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How long is your dock?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) January 1st, 2009
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Do you prefer it smaller or larger? Do you have a lot of stuff on it? Do you like it on the left side or the right side? Do you get a little uncomfortable when you see one that is better than yours? Or do you just try really hard to make it look like theirs? I haven’t seen many so I’m not sure how mine should be. Do you use it often? Some people hide it and use something else to open their stuff. Not me though, I like it to just be out there for everyone to see. Would you say it’s the whole length of your notebook’s screen? Mine is about half that, but I’m known to exaggerate. Sometimes I like to play with it, make the size bigger then smaller; put new stuff on it to see what it looks like. I have a pic of it if anyone wants to comment on what I should be doing with it.

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7 and a half inches.

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My dock is bigger than your dock.

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I prefer it larger.

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Just under 7 1/2 inches
I could care less if it’s just there but bigger when being used
No, I’m fine with mine
I don’t hide it, it’s supposed to be their and everyone knows where it is
No but about about half mine
I sometimes do that too
I can’t think of anything that would improve it safely
I would prefer not to comment on your picture, unless you’re willing to hurt yourself.

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right-click to “Turn Magnification On”...

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I thought a dock was where you kept your boat?

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I have big feet.

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I cam here to make penis jokes, but the boys beat me to it.


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My dock is completely hidden – I use Quicksilver for everything.

I hate having other people on my computer – I’ve always removed shortcuts on my PC and I always remove my docks on my Macs… and I use Windows Key + R to run things on Windows, and Quicksilver to run things on Mac OSX.

As user unfriendly as it gets – but great memory exercises for me. :)

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I like to keep it to the bare minimum, makes it easier to use. No superfluous accessories.

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So, no piercings Tali?

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@asmonet, What? Why would I pierce my computer screen? :)

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My dock is full of applications. I just like everything at the bottom.

“Not me though, I like it to just be out there for everyone to see.” Haha.

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I have a big long dock but I have small pecs. I’m willing to trade a little for some on the shoulders.

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My dock is standing tall! It’s 25cm

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I’ve got a short n’ sweet dock.

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Really, i don’t think it’s the length of your dock that matters, it’s how you use it.

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my dock happens to be set up pretty well. (On the left side). It is, sadly, quite short, but I do use a few good tricks to get things going. (App launcher).

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My dock is 7 1\4 inches. It hangs to the left.I like to show people my dock so I cam . Everyone says I have a great looking big dock.Many even want to sit on my dock .There are pictures of it on the net.My favorite site is Adult Friend Finder. Who knows you mught find a guy named Krag7in there

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