and also state dealer located in. Dealer is ignoring their letters as well.

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what’s a salvaged title? vehicle was junked?

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A salvaged title means that my vehicle was damaged in an accident and the over all amount of damage was over a certain % of my overall vehicle value at the time of the accident. In MN, where I live, I have to obtain paperwork from the prior owner which in this case could be one of a number of people so I can get my vehicle inspected. If I don’t get this done, I won’t be able to renew my tabs next spring. I also can’t get the title to the vehicle into my name. Does this help?

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I just had to sign something in my state (Washington), a notarized document, saying that I gave up rights to the car (3 years ago the engine died, and I sold the car to a dealer who wanted to replace the engine). When this happened, I had contacted the state to let them know I no longer owned the car, but the dealer himself needed this form signed by me so that he could sell the car he finally (three years later) had fixed.

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