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Is Fluther an American Based Website and Are There Any People From UK Here?

Asked by nebule (16449points) December 15th, 2008
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And more specifically the North of England? Because it striked me that most people are from the USA and I’m trying to enlist more UK Fluther users (because its brill) i was just pondering???

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Yes, the founders of fluther are American, and it’s run out of San Francisco and Yes, there are people from the UK. I’m not from the UK, but I believe RichardHenry, Comedian, and Lightlyseared are from Britain. Fabulous and Osullivanbr are in Ireland I think.

There are a lot more UK people on here I’m sure, but I either don’t know them that well or just can’t think of them right now. Hope that helps!

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thanks muchly la chica gomela

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Don’t forget Wildflower!
And Damien, I believe, as well.

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Yep, I’m from the UK.

Good luck with your enlisting, Lynne! It’d be good to have some more Brits on here. It gets noticeably quieter while the Sun’s down on the states.

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I’m here, too!

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i’m online now! the sun is definitely down – it’s 5:00 am where i am, but you can still count on me to be noisy here with you guys!! :-)

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We also have people from Australia, Canada and other countries! Definitely dominated by US users, but there are many from other locations.

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I’m from uk also, midlands

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Hello there! I’m Richard, one of the Fluther community managers alongside Devi (she’s in Ohio). I live near Leeds, so I guess I’m the English presence on the Fluther team. Fluther is a US company based in LA and San Francisco.

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I’m in Edinburgh, UK, and you can find more answers in this prior thread .

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Well, it’s on the internet, so it’s international.
I am from Norway.

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I’m American, but I will be in England for 10 days, starting Christmas!

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There’s also a few Canadians. Igloo! Beaver! Maple trees! Manners!

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Some more answers here.

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Sorry about that uncalled for outburst.

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Oh my goodness! Totally uncalled for!!!~

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Iwamoto’s also a foreigner. And Shrubbery is from Australia.

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@osullivanbr very funny…made me chuckle…!

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Thank you, thank you. I aim to please.

This might help you out a bit more.

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UK ALL THE WAY!!!! I’m originally from it (living in the States now, but moving back(bitter-sweet)), but I moved here I think before fluther was made (not sure when). I asked my friends though if they use it there and they do!

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Aren’t there people from Australia, too? Dunno but all I know is that I am from Boston.

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