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Is it okay for motorcyclists to park their bikes on sidewalks?

Asked by Poser (7808points) September 19th, 2007
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Is this even legal? I haven’t been able to find any definitive answer on this question in my state (Florida).

Regardless of the legal question, what do you think about it? As a motorist, I hate seeing an empty spot, only to pull halfway in and realize that there is a bike there. As a biker, though, I wonder if people feel like I’m taking advantage. On the other hand, I’m being twice as good to the planet when I ride my bike instead of driving, so shouldn’t I be rewarded?

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Since, it is a licensed vehicle, I’d say it’s not legal. In the same breath I doubt anyone would bother to enforce that provided it’s not impeding pedestrian traffic or safety.

I don’t think motorcycle emissions are on par with auto emissions so the global warming benefit may be less than supposed.

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I think it is dickish to park one on the sidewalk.

And people walk on sidewalks. Driving it onto the sidewalk is asking for trouble. People don’t expect a motorized vehicle on the sidewalk. We do expect them on roads so we are paying a bit more attention to our surroundings while walking on the street.

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It’s legal to park some mopeds on sidewalks in some parts of the country (e.g. Denver & Seattle). I don’t think it’s legal for motorcycles.

But as far whether it’s cool… motorcycles can get really big. Parking them on the sidewalk, or at a bike rack, is going to take up quite a bit of room. So… probably not.

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Well I’d never park my bike where it was impeding foot traffic or causing some sort of hazard. Nor would I ride it on a sidewalk, especially if someone was walking nearby. I’m speaking strictly out-of-the way, say, in front of the grocery store (you know, with those big wide sidewalks and building corners where no one walks anyway). I was at Target the other day, and didn’t know whether this was appropriate.

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No park it in the parking lot

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A lot of towns have made it illegal to park any motor vehicle on part of a sidewalk, even where the sidewalk crosses your driveway. If for some reason you have parked your vehicle in your own driveway, out of the street, but in the sidewalk, they will ticket the vehicle, even in those areas where the town does not have a right of way for the sidewalk. Chicago passed an ordinance allowing the police to come into privately owned garages and write citations on vehicles that do not have city stickers.

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in oregon, parking a motorcycle or moped on the sidewalk is illegal.

my personal opinion is that it’s also irresponsible. the sidewalk is for pedestrians ONLY. no parked vehicles, no bicycle traffic, no rollerblades or skateboards…

but that’s just my opinion.

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Check your local laws, Sometimes it is ok other times it just pisses people off. If it is OK is your area the do it.

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It’s only illegal if you get caught. In SF, the rule is, “only if someone complains.”

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you can get ticketed for it if the cop sees it and cares. So legally no, socially I think it’s more or less a whatever issue.

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There is a guy who has a scooter of some sort. I think it’s a vespa. He parks it and locks it to the bicycle tree the city planted right in front of my house. It annoys me. I feel like kicking his scooter over. Why doesn’t he park it in front of his house? That being said, I am looking into the legality of the issue myself as I don’t want him parking it in front of my house.

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Motor vehicles, including motorcycles, are not allowed to park on public sidewalks. 99% of motor vehicle laws pertaining to automobiles, also applies to motorcycles. the only difference would be helmet laws in some states.

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NO but go on and park on the sidewalk,my key always leaves “THX” on the gas tank
CVC 22500 No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle
whether attended or unattended, except when necessary to avoid
conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a
peace officer or official traffic control device,

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if its not it should be.

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I really dislike when I see motorcycles on the sidewalk.

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In order to park a motorcycle on a sidewalk, it is almost guaranteed you had to drive it there and that is dangerous to pedestrians and whatever else has a right to expect an environment without motor vehicles.

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