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If you could switch your sex for a day, what would you do?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23991points) December 29th, 2008
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I’m interested in what would be foremost on your mind. You would retain all memory and would not forget You. Would you place restrictions on yourself because it might be too weird to do certain things, or would you try to experience whatever you thought you couldn’t as the opposite sex?

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I would try and hustle all the guys at the bar for drinks.

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No. Never.

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I would choose to spend the day as Milo and have Gail cluck over me, pet me, feed me, do the hygiene housekeeping and give me catnip. Then I could spend the night insisting on sleeping on her spot on the bed, hog all the covers and walk on top of her several times before morning. I might try to clip her nails if I get too bored. And I would learn what ants, moths and small spiders tasted like.

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@gailcalled – Milo has a great life, doesn’t he? I would still never approach the nail thing!

I don’t think I would want to switch. Seriously…the extra appendage would probably bother me. I did just ask my husband, he laughed and said he would take the day off. Scary.

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I would wander around shirtless without getting arrested and sing tenor. Oh, and I would learn to do that thing that muscular guys do that makes their pecs look like they can dance.

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Yes – and what I would do is not printable on a respectable site such as this.

I will say it would require batteries

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Perfectly printable, cprevite. I will be completely honest and say that I might go so far as to have sex with a female. Maybe. I’m not a lesbian or even bi, but I think my curiosity might get the best of me. I would want to know how different sex feels, just to know.

I would also drink as much as possible throughout the day, just so I could pee standing up. I get so jealous sometimes. ;)

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I thought about having a sex change operation once but I couldn’t decide which sex to change into.

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I am female so I would be turning male…

1. Find snow and pee in it
2. Have sex
3. Take nudies of myself
4. Jack off
5. Pee in more snow
6. Have sex
7. Find a stip club and dance my little heart away
8. Jack off
9. Pee in snow

In that order.

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DIG GOLD…is there another option???

I keed I keed

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I have always wanted to be a boy, not to the surgical degree, but I want to feel that force in bed. I often have dreams where it starts off, me- a girl, then switches and I wake up very confused for a few seconds. Strange feeling but it makes me think. Not to be too sexual but it’s a simple penetration vs. violation situation that I will never fully experience. Oh, being a girl.

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@cp: Worth doing. It is a lot of fun. My original idea is also not printable on such a site as this. Let’s just say it would involve no batteries, but would require the top half of another willing participant…

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I’m with krose.

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Change the oil in my car, paint the apartment, tighten all the handles, door knobs etc and pray for the day to end.

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I would do anything and everything I could think of…but most of all I’d want to have Krose’s day :)

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Hang out in the locker room all day and make a lot of new friends.

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OMG these answers have cracked me up!

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Krose: How will you keep yourself hydrated?

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Drink more, to pee more, drink more, pee more.

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I’d probably sit in front of a mirror and play with my breasts all day.

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@Dale: Seriously- I bet you’d get bored after half and hour. The question didn’t specify that you would change brain and guys have short attention spans.

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@gail- I’ll eat the WHITE snow

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I’d have a very weird conversation with my husband. “Hey, sweetie, do you still think you’d love me no matter what?” :^> Yep, I’m evil sometimes.

Actually, do I get to be taller, too? I might have to spend some time playing basketball as a taller person or making some odd dish that requires me to get down some little-used item from the top cabinets in the kitchen without asking for anyone’s help. That’d be cool. And I’d probably have to pee off the edge of a cliff while hiking.

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1. get a blow job
2. Have a sandwich
3.Watch some porn and masturbate
4. Get another blow job
5.Maybe some sexes too
6. And then another sandwich
In that order

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- Get on Girls Gone Wild video!
– pee standing up
– and get some guy to eat my…

In any order.

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Ah, I forgot! I would make a complete jackass out of myself but because I was a guy as long as I did it with confidence, I would be a young stud instead of “losing my femininity”. Hell yeah, let me wrestle a bartender just for the hell of it.

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is there a pattern forming here….?

I would just…feel and think (and do things normally)...and see if actually being a man made anything feel different at all…. or whether men are from Mars women are from Venus is just a load of nonsense

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@dale: Trust me, there are far more pleasurable activities than groping your own boobs all day. Take a trip south, learn a few things for your future. ;)

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Gee Krose, I’ve done all of those things and I’m a girl!

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Stare at myself in the mirror for a few hours, and then go find a locker room to hang out in. :-P Then find out what it’s like to experience multiple consecutive orgasms.

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Perverts….I wouldn’t change my sex. I think magnus is the only one on the same page. lurrrviezzz

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@90s kid…not true. I didn’t think I would; however, my husband said he’d take the day off!

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Oh yea. I’ll lurve you.

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I was going to answer MicaDirtCat’s quip re what I’d do when I got bored up top, but asmonet beat me to it.

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First of all, if you’re not pretty then you wouldn’t turn into a pretty (opposite sex) girl/guy. I would think I would make a fairly ugly woman myself so I’d probably just do mundane things. There might be a 45 minute shower in there somewhere.

Second of all, all you girls that say you’d have sex and get blow jobs don’t know much about being a guy. Sure you could jack off but it takes much more then a day for most of us to get laid and even more time then that to get a blowjob.

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@bodyhead – of course, we’re living in fantasy world here…I’d say if you’re going to dream the impossible (chaging sex for a day magically), you might as well be able to dream that you’d be hot enough in your temporary body to achieve whatever sort of liaison you might fancy. Ergo, I might also like to add to my two previous answers that I’d hook up with a lipstick lesbian and turn on the video camera!

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I’m just saying, even an ugly chick and can laid, but an ugly dude might die a virgin.

Thanks Dale, I do now see intent of the question. Really, I’d like to be hot enough in any body to achieve whatever sort of liaison I might fancy.

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Sex. SEX. Sex. And, oh yea, have sex!

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There’s a great song by a group called Uncle Bonsai called “The Penis Song” which speculates what the singer (a girl) would do with a penis. It’s a hoot.

I have to admit that he first thing that flew into my head (:-)) was “get a blow job.”

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i would most definitely go to a gay bar ASAP.

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I would switch from not having sex, to having it

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Go on the Ellen Show, and win some stuff. Oh yeah. Then go flash a trucker.

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Go to a bar by myself and laugh at the crap that comes out of the mouths of chodes hitting on me.

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@bodyhead: Even if normally it would take a dude more than a day, I gotta believe that with a girl’s brain working behind a dude’s body it would be a whole lot easier.

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Yes, I have to completely agree with asmonet on that.

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I posted a question like this on my blog a couple years ago, and got some great answers. As for what I’d do as a female, well, the obvious comes to mind. Anything beyond that isn’t fit to be repeated here. I’ve already got at least three moderators annoyed with me, why push it?

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Guys, you must realize the effect is different if you are interacting with yourself or interacting with another. Otherwise men would NEVER get out of the house! lol

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I must admit that my first thought was to have as much sex as possible, but then I realized I’d be having sex with men. Ick!

I couldn’t think of any other thing I’m jealous of women for, so, all in all, I think I’ll pass.

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@daloon: Not necessarily jealous. Think more curious. No part of you would wonder what it’s like to wear make-up? Or some kind of outfit with sexy heels to see what kind of attention you’d get because of it? Not even because you want the attention necessarily, but just to know what it feels like, from a female perspective?

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Oh my God, NO! That sounds so manipulative. I have no respect for a woman who leads a man on, with the express intention of getting him interested just so she can slam the door in his face! Ick. Double Ick!

See? I’d be a terrible woman.

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@daloon: No, no. Haha! :) I’m not even talking about leading someone on. The kind of attention I’m talking about could stem from you simply walking down a street. I think there’s an unbelievable difference in what that’s like for a man, compared to a woman.

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@DD, I’ve heard enough women complain about that attention, that it was my impression women were insulted by it. Is that not true? In any case, if the way I look translated into me as a woman, I wouldn’t be getting any of that kind of attention.

I love women, I respect them, and I’m so glad they exist, but I really wouldn’t want to be one.

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@daloon: Yes, you’re right. We do complain about it, because it definitely gets annoying. I think, for me, I would still want to experience it – even if it was negative. It would be very eye opening and thought-provoking. To actually be able to get some idea of what it’s like to be someone else… That would be absolutely priceless. :)

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I think the whole experience would be very enlightening. Also scary as heck. I think living in a womans shoes, as well as the rest would be an amazing thing. Of course having the brain of a man in a womans body would screw the whole thing up anyway. I would like to experience what it is like to have the power that women have, as well as to see what it is like to be such a beautiful and amazing creature. I would honestly probably stare at myself in the mirror in awe for the first several hours, maybe with a little sensual touching of course, and then see how much fun it would be to walk on the wild side. I think getting to be beautiful would be fun, and, if for only the one day, a heck of a lot of fun.

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@DD: oh, I’d like to be someone else, preferably a woman, for the purpose of seeing what it’s like to think and experience in a different way. But that’s not the premise of the question.

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@daloon: True. Here, for this brief space, I change it for you. You can actually think like a woman while in a woman’s body and fully retain the entire experience once you’re back in your own body and mind. ;)

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@DD, that opens other windows then. If I were to think like a woman, I would definately enjoy a lot of things a lot more, but I wonder if it would take away some of my fun. I would love the chance to experience the difference in thoughts and emotions though too.

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@dd, in that case, what I would like to experience is feminine emotions. The whole range, from pms and fear, to feeling attractive and confident, as well as everything in between. That would be totally cool. Especially since I wouldn’t have to stay there forever. Unless, of course, I found it was easier to be happy as a woman. Then I might want to jump ship. But I suspect I’d find it to be equally bad as it is to be a guy.

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theres 31 new posts. i want to have sex

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go into a woman’s toilet to find out what on earth it is they’re discussing in there (because I’m sure as hell they don’t all get the urge to pee simultaneously)

And get a handbag, it’s the only thing I envy in women, this practical bag that has everything in it. I used to have a jacked with a million pockets, I once opened it and took out 34 seperate items, including a 12’ vinyl album, 2 umbrellas and several CDs. My mum threw it away (don’t you hate it when they do that?)

According to Greek mythology, Zeus (Jupiter) became a woman for a day, after a disagreement with his wife Hera about which sex had the best sex. At the end of the day he concluded that women enjoy their orgasm precicely 7 times more than men. How on earth he figured that out, nobody knows, but since he is God we might as well take his word for it.

PS Hey guys…here’s a thought. How about being a woman and going straight to a lesbian bar and picking up all those girls? A whole day being licked by women you could never have as a man ;)

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I’m sure I’d be about as proficient in putting on makeup as John Wayne Gacey.

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@Jack79 – Unfortunately the lesbians I’ve met in real life look NOTHING like the ones I see in movies. :(

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Well yes, but I guess the same applies for straight women. But I’m sure there are sexy lesbians. I’ve got 2 lesbian friends and both of them are fairly good looking. Though one is more of a good-looking-boy type.

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Hey hey hey…I qualify as a lesbian and I am pretty darn good looking and I’ve got excellent tits and an ass you could bounce a dime off of so hush up the ugly lesbian talk. There are far fewer ugly lesbians then there are ugly men.

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True dat!

anybody got a dime?

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

@knot: You are welcome to bounce anything you want off my ass!

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anyone can bounce a dime, I got a half dollar, interested?

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can I bounce Knot? ;)

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I’m a bit heavy, but I think Sue could handle it

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I can turn a coin with my belly muscles, but I can’t manage a dime. It’s too small for me. Lol!

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Haha, I love indignant lesbians. It’s probably why I’m friends with so many. :)
Lurve Sueanne, lurve.

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I always thought I would make a good lesbian.

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I think every guy thinks that!

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If I was a man…wow….yeah, I would play with my penis for an hour or two. Then go pee on a wall or something, maybe write my name. I would try and pick up as many girls as I could and have sex as much as I could. I would also want to have sex with a man, just to see what gay sex is like (I’ve always been a little curious).

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I always thought I would make a good straight woman ;-)

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Golly, I guess I’d make more money all of a sudden for doing the same job and that would be cool!

I really could pick any career I wanted (constrained, of course, by the limits of the 24 hour period).

I could open all the jars that I have struggled with for years (but I would have to clean up the mess the next day when I went back to my original gender . . . hmmm)

I would change my own oil (as I do now) and NOT get disparaging remarks about my sexual orientation.

I could go jogging at night . . .

Maybe I could even do drag and flummox everyone.

Wow, this could really be fun . . .

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I would call up my sexy lesbian friends and have a party. Toys and fun. Assuming the vagina is brand spanking new, got to wear it in :P

Then, pick up a cute boy and fk his brains out a few times over. Learn a few things on the way.

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What makes you think your sexy lesbian friends would find you more attractive than they do now. A change of plumbing doesn’t solve every issue.

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@galileogirl actually, I know so from the person referenced. She’s bi, and we dated for a little while – but she’s more homosexual than bi. She’s happily in a relationship with another – adorable cutie as herself. So, I would definitely make the offer for a 3-some or more :D

To celebrate my new… features.

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Go sexually seduce my partner.

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@phoebusg Evidently you weren’t good enough or she wouldn’t have lost interest, Being bi- it shouldn’t have mattered what your preference-it had to be you.

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@galileogirl You’re wrong, but I really don’t see how this fits in this answer, you don’t know the details – now let’s move on :)
People are free to do what they want, my interest or love is never binding.

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