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What's your operating system of choice?

Asked by ncanderson42 (71points) December 18th, 2008
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Be specific! If some form of Linux, what distro, if Windows, what version. And if OS X well…

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Right now I’m using Crunchbang Linux, a branch of Ubuntu that uses Openbox. But I switch every couple of weeks.

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Leopard. I’ve been using it for over a year now…I’ve used all versions of windows from windows 3.1 and up, I’ve used Open Source Suse, but I think all fall short of Leopard.

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Mac OS X 10.5.x

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Mac OS X 10.4

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I’m running Windows XP right now. By necessity, not choice. Previously I was in university in a multimedia program, where many programs only existed on Windows, so I had no choice in the matter. Now that I’m working, I am programming using Microsoft’s ASP.NET 2.0 in Visual Studio, so as far as I can tell my only other option is to use a Mac. Which would require I spend money on buying it to replace this nice Thinkpad I am given to use. Not only do I not have money to spend on a Mac (though if I was given no-strings-attached cash I sure would buy one), but I don’t really have that great of a desire to change to it professionally.

For personal use, I could just as well use a Linux distro, but it would require a lot of time and dedication towards learning and setting it up on my gear, and to be honest I really have no desire to go through with this. So I’ll stay on Windows XP (I might consider upgrading to Windows 7 but not if they kill all the promised features like they did with Vista) unless Microsoft decides to no longer support XP, which I don’t see coming based on the worldwide usage rates.

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Windows Server 2008 :)

I also have machines running several versions of linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, Mandriva, and some others) and some nlited XP installs.

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I spend 95% percent of my time in OS X (10.5.6). And the rest split between Windows XP or Ubuntu.

But I do all of it on the same computer

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@john I think you need a bigger display =)

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@battlemarz If you had to pick, what do you think your favorite would be?

@johnpowell That’s a nice setup. I’d do the same with windows in linux, but I only have a 20 gig hard drive sigh

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I do run Windows XP with VMware on my mac as well. 17in imac, and a 22in samsung.

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@ncanderson42, favorite at the moment would be Windows Server 2008. I have configured it to look just like vista without the bloat. I’m an avid PC gamer so I couldn’t survive on linux day to day, although i do enjoy messing around with it and using it for general tasks.

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@battlemarz Wine! A lot of games work, it does take some time to get things set up, but that’s half the fun.

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@ncanderson42, Games may work but performance would most defiantly suffer. And it would be easier to just VM a linux distro that I wanted to use.

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I think windows ME would be a close second for me though. (queue laughter)

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AIX 5.3 and Solaris 10 for enterprise work.

Mac OS X 10.5 for home.

And I’m stuck on Win XP SP3 for office desktop. But I am getting a second monitor shipped finally for that.

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Windows Vista, dual booted with Ubuntu for some fun.

When you have a computer good enough to run Vista, it’s amazing. I can’t wait till windows 7 comes out and i have more new features to use! I can write reports, make music and game, all without having to switch OS. It looks great and isn’t made by a company i despise!

Ubuntu, on the other hand, is mostly just for me to mess around in. I like customizing the desktop, playing with compiz and surfing the web while running it. When I don’t plan on gaming or making music, I’ll boot into Intrepid Ibex.

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Don’t kill me, but Vista Home Premium.

It came on this pc when I bought it and I’m too lazy to change it. That’s the only reason.

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OS X 10.5

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right now i’m running vista home premium but i want to get my hands on a copy of windows xp !

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My OS of choice is OS X 10.5.x

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Haha Mrdan, Windows ME. Worst. OS. Ever! I’m running 10.5.x, Windows XP, gOS Linux and Ubuntu Linux.

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Ubuntu and XP.

dude dont knock ME it was like awesomes LOL

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SSDs run faster on ME than any other OS

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Solid State Drives run faster on Microsoft Windows ME® than any other OS???


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Yeah, I know… Patriot came out with new SSDs and said they ran faster in ME than anything else.

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Well, I switched to Fedora with KDE 4 as the window manager…not liking it so far. But we’ll see!

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FreeBSD or Mac OS. They are one of the same

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Windows 7 beta and Ubuntu…Microsoft is making a comeback watchout Linux…

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Mac OS X for daily use and Debian Lenny for my home server and guests :)

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I am used Linux OS.This is very best for me…

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@Robles which distro?

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Install Gentoo

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OS X 10.5.x and iPhone 3.0.1

I have to admit I was a little miffed that Apple did not include instructions as to how I can recieve my snow leopard with purchase.

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WinXP Pro-32 and Win7 Ultimate on my home desktop.
Fedora 11 on my Large laptop.
Ubuntu Netbook remix on my Acer Aspire One A-110-L

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@wilhel1812: I typoed, We’re at 10.5.8, thanks!

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I’d like to add, to my list snow leaopard, I’m getting a macbook pro as soon as someone hires me (grr economy and small town who doesn’t hire teens”!

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Using Mageia, prefer a Debian distro. Only using Mageia because it plays nice with my sound system.

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