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What is something that you've wanted to learn, but are hesitant or afraid to do so?

Asked by dynamicduo (14372points) January 26th, 2009
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I’m very interested in seeing the results of this question.

I am someone who loves learning, but even I am a bit scared to learn how to ski sounds weird coming from a Canadian eh! because I know many good skiers who have had skiing accidents, and I am afraid that I may have an accident as well. I do understand that my reasoning is a bit twisted here, but that’s often the case when we are afraid to do something.

Is there something you have always wanted to do, or learn, or try, but you hesitate pursuing it? Why is that so?

On the other side of it, is there something you were afraid of doing, but that you overcame? How did you do it, and how did it make you feel?

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-Running a marathon (I have long legs, too!)

Just get a friend and a helmet and don’t go on the trails that have two black diamonds on them. :-)

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I’ve always wanted to try Skydiving and I’ve been told that it is actually a very safe sport and very popular too. I have friends who have done it and they say it is about the most exciting thing they have every experienced but it isn’t cheap either.

I’m still hesitant at this point because I think I’m going to be a little frightenend if and when it comes time to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and due to my budget contraints, it’s not an opportune time for me to pursue this adventure yet.

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Ride a Harley.
I can drive stick so I understand the concept of shifting. In fact, I rode dirtbikes as a kid so I’ve used a clutch. I’m just scared to dump a heavy bike and not be able to pick it up.

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Skiing is awesome! I think that it is better than snowboarding, and safer. Plus, when you are on hills, you always see snowboarders who wipe-out, but never skiiers :).
I am afraid to learn piano or even draw because I don’t want people teasing me. In my school, it is all about sports. And I hate it. I play sports, but not as good/much as them. I like music and other stuff.


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elijah, They have a motorcyle safety class here in Tennessee that would make you feel better. You actually get to watch a 125 pound woman lift an 800 pound bike. If you know how to leverage it properly, you can get it back up. Take a local safety course. It will also help give you a break on your insurance for the bike.

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There are a few things I hesitate to try right now because of money (glass blowing, welding, sailing), but I know I’ll get to them some day.

I once did a painful belly flop from a high dive that prevented me from diving off a high dive for years. So, one summer at our neighborhood pool I got in line several times and got back out of line. I finally got up the ladder and then this kid that asked if I was scared decided he wasn’t going to let me get back down the ladder. He told the lifeguard who gave me a couple of pointers about how to sort of fall into the dive. All these kids waited for me patiently, and when I took my dive they cheered me on. It was completely worth doing.

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@cyndyh – how cool of the kids to back you up that way!

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Base jumping in a wing suit. It looks amazing, but I would probably get killed.

@cyndyh: you can start on glass blowing pretty cheap if you begin with soft glass. All you need is a pencil flame propane torch and one of those little tanks. This will allow you to start on beads and small pieces of art.

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@b Glass flameworking is different than glass blowing.
Definitely more economical though.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
My SO is pretty hesitant about me learning though.
The deal is that I can learn if I can make it 5 years straight
without getting into an accident—regardless of whose fault it is.

Seems a bit unfair. Though I suppose that I understand their logic.
You may not hit someone, but someone may hit you.
It won’t really matter who is at fault. Just who is in the safer vehicle.

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@cyndyh I second the glass blowing

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@b wing suits are the most amazing things ever! Did you see the video on Vimeo, in Sweden, with the guy touching the wall and buzzing the road? Awesome!!!

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@Bri_L: It was really cool of the kids to back me up. They were so great that day, and I didn’t even know most of them. I think about that when someone says that kids are cruel. No, they’re not. :^>

@b: I hear you, but I want to do the big glass blowing. I’ve spent hours upon hours watching it here. I love that place. And there are several shops in Seattle where you can take classes. It would just be a costly plunge the first time. I could enjoy the small stuff, too, but it’s not the same aaaaah factor.

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@AlfredaPrufrock I linked the video I think you are talking about. I have watched it several times and get still a rush.

@Nimis: what ever then, glass working.

@cyndyh Back in my college days I lived with a glassblower and would spend hours in his shop making colors, beads, and other misc ornaments for his “tobacco” pipes. I found molten glass to be an amazing and addictive form to work with. Starting with the small stuff can be just what you need to make the plunge for the bigger items. Also, a little experience before hand can really help get the most from a class.

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I’ve always wanted to learn to ride a Vespa. The one my husband has is too big for me; a metropolitan would probably fit me better.

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@b: Now we always hear those “tobacco pipes” referred to as “glass ornaments”. They just happened to be shaped like pipes, and golly I guess someone could smoke with it if they wanted to, but that’s not their stated purpose. :^>

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Oh! How could I have forgotten? I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly. My dad was a pilot and both of my sisters have their license. It’s in the blood!
I almost applied to the aviation program at Urbana-Campaign too.

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@Nimis For my 30th (many moons ago) I received a great birthday gift of flying instruction. It was the experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend it.

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Swing dancing. I’m afraid my whiteness will show.

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