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Does anyone use ELGG?

I was wondering if anyone uses ELGG, its a social network well, it lets you create your own social network. I am trying to customize my home page or landing page and am ready to give up! The setup process is easy and configuring it isnt bad but I don't have much PHP knowledge so it's hard to figure out how to place things on the page. I copied a code I found online and started to modify it from there and use it ass an example, however I didn't get to far. Support is scarce and limited for ELGG as I have searched and read many pages with little to no help. So i figured i'd see if anyone here can offer some assistance.
I really just want to have the log in recent memebers and groups recent discussions/activity(which i cant figure out how to add) and then just html the rest with custom content like sign up ads and links and such. If anyone could assist me with this it would be greatly appreciated!! I mean i’d owe you a favor of some kind, maybe a little something extra in your stocking this year? Santa and I are like brothas from anotha motha – Also please dont take everyone on the site right now to literally as alot of it is just filler text or random thoughts.

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