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Blunt, bong, pipe or paper?

Asked by m_dub (159points) December 30th, 2008
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any particular reason for you preference?

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I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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bong filters out all the addictive stuff

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It’s been decades, but I’d still say paper.

You can make it disappear really, really fast.

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What about vaporizers? ;o)

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In order

Vaporizer Vaps are the shit and get you super fucked up off a tiny bit. Plus it tastes like pure heaven
Bong bongs are the next most effective way, especially when you have something like this
Bowl bowls are quick and easy when you dont want to smoke a lot or large group
Joint joints are good for on the run, but id rather use something like this
Blunt a huge waste of weed imo, ill only smoke if someone else rolled it.

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Stone pipe.

And bongs don’t filter out any addictive substances because there are none.

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I prefer vaporizers, even if they cost a bunch, the money you save in not buying as much product makes it pay for itself.

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@pork the problem is im still inclined to put in the same amount i would in my bowl….. i just get SUPER HIGH lol

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Joints. It’s the closest thing to a cigarette that I can get. But I always love a good bong rip—gurggle…gurggle…gurggle

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E. All of the above.

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@uber I have one of those metal cigarette one-hitters and it’s awesome. perfect for a quick blaze on the way somewhere and it’s compact plus you can do it blatantly while driving and it doesn’t look sketch at all.

lol my favorite is glass bowls. glass bowls are just classic for me. got my first one when i was 15 and always named them and every one kind of portions out a section of my life. (I still remember when my mom found my first, “Wendy”, and smashed it right in front of me when i was 16. that was a sad

I think you can control how high you get a little better with bowls too. plus it becomes more of a social thing which i enjoy.

but I have a friend with a 2 and a half foot ROOR bong and he likes to fully pack the bong and call it a one-hitter (which for me is always like 2 or 3 hits) but then i just get stupid high immediately. I also don’t smoke as much as I used to so i think my tolerance has something to do with that.

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also anyone here ever taken a knife hit?

it’s kind of like the cheap man’s vaporizer. I used to do them alot because an old friend of mine was all about them a few years back and he always had weed to spare but basically you cut off the bottom of a 2 liter bottle and heat up two knives in an electric stove and put a nug of weed in between the two knives and let the smoke go up into the bottle and suck through the mouth-piece.

nice clean hits but it’s kind of wasteful of weed so i would suggest using shitty weed or if you have a lot and don’t care haha

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Exactly arcoarena its my car pipe :P and yea ive done a knife hit before, just because. Meh lightbulb vaps are better. :)

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All the above. I prefer different methods at different times and circumstances and depending on the kind of weed I have. I do like joints the best. I don’t think anyway is a waste because I get weed to smoke not hoard.

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i’ve never done a lightbulb vap. i’ve heard of it before but ill have to try that out lol

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@buster yea but it kinda is a waste if you think about it. If you smoke a joint you get 15% of the thc. But if you smoke it from a bong you get close to 70%. How is it not a waste? you could still smoke the same amount and not hoard, youd just get way higher :P

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haha! awesome. Now stop bogarting that sh*t and pass it over here!

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I was reading earlier on here that it is actually better for you as well. Something about combustion or something I dont know lol.
But joints if your going to a festival or out in general.

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@helso yes bongs are healthier because the smoke is cooled before arriving at your lungs where as a joint, the combustion is happening half an inch from your mouth.

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