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Who would you trust with magic/superpowers?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23988points) January 31st, 2009
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If one person you know was allowed to have magic/superpowers, excluding yourself, who would you trust with it?

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What do you mean by Magic? The “pulling rabbits out of a hat” variety, the Wiccan spellcasting variety, the game that those teenagers play with the cards, or some other thing?

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I wouldn’t trust anyone with it, haha.

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@laureth Think on a grander scale – fairytale type stuff. Immense physical strength, the ability to manipulate objects, warp to different locations, etc.

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Ah, okay. I think of those as “superpowers,” but it never occurred to think of them as magic. Good question.

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Because we are all human, I can’t think of anyone I know personally that I would trust with super powers or magical powers. My friend Laurie probably comes the closest to being trustworthy under those circumstances. She has an incredibly strong faith and walks the walk rather than just talking the talk. If we could include people we don’t know I would probably trust the Dali Lama.

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Anne B. Davis.

alice would never do us any harm

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One of my best friends, Zack. He would make the world a silly place just for us.
Plus, he’d totally let me abuse his powers for funsies.

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barack obama…he might need them these days, and I think he’d use them wisely

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Damn it, I almost said Obama until I reread the question and saw it said someone you know. Great minds though. ;)

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Dr. Strange

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Well, not Chuck, that’s for sure.

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@mangeons – Chuck doesn’t need superpowers. He’d kick your ass even if you had superpowers. (We’re talking Chuck Norris, right? :P)

And no way I’d trust Obama with it. He hasn’t really proven to be trustworthy. Yet, at least.

I’m not sure, perhaps my mother, though then again, I’m not sure. I don’t even know whether I’d trust myself to have them.

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Shut up. :P

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I’d trust JohnPowell.

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If she were still alive, I would have completely trusted the superpowers to my grandmother. She was wise beyond her years and she would have used them unselfishly, responsibly, and for altruistic reasons only.

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Surely this would have such a profound effect on a person that their sound judgement and perception could be at risk. In other words, it might go to their head. No one should be trusted with such powers!

Liking the Dali Lama answer though.

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I actually got to thinking about this and decided I would give them to my worst enemy.

jesus was given magic/superpowers and look what they did to him

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@SuperMouse: He would just go after China. Let’s be real.

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How about Will Smith?

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@fireside. We can’t trust him. He was a drunk wasn’t he? (Hancock)

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I’d trust my friend E.R.S. with them. She’s very much a considerate Libra type, so she wouldn’t use them unless it was totally necessary.

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I would trust my 2 year old son.

I think the innocence of childhood and awe that they experience would be the perfect receptacle for superpowers. I’m thinking that rather than abuse the super powers like many adults would they would learn to harness their magic for entertainment value, fascination and positive purposes.

I would also simply like to see what more havoc and chaos he could conjour up in my living room, house, garden, neighbourhood, local park, country, world….It would be something that i couldn’t control and would also give me another fascinating insight and lesson into how to trust our children with their own real power of action and free will.

I’m thinking painting the garden rainbow colours and making me disappear and wake up in China somewhere! Ah!

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The person I would entrust them to is a person who would refuse to have them. Someone like the Dalai Lama, for instance.

He must seem to several of us like the embodiment of virtue, kindness, wisdom, and forbearance. He does to me.

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I know many women with incredibly strong ethics. They always do the right thing, even when no one can see it. I’d entrust the powers to any of them.

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i’d defo trust my Fiancee, she would put the world right as she’s so the most un-selfish person i know.

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I wouldn’t trust anyone with it. Power corrupts people who were pretty okay before they got it.

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