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What would be some funny names for rejected crayon colors?

Asked by KrystaElyse (3598points) January 19th, 2009
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Allen Green.

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Puke Green
Yellow Snow
Blood Red
Fecal Brown
Cyanotic Blue
Bile Orange
Bruise Purple
Scar Tissue Pink
Semen White

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Wow I guess everyone is doing a poop one.

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@susanc Lurve!

Blue Balls

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nuclear shine
virgin white
yellow fever
satan’s breath
grand daddy purple

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proof red
sin black
blacken blue
shit-eating green
john brown

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monday blue

my-mind-slipped-on-the-rest-of-the-ideas orange

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big pimp purple

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Your Face.

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Fecal Brown is too plain. Why not call it Montezuma’s Revenge?

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tarred and feathered white

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@asmonet. Good edit on my Fecal Brown color. LOL

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Wigger white
Is that an offensive term?

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Cracka’ white
Frostbite black
Jaundice yellow
Nuclear winter
Head cheese
Vaginal curd
Grandpa’s ashes
Meth mouth green
Deluxe, battery-operated, vibrating, jumbo crayon

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Alan GREENspan
Reggie White

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Now could you just imagine if these crayons were scented?

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Code Amber

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@Allie : as long as its not kevbo’s “Vaginal Curd”. and what color is that?

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Mucus Olive
Emesis Beige
Anal Rouge
Dishwater Gray
Pastel Carcass
Mortuary Gloss Black
Moldy Gravestone
Tuberculosis Red
Off White Cancer
Pale HIV
Mother’s Funeral Mauve
Cook’s Spit White
Colostomy Brown
Nailfungus Yellow
Sewage Ochre
Afterbirth Orange
Placenta Pink
Toiletseat Red
Urinal Lime
Gray Pubic Hair
Glass Eye White

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@tennesseejac That is something I think you should discuss with kevbo..

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homo green and agent orange

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@psyla. Whoa! That is one very nasty (in a totally cool and gnarly kind of way) set of crayons! Well done! :o)

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@psyla – I love “Nailfungus yellow”.

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Cult Fruitpunch Pink
Constipation Coral
Garbageman’s Handshake Grey

Kids would probably love to have crayons with names like this. But there is a line between funny-gross and not funny-lethal.

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black death and red tide

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Clitoris Pink
Shitty-day Grey

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@psyla: lurve for Cult Fruitpunch Pink. :^>

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Barry White.
Plump Pussy Pink.
Gang Green.
Shit Stain Sepia.
Grey Goose.
Garden State Green.

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gonerria green

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White Anglo Saxon Protestant
Blue Balls
Amber Alert
Heavy Flow Crimson
Chicken Shit Yellow
High Terror Alert Orange
Raw Dog Umber

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@madcapper – “Heavy Flow Crimson”! LMAO!

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chelseababyy, I love “Gang Green”! I guess it’s a blackish shade of green. Also, madcapper, I love that White Anglo Saxon Protestant. It must be a red-pinkish fleshtone white.

Mold Mauve
Ratskin White
Worm Dung Brown
Toilet Flush
Gumshoe Pink
Restroom Stall Red
Running Roach Gray
Squashed Roach Blue
Food Worm Beige

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-pubic crab brown
-discharge yellow
-vodka vomit orange (my friend once painted her bedroom a color which I named this… it was disgusting.)
-yellow snow
-aura purple (Almost Famous—“You’re aura is purple!”)

can you imagine children coloring with all of these colors?? “Mommmmm… Bobby wont share the Blue Balls crayon!”

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Napalm orange
Pecker-track white

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Scarlet Letter Red

@psyla, yep. a nasty dark green!

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Blue? Let’s not get philosophical here unless you want:
Depression Gray
Foul Mood Olive Drab
Murderous Candy Apple Red
Bored To Death Black
Anxious Trembling Pink
Lustful Violet
Panic Pink
Embarassed Orange
Crybaby Chatreuse
Hateful Gray
Overjoyed White

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Do we really need names for colors? Maybe for the kids that are learning their colors or how to read, but not too many of the suggestions here would be good for kids.

So in that case I will stick to my original answer:
Your Face

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marajuania green

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Pot green
Fucknugget orange
Effervescent shitstain

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