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Has anyone sold their Fluther account?

Asked by Ort (518points) January 11th, 2009
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As far as I can tell, I don’t think it would be against the Terms & Conditions. I know this happens in online games all the time. As people participate in Fluther they are putting time and effort into it and build up a Lurve score that makes them feel good and identifies them as people who have contributed much to the collective. What do people think of the idea that someone could become the next incarnation of a respected Flutherite with ALL THAT LURVE!!!

Heh, Heh.. Not that I’m buying, just, you know, specultating…

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This is the primary reason that the founders had qualms about making lurve bigger than it was in the beginning. In the beginning, there wasn’t a way to measure your lurve, you never knew what answer had received the lurve; and in fact, the name “lurve” never even existed.

Lurve is no big deal. The concept of selling one’s account is ludicrous, because lurve does not allow you to gain anything. If a genius sold their fluther account, and a dunce took over, the account would never get lurve afterwards, and the community would notice an abrupt personality change.

When you participate on Fluther, it is not about the lurve. You do not join to build up a lurve score. You join to have your questions answered, or to put energy into answering questions.

When you focus on lurve, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

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I didn’t see this before, but there’s a question about Selling Lurve from before. I guess technically, this would be different since the name, lurve and email would go with it. It could also be a public thing that the Original person could announce and retire publicly, introducing the new replacement.

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Selling a Fluther account is an unwritten violation of everything that that little green jellyfish stands for. He would haunt your dreams. You look down a long hallway, you’ll see him, and then you won’t. He’ll kill all of your plants. He’ll ruin your relationships. He’ll make your life miserable.

It is this fear that stops anyone from selling their account. Be warned…

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What a silly idea!

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Actually, I bet they’d still generate some residual Lurve from past answers. Lurve is a big deal for some people. I’m fairly new here but I’ve noticed posts from people being pretty excited about reaching 1000 or other famous numbers, and a type of competitive spirit coming out. “So-and-so got Lurve for that and I said the exact same thing earlier!”, etc.

What if a couple had their own Fluther account and posted jointly, or everyone at an office had one account, or a writer wanted to develop a persona and pass it on? I can imagine scenarios that aren’t nefarious and chances are, the exchange would not involve that much money (if any).

@queenzboulevard: You can direct your fear elsewhere. I’m not planning to do this, it’s a question. :)

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What an odd concept. But to answer your question, no, I do not know of anyone ever doing that.

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Hey, what would you pay for mine? It’s less than a year old, and I haven’t made more than a couple of enemies here.

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[mod says:] Transferring your account to another person is against the Fluther guidelines.

“We do not allow a Fluther member to hand their account name over to another person under any circumstance, simply because it breaks the environment of a community with set, fixed identities, each with their own personality and history. Your account name is you, and nobody else can have it.”

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I’d never sell…not for any amount of money! Well, not for most amounts of money anyway ;)

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No. People would think I am the person who bought my account.

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Ahh good. That simplifies things. Thanks @richardhenry!

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For Sale: One slightly used nickname. Over 4000 Lurve. Spotty reputation. Humorous. Fun loving. Options not included: Nice Ass. $1,000,000

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Now that’s tempting!!!

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You can have my account for amazing sum of one burrito with extra sour cream.

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How about a 6 pack of Pabst JP?

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I feel a sudden disturbing interest in what it would be like to swap identities with a Flutherita for a day.

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psst! Wanna buy some lurve, anybody?

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Pabst works too.

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So now that we know it’s illegal, I’m sure EVERYONE will want to try it at least once, get a friend to write their Fluther response for them just to see if anyone lo nota… Podría ser interesante como experimento… ¿No te parece que Fluther suena raro en Español? ¿Crees que los Moderadores se darán cuenta que tu no lo escribiste, Ort? No lo creo- ¿cómo van a saber? Que malo eres… Ja, ja, ja…

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