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What religion or absence of religion do you affiliate yourself with?

Asked by miasmom (3490points) January 24th, 2009
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I don’t want a debate about which religion or absence of religion is “the way”, I’m just curious because there are alot of Christianity questions and Agnostic and Atheist answers…are there Jews, Scientologists, Muslims, or others that fluther? Just curious.

I’m not necessarily interested in how you became Muslim, etc., I’m more interested in just knowing what you affiliate with…no need for why’s.

I see myself as non-denominational Christian.

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Was raised a Roman Catholic, spent teenage years as atheist/agnostic, now in my late 20s I’m a Biblical Christian.

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99% Atheist, 1% Agnostic.

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Christian, but not the crazy condemning one that shoves God down your throat, but the Christ-Following one that will live an exemplifying life in hopes you would do the same.

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I’m atheist. A lot of you know that.

*edit: I see some of you putting background info in here so just so you know, I was raised Christian and my mother still prays for me even though I ask her not to waste her time.

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I am now a secular Jew. For many years I attended Quaker Meeting for Worship at an upper school and felt really inspired.

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Raised a Christian (Disciple of Christ), I am currently an agnostic with atheist leanings.

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I was raised Methodist. I left the church when I was 12 and was agnostic for while. Now I’m a Zen Buddhist and have been self practicing for 4 years.

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Raised as a Roman Catholic. Still a Roman Catholic but no where near an extremist and do not preach.

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I’ve been a Methodist since I was born. Was baptised when I was 3 months old, confirmed, married…will be until I die.

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Agnostic atheist.
Raised catholic.

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Apparently my parents were Lutheran, but all we did in my family was say grace at dinner. I tried church on several occasions with friends and other family members, and was extremely uncomfortable, even as a child. Taking an in-depth religious studies year-long course in college illuminated the similarities in all religions, and so these days if I am to “identify” as anything, the order of importance goes Agnostic, Athiest, Buddist, Christian.

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Technically, by definition, I am an agnostic atheist, but most people don’t really know what agnostic means so I stick with atheist so they don’t get the impression I’m sitting on a fence.

Agnostic is such a uninformative term, it doesn’t actually say one way or another whether you believe in a god, just that you think it is beyond absolute knowing.

As far as my actual philosophy, I agree with a lot of the assertions of existentialism and some of the tenents of both humanism and posthumanism. My of thinking no longer fits cleanly into one bag.

oh yes and I was raised Christian, broke my poor mothers heart.

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Catholic Christian.

But I doubt I would be invited to many of their family reunions.

I don’t really understand “non-denomonational” . I never really studied the bible. I just try to live by the golden rule. Do on to others as you would have them do on to you.

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Raised Pentecostal. Converted to Catholicism, but lapsed. I can’t get with the Big Jealous Sky Dad and never could, though I tried.

The closest set of metaphysical beliefs to my own may be the Tao.

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Raised an agnostic atheist.
I a currently a follower of the Invisible Pink Unicorn

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I’m agnostic, with atheist leanings.

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Christian, affirmed on a daily basis.

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Recovering Catholic.

I like the principles of Buddhism and Taoism, but I also believe religion is a construct that more often than not prevents us from realizing our common creation or creator.

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Agnostic, lapsed Catholic

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Formerly Catholic, currently agnostic (bordering on atheist).
There seem to be many of us here.

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lol, i guess i should point out that i used to be Catholic too.

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I was raised a Christian, but once I started thinking for myself, I gave that up. I went through a pagan phase. But, if I was to be a member of any religion it would be some kind of Buddhism. In reality I believe in two things: balance and Karma. The universe is constantly seeking balance and our actions effect that balance. But that’s not really a religion, is it?

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@tinyfaery – sounds more like a collection of beliefs, i think
religion would be more formally codified. I probably would have answered a collection of beliefs a year ago.

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the only term i think i can relate to is agnosticism, but i don’t really put a label on what i do/don’t believe unless someone wants to know (because it’s easier to say ‘agnostic’ than explain my exact beliefs)

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I was raised in the Southern Baptist church. Im satanistic but not a Satanist. By that I mean I share some of the Satanic ideas but have plenty of issues with Satanism that stops me from identifying as one.

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Raised Christian

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Born-again fundamental Christian.

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I am a Wiccan with some wider interpretations of what the faith means than stricter Wiccans. I wasn’t really raised anything. My mom has her own personal faith that she never imposed on me. She was always happy to just let me find my footing. :)

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I’m Jewish, and I identify with the culture more than the religious aspects.

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I’ve been protestant all my life: Lutheran, then Baptist, then Methodist. I am now an ordained United Methodist minister.

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For lack of a better word, atheist.

I’ve never been religious. No one was religious in my family, but I had plenty of exposure growing up in the U.S.

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Bible believing Christian

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<Ordained minister, Church of the Open Mind.

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@Knotmyday I lurves you.

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back atcha, L!

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God fearing, Bible believing Christian. Love Christ forever and always.


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