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25 random things about you...

Asked by Jude (32185points) January 31st, 2009
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Was watching Oprah recently (a rarity….I’m not thrilled with the idea of admitting this, btw :)) and, someone had mentioned “25 random things about you”. I’ll have to think on mine. What would be yours?

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This feels like one of those annoying chain e-mails…

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@flyawayxxballoon Agreed, but I’m doing it anyway. Be back in a few with my answers.

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I hope this question is a one time thing.

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Jesus Christ, I finally broke down and did mine on facebook. Don’t make me do it again here.

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Kevbo has a Facebook?

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Hmm. Let’s see how many random, weird facts I can think of about myself.

1. In between my ring and middle finger on my left hand, my skin is slightly webbed. Nothing anyone would notice unless I felt like pointing it out, but there ya go. But if I ever get married my ring will sit slightly crooked.

2. I have what I call a photographic memory, even though that may not be it. Once I see a face, I never forget it – literally. Years can go by and I’ll still remember the first time I saw it, where I was, what everyone was wearing, what changes in appearance have taken place, etc. I can do this with photographs, too. What side someone’s hair is parted, things in the background, what someone is wearing in the photo, etc.

3. I’ve pretty much had the same hairstyle my entire life, with only small differences, like when I choose to dye it a different color. I really want something new.

4. Stranger’s dead relatives have asked me to deliver messages. I did not know these people, let alone the fact that they had dead relatives. Every time I was asked to deliver a message, it turned out that those strangers did in fact have a dead cousin and dead older sister. I’m really not crazy, promise. It is what it is…

5. I suck at math in general – never remember anything – but for some reason I have higher than normal spatial recognition abilities.

6. I almost died the day I was born. The umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck several times. Blue and not breathing.

7. I’ve suffered from migraines since I was five-years-old.

8. I’ve only met one famous person, but it’s embarrassing, so I don’t want to say who. :P

9. All family pets were rescued by me, excluding one.

10. I do not and will not, ever, kill spiders or bugs intentionally.

11. Most of the time I spend in swimming pools during the summer is spent on rescuing bees and other critters that are drowning.

12. My eyes were brown for most of my life. I started wishing for green eyes and then they started turning green. Probably a coincidence.

13. I’ve only done karaoke once in my life and it’ll probably be the last, too.

14. I once accidentally knocked a fountain drink off a table, from the top floor of a food court in the mall, straight into the ice-skating rink. I was mortified.

15. I saw a bank robbery taking place, while outside of the bank.

16. I had a stalker.

17. I managed to find, due to the internet, my grandpa’s long-lost brothers and sisters and all of the extended family, but it wasn’t until after my grandpa died. One of his sister’s said she could finally die happy, because my grandpa was the only one they had never found. (My grandpa had been “adopted” by a pedophile.)

18. I’m pretty talkative on the internet, but very quiet in person, for the most part.

19. I like to have burping contests with my best friend. Longstanding tradition.

20. I am 5’8’’ and one centimeter, to be exact.

21. I absolutely love fruit.

22. I was given the date rape drug, by someone I knew, on my 17th birthday.

23. Fog is my absolute favorite kind of weather.

24. I’ve done three drugs. That number won’t turn into four.

25. For as much as I hate most people, I sure do love life a whole fucking bunch! :D

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1. I don’t like dark meat.
2. My dream vacation is a trip to Egypt.
3. Don’t ever lie to me.
4. I hate doing my hair.
5. I hate cleaning.
6. I need to start grad school.
7. I would rather not write lesson plans.
8. I always have a headache so I get annoyed when people ask how I’m feeling (stupid, right?).
9. I still get jealous.
10. I wonder what my co-workers say about me when I’m not around because those bitches get nasty.
11. I’m addicted to Craigslist.
12. I’m addicted to Post Secret.
13. I do have favorite students.
14. I am not afraid of death…even a little bit.
15. I hope my kids don’t get fat.
16. I hate mowing the backyard.
17. I love the smell of really cold weather.
18. If there’s a side effect of a medication, I will experience it.
19. I get annoyed when people don’t say thank you.
20. I love it when my hubby takes care of me.
21. I believe certain drugs should be decriminalized and taxed as a means of generating revenue.
22. I like going to church.
23. People have good or bad energy and it pours out of them. If you’re in tune with it, you can feel it from others.I can.
24. I would still really like to run a marathon.
25. I hope my kids do what makes them happy, even if it means not going to college.

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25 is too many. Only 11 things about me are random.

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1. I’m a Californian.
2. I think onions are the nastiest food in the world.
3. I’m ticklish in only one place.
4. People think I look like my mom. I don’t see it.
5. I like the color pink.
6. One of my dogs is named after beef and beer. His name is Angus Stout.
7. <- My favorite number.
8. I love burritos.
9. I text constantly.
10. I had a crush on Peter Pan when I was a kid.
11. One Halloween I dressed up as Eddie Munster. Only the adults knew who I was.
12. I’m kind of a klutz.
13. I’m an only child.
14. I wasn’t very creative when choosing my Fluther user name.
15. I have a birthmark on my boob.
16. Spiders freak me out.
17. My stomach hurts now.
18. I still have the stuffed monkey my uncle gave me when I was born. Her name is Monkey.
19. I have a tattoo of the Earth in the shape of a heart.
20. I’ve almost burned my house down. My homework was charred as a result. I still turned it in…. burnt.
21. I have a scar on my nose from when I was bitten by a pit bull.
22. I voted for Obama.
23. I had a chance to get to know my great-grandparents really well. I know I’m lucky.
24. I fractured my wrist playing rugby and it’s never been the same.
25. I have a cat who thinks she’s a dog.

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Actually, this is sorta cool. Getting to know my fellow Flutherites better.

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I think it’s pretty damn cool, too.

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Okay, this is the only time you’re going to get it so here it is:

1. I have no patience, at all, for bad drivers.
2. My favorite color is blue.
3. I’m missing the middle lobe of my right lung. I had it removed when I was 6 weeks old.
4. I have two tattoos
5. Latex underwear really chaps my ass.
6. I believe in U.F.O.‘s
7. I don’t always see a reflection when I look in the mirror.
8. Pictionary is one of my favorite games.
9. I have 5 cats – 3 black, one white, one Siamese
10. I believe in the saying “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”
11. The sixth finger on my right hand actually has a purpose.
12. I wear a size 12 shoe.
13. Music relaxes me under all kinds of conditions.
14. I leave the toilet seat up after using the bathroom.
15. I’m addicted to Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds.
16. I would prefer overcast weather over sunshine every day of the year.
17. My car is green and so is my tongue.
18. One of my all time favorite movies is “To Kill A Mockingbird”.
19. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
20. My astrological sign is Aquarius.
21. I never believed anything I ever found out from a Ouija Board.
22. My first wife was a sociopath.
23. Indian food and steak are what I like to eat most.
24. Fluther is my favorite website on the entire Internet.
25. I love the television show X-Files and ‘I want to believe.’

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1.I like to read books
2.I Love Siamese Cats
3.I have Tattoos
4.I am a Democrat
5.Orange is my favorite color
6.I drive a red VW Beetle
7.I own a pet sitting business
8.I love to sleep at least 9 hours a night but 10 is even better!
9.I wish John Lennon were still alive
10.I hate cold weather
11.Ice Tea is my favorite beverage
12.I like to watch the news a lot
13.I often wonder why I do not move to a warmer climate
14.I like adventures
15.I love old cartoons from the 70’s
16.I love Buckethead
17.I love Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
18.Sometimes I feel lonely
19.I met Barack Obama at a rally and he autographed my book my picture was on the front page of the local paper
20.I wish I lived in a beach town (it doesn’t have to be one that is warm all year long.)
21.I went back stage at a lolapalooza and met Chris Cornell, & Eddie Vedder
22.I rarely ever wear make up.
23.I wonder if people who used to know me ever wonder whet happened to me or think about me from time to time.
24.I can’t believe I used to have a a crush on Keanu Reeves.
25.I wish I could get in a time machine go back in time so I could go to Woodstock.

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Man! I hope all of you are okay with me sending you private messages! I want to know more about some of your answers.

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1. I currently have 257 empty beer cans under my desk.

2. In the morning I will need to return more than 257 empty beer cans to the store.

3. My room is starting to smell like empty beer cans.

4. Onions can eat a dick.

5. I can do a front flip while standing in place.

6. I am writing a Firefox extension for Fluther.

7. I suck at Javascript.

8. When I was a young lad I wrote a program to catalog my baseball cards in Microsoft Basic.

9. I will fuck you up at Mario Cart 64.

10. I now have 258 empty beer cans under my desk.

11. My cat drools when she purrs. I don’t mind it.

12. I love burritos more than Allie does.

13. I grew up on a farm.

14. I had a pet cow that I named Taxi. I loved that show. So I named my pet cow after it.

15. When I was 20 I learned that Taxi didn’t die of natural causes. My parents had him slaughtered and I ate him.

16. My mom is a bitch.

17. I didn’t graduate high school until I was 21.

18. I couldn’t talk until I was four.

19. I had a bad acid trip. I stared at the alarm clock for hours. I told myself that if things weren’t back to normal by 8am I was going to kill myself.

20. I was anti drug until I was 17. The only reson I smoked pot for the first time was because that was what a girl I liked spent most of her time doing. It made it easier to find an excuse to hang out with her.

21. We were driving through southern Mexico and our car broke down. We walked to a farm and they offered us water. It was in a 50 gallon drum and we had to skim dead bugs of the top of it. But it was the only water we could find.

22. I was really into break dancing back in the day. (I was pretty good)

23. In the seventh grade I was really good at running long distances very fast. The PE teacher wanted me to be on the cross country team. But I refused.

24. Seriously, next time make it ten things. This is killing me.

25. I used to cry pretty much everyday in elementary school (grades 3 to 4). The teachers said it was a “perfectionist complex” or some such nonsense. So my mom started paying me if I could make it through the day without crying.

edit :: readability

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@DrasticDreamer lurve for the swimming pool, karaoke and fog!

1. I’m watching SNL right now.
2. My eyes are green.
3. I drink about 6 cups of coffee a day.
4. I love snow.
5. My sister was engaged to Brad the bus driver from the movie The Bachelor Party.
6. I used to hate country music, but it’s kinda growing on me.
7. That’s the number of the Best quarterback ever! John Elway.
8. Speaking of football, I should be sleeping now to prepare for the big game tomorrow.
9. I can’t believe I’m only on #9!!!
10. I’m 5’3”.
11. I like Ludacris.
12. My sons are smarter than me.
13. I do enjoy a beer or too. None of that lite stuff though, give me a regular budweiser.
14. I love to hike in the woods near our home.
15. I wait in anticipation every night to hear the coyote in the woods.
16. I love ice cream.
17. I grew up in Las Vegas and whenever I met someone from out of state, they asked if my dad worked at a casino.
18. I have 2 blue heelers. Just soooo adorable.
19. I used to write music when I was in middle school.
20. I love to watch Lost.
21. I like to snowboard, even though I’ve only done it on a hill near our house.
22. My favorite movie is Fargo.
23. Favorite comedy is Office Space.
24. I drove from California to New York within a 3 week period. Amazing experience!
25. I’m blonde.

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@jonsblond #22! yeah!!!! lurve!

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1) I’m left handed
2) I have 8 grandchildren
3) I can breath underwater
4) I prefer to wear shoes a full size smaller at work
5) I prefer Star Trek to Star Wars
6) I can do the alphabet backwards
7) I shook Bobby Kennedy’s hand the day before he was assasinated
8) I once ate an entire smoked habañero in a couple bites (big mistake!)
9) I like the smell of Vick’s Vap-O-Rub as well as Ben-Gay
10) I have a deathly fear of cobras
11) I was once married to a real bitch
12) I still live in the same city I was born in
13) I don’t own any boxers, only briefs
14) I’m very clever
15) I’m very modest
16) I’m only 5’ 6” tall (actually, about 5’ 6.25”)
17) My tenth grade US History teacher was arrested for prostitution (she was hot!)
18) I love to shop
19) I cry at movies, many of them chick flicks
20) I have the Village People on my iPod
21) I’m a cat person
22) I’m not gay
23) I’m a vegetarian that hates iceberg lettuce
24) I won’t ever cross a picket line
25) I’m mosquito proof (they won’t touch me

One of those things is false.

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Strange, but I feel like I could answer 25 more. My pillows are lonely though and this will be a great read in the morning. Have fun everyone! :)

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@AstroChuck lurve for being left handed!
/proud lefty

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hrm. these lists all look like steve job created them (they all start with “i”)

1) i tend to repeat myself.
2) i tend to repeat myself.
3) i enjoy cooking.
4) i love going to concerts.
5) i don’t like to dance.
6) i speak Russian fluently, and can touch type in Russian at the same speed i type in English. self taught.
7) i tend to repeat myself.
8) I’ve never lived in one place longer than 5 years. many places only 1 year.
9) i get bored very easily.
10) my sense of humor is very niche. whatever that means.
11) i would go to the pub every day were that i could. smithwicks a hoy hoy.
12) whatever city i happen to be in, whether i speak the language or not, i will at least once be asked for directions from tourists. (Paris, Kiev, Warsaw, London, Toronto, NYC, Chicago,etc)
13) i hate shaving.
14) i tend to repeat myself.
15) i’m at the same time disorganized and extremely organized.(from chaos order?)
16) i drink far far too much coffee. and not enough water.
17) i’m known for standing in line for HOURS to get into a show, just to be in the front row, regardless of weather (-18f before windchill for an hour, one time, for example)
18) single malt
19) i don’t like warm weather at all. anything above 70f is too hot for me.
20) simultaneously love and hate video games.
21) my handwriting is illegible to all who surround me.
22) i wander around office supply stores like some men wander around home depot.
23) i don’t like talking about myself. i’m boring. (this list is cathartic?)
24) i cook all the food i eat at home in one day, and reheat. because i hate washing dishes.
25) i used to work in a professional laundry, and could press 75 pairs of slacks per hour.

if you are still awake, well, congratulations! <gold star on your chart>

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@eponymoushipster Lurve for #1 and #19

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1. I went to a performing arts school for 3 years.
2. I have 5 cats.
3. I compulsively crack my neck.
4. I went on my first plane ride when I was 29 years old.
5. I have never been in a car accident.
6. I have seen DMB 17 times.
7. I do not want to have children.
8. I like Neil Diamond.
9. I have a penchant for existential philosophy.
10. I just bought a Mini Cooper.
11. I am a Buffyphile.
12. My parents kicked me out of the house when I was 17 years old.
13. I think rats and mice are cute.
14. I would love to live and work in Santa Monica.
15. I hate the smell of leather.
16. I never learned to type correctly.
17. The cat I saved from the streets last year barely let’s me touch her.
18. My favorite place is Disneyland.
19. In April, I will have been with my wife 8 years.
20. I abhor mayonnaise.
21. I eat more sugar than any 5 people should.
22. I have about 5 alcoholic drinks a year.
23. I am lactose intolerant.
24. I am more girly than I like to admit.
25. I tend to like animals more than people.

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1 I’m very young for a Flutherite.
2 I work at IT
3 I want to be an structural engineer when I grow up
4 I have a blog
5 I play piano
6 I enjoy tea… a lot
7 I use vimeo
8 I have a twitter
9 I’m very friendly
10 I’m a huge flirt
11 I love to act
12 It’s been assumed before that I’m gay, that’s not true. I like boobs too much.
13 I’m a know it all
14 no seriously I correct people all the time.
15 I like the band Explosions in the Sky
16 I plan on living in New York during my bachelor phase, then moving to the New York finger lakes and have my kids.
17 I love the name Lilly
18 Most of my friends are girls
19 I play violin
20 I can kinda sing (when I actually try)
21 I take all advanced classes (a year ahead of time)
22 I aced my midterms
23 I sound I like I’m bragging, but I’ve really just run out of things to say
24 I keep a journal of every single brilliant idea I have
25 I was born in Buffalo, NY and lived there for 6 years.

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Quick Facts

1) I have two dogs. Neither one is housebroken. My old dog died at age 18. In Judaism the number 18 signifies life. We have an 18-year-old living with us right now. She’s terrified of dogs.

2) I had two eye surgeries when I was a toddler. In first grade friends made fun of my eye patch. Now they laugh because I’m the only person without contacts.

3) My hair is curly. I hate it.

4) I had a lisp when I was younger. My brother had one worse than me. We both went to see a speech pathologist. Now he speaks for the ADL. I still speak with a lisp when I wear my retainer.

5) My brother’s first word was “no.” My parents don’t remember mine.

6) I lived in Israel when I was in third grade. My room was a closet. Literally.

7) I don’t like Triscuits. I want to make that clear. But Wheat Thins are delicious.

8) My best friend is obsessed with skiing. I went once. It didn’t go well.

9) Our two-car garage has everything in it. Except for cars.

10) My grandfather built his own house on Fountain Street. My mom’s old room is kept locked because it is lined with guns I will one day inherit.

11) My friends say I have no sense of style. I agree.

12) I like languages. I like the way they soar over your tongue, tripping on the occasional unknown word.

13) My brother got an electric guitar for his birthday. My parents took it away because he sounded so bad.

14) I had braces for three years. Every night when I had my headgear on my dad would ask “what radio stations are you getting tonight?”

15) My dad’s only cure for anything and everything is to “put ice on it.” He’s a doctor.

16) My name is Avital. The “A” sounds like the sound you’re supposed to make when the doctor tells you to open your mouth and say “ah” while he tries to keep your tongue from moving with a popsicle stick. Altogether it’s pronounced “Ah-vee-tahl.”

17) I live on a cul-de-sac in—————. It’s a gorgeous street lined with faint-colored houses and trees that blossom and join together to form a canopy of beauty in the springtime. In the winter the sunsets paint the skies above the empty branches, reflected in the snow piled along the sidewalks.

18) I lived in a house four blocks from where I do now for eight years. Then my mother, brother, and I moved to Israel and lived in a cramped 5-room apartment in the center of Jerusalem. When we moved back to—————- we moved into the house on the cul-de-sac, the one we live in now.

19) I come from a family of strong Democrats. My mother serves as an elected democratic official for the city of—————-. Her father served in the same position about 35 years ago.

20) I am 17 but almost everyone thinks I’m 19.

21) I was born Jewish and was raised in a religious household. I still keep kosher, but I don’t know why.

22) I had 6 grandparents but one died when I was 2.

23) My family is equivalent to a loony bin. I was not allowed to meet or talk to many members of my family because they were deemed insane and dangerous to my mental health. I am now fascinated by psychology and would give anything to have a chat with them.

24) Babies are my life. I life for them and devote every free second to their care and education. I will spend my life playing with babies and will find someone somewhere to pay me for it.

25) I have finally decided not to let my schooling get in the way of my education. So far it’s turned out quite well.

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1. I have no idea what I’m about to write.
2. My hair is white in front and has been since I was 22.
3. I was born in the Green Mountain State.
4. In addition to English, I’ve formally studied Latin, German, French, Japanese, and Sanskrit (the last three relatively briefly) and informally acquired some amount of Spanish, Italian, Greek, and a smattering of others.
5. At no time of day or night and in no position am I altogether free of pain.
6. My desk is always a mess. In fact, my whole room is crowded and cluttered, mostly with books and papers.
7. I’d rather have a hamburger than a steak.
8. The main reason I am an atheist is that I OD’d on religion in childhood. Rationality is probably a contributing factor, but less important than the first one.
9. I think computers are going to turn out to be the biggest Trojan Horse of all time.
10. I am a persistent but unsuccessful writer of fiction.
11. There is always at least one pen in my pocket. At this moment there are six, all of different colors of ink.
12. I look nothing like Cate Blanchett.
13. I read in bed every night.
14. If it turns out that I am wrong and there’s a God, I’m ready with a list of things he ought to have done differently. And I’m not apologizing first.
15. I pierced my own ears when I was 19.
16. The moment I discovered that language comes with rules, I fell in love with grammar and have never lost my enthusiasm for it.
17. I watched more TV on inauguration day than I normally see in three years.
18. Since September of 2008 I have been living without a cat for the first time in 40 years.
19. I have no idea how much money I’ve got. Not that it’s a lot, which it isn’t. I simply don’t know how much there is.
20. I hate parties. I’d rather have a quiet conversation with one person.
21. My father and his father were ordained ministers.
22. When I was a child playing Knights of the Round Table with the neighborhood kids, I was always King Arthur.
23. I believe questions are a vital force and hope I never run out of them.
24. I wish I had taken a more scholarly path and gone for the Ph.D. and an academic life.
25. The toilet paper roll goes over.

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1) I still feel guilty for not being there to comfort my pet kitty when she died when I was 12.

2) I believe that a very sudden and powerful blast of intuition very likely saved my life once.

3) My first words were “I like beer.” Can’t stand the stuff now.

4) A fellow classmate and I accidentally made an 18-year-old guy wet his pants when we scared another group of classmates during a seance. To this day, everyone in that room still thinks they were attacked by a ghost – we didn’t have the heart to disillusion them once we found out about the guy wetting himself. I even read a story on a website about hauntings in BC that sounds eerily like what happened that night….

5) I’m frequently very quiet, but once I get going, I tend to talk too much.

6) I still have no idea what I want to do with my life other than hopefully enjoy it.

7) I recently found out that one of my best friends from high school wrote a paper about one of the most influential events in her life – and it involved me.

8) I used to take my cat hiking, camping and canoeing with me. She was never fond of being in the canoe, but I never even had to train her to walk on her leash.

9) I have watched two loved ones die right before my eyes in the last few years.

10) I quit sucking my thumb at five so that I could get a doll house for Christmas. I started chewing my nails instead and continued to do so for over 15 years.

11) I wish I’d had the chance to know my grandfather better. He passed away when I was 8, but I think we’d have gotten along famously from what I remember of him and have been told about him.

12) Twice in my life, I’ve had to live in a tent briefly.

13) I’ve been a canvasser, census taker, heavy duty mechanic’s assistant, receptionist, invoicing clerk, retail clerk, library assistant, adult store clerk, scheduling analyst, engineering assistant, canteen worker, volunteer recruiter, ski technician, aromatherapy kiosk asst. manager, gas station floor manager, a team leader and a tech support rep.

14) A friend and I once spent an afternoon ripping an engine out of an old abandoned car and dragging it through brush for a few miles just so my buddy could take it to his garage and dismantle it for fun.

15) I love to go on spontaneous road trips.

16) I once flew a kite in a blizzard.

17) I went without pain killers for 15 hours after getting my appendix out. I’ve since found out the nurse was stealing meds (or so my aunt, who was a head nurse for over 20 years believes after hearing what happened).

18) When we were kids (5 or 6), my sister and I would sneak into the bathroom to read the comics in my dad’s Penthouse magazines. I didn’t get most of the jokes for about a decade, lol.

19) My eyes are brown, but if you look closely, they are slightly green around the outside. I thought I was imagining it until my sister-in-law commented on it once.

20) I once had a mildly embarrassing incident with a movie actor who’s name I keep forgetting.

21) In the fifth grade, I stole 3 bottles of glitter and my mom made me turn myself in to my teacher. I still feel embarrassed about it any time I see my teacher when I’m back home, even though he seems to have long forgotten about it.

22) My favourite costume in the dress up box at my best friend’s house was a shiny, peachy-orange empire style dress.

23) When lying in bed as a kid, I always thought the sound of my heart beating in my ears was actually the footsteps of a giant that was about to crest the top of the hill outside my window.

24) I used to have a recurring nightmare about trying to escape a bunch of T-Rex’s that were taking over my neighbor’s house. I escaped by climbing into an apple tree, and when I stuck my head out to see if they were gone, T-Rex’s poked their heads out of all the trees along the roadway.

25) I’m convinced that one of my friends is psychic. I don’t know how else to explain some of the things he manages.

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@Jeruba lurve for #14 and #20

@omfgTALIjustIMDu lurve for #7, #11, and # 24

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1. My fear of failure has stopped me from going to grad school.
2. I haven’t seen my biological father since I was five, even though I spent practically every summer of my life visiting his parents.
3. I’ve been well and truly drunk only twice in my life.
4. Each time I got drunk, it was on tequila.
5. I still like tequila.
6. If I were rich, I’d travel the world.
7. I’ve become such a homebody, I wonder if #6 is still true.
8. I used to be so shy, I went through my entire freshman year of college without speaking to anyone socially.
9. I’m still shy, I’m just lots better at hiding it.
10.Even doubling up on topics, 25 seems like an impossibly high number.
11. I found my calling in life working with endangered species.
12. I lost that calling and I’ve been lost ever since.
13. I occasionally suffer from insomnia and this is one of those nights.
14. As a child, I hated my mother.
15. I’m pretty much over that hate thing now.
16. My partner is a nicer and better person than I.
17. I almost died of an ectopic rupture once.
18. I would secretly like to be a sword wielding, bad-ass female warrior.
19. #18 seems incredibly silly, but heh, what the hell.
20. I spend too much time reading, but I don’t regret it.
21. OMG, I’m only on 21?!
22. I drive fast and I love it.
23. My interior/mental age is lagging far behind my biological age.
24. I find insects fascinating.
25. Poison ivy is my nemesis (the plant, not the bad Batman character).

syz (35788points)“Great Answer” (14points)
Dog's avatar

1. I wish it was 10 random things
2. My eyes are gray-green
3. Like George Bailey I always wanted to leave town- but never made it.
4. Sometimes I wonder what the heck I was thinking having kids. I had no idea what I was getting into and am usually in over my head.
5. We have three dogs, a hermit crab and 2 mice- all rescues.
6. “You would not like me when I am angry” David Banner
7. I love animals
8. I went to college to become a Veterinarian but could not get past O-Chem.
9. Much of the time I am sarcastically witty. With emphasis on sarcastic.
10. I hate crowds.
11. I would rather put needles in my eyes than attend a PTA meeting.
12. For a while I lived next door to a Veterinarian who would call me to assist
after hours.
13 During #12 I gave a deer CPR, helped castrate a pig and watched an exploratory on a ferret amongst other things.
14. I have a 95 SVT Cobra- the kids are not allowed to touch or ride in it.
It lives covered in the garage and I take it out to escape.
15. Regarding #14 I drive very fast
16. I love muscle cars.
17. I love my kids.
18. I wish #17 came with a valid user manual.
19. Someday I will end up in a little artsy coastal town with an ocean view from my studio.
20. I am married to my soul mate.
21. Right now I should be sleeping
22. I drink too much.
23. As a teen I skulked about town in a black leather jacket.
24. Painting gets me high.
25. Tomorrow I will get shamelessly drunk at a Superbowl Party

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (19points)
syz's avatar

@Dog With ya on 7,8,9,10, 15, 21.

syz (35788points)“Great Answer” (0points)
Aethelwine's avatar

@syz with ya on #9 and 18.

@Dog same with #10,20,21 and 22.

Dog's avatar

@Syz- I am with you on 6, 13, 16 and of course 22.

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (0points)
cookieman's avatar

OK, here we go…

1) I look exactly like my violent, bipolar, schotzophrenic grandfather who was bludgeoned to death when I was a kid.

2) My other grandfather was a bookie and his flower shop was a front.

3) I am an only child and love it.

4) I once owned a Basset Hound.

5) My wife is directly or indirectly responsible for every good thing in my life.

6) My daughter is from China.

7) I am the only grandchild on both sides of my family to have graduated college.

8) I am a type 2 diabetic.

9) I cry at movies, songs, Hallmark commercials.

10) I have been reading Marvel Comics since I was twelve.

11) My wife and I have been lucky enough to travel to nine countries.

12) I go for acupuncture once a week.

13) I love the way babies heads smell.

14) I once threatened to kill my nephew in his sleep if he ever treated my wife poorly again.

15) This is my ninth year teaching college.

16) I’ve been with my wife exclusively since I was sixteen.

17) Despite having a wonderful wife and daughter, I often feel very lonely.

18) I trust very few people and often feel like there’s an agenda afoot.

19) I hate that I feel that way. ^

20) I miss my father terribly.

21) I have everything from Dinah Washington to Maroon 5 in my music collection.

22) I love my house but hate my town and would love to move.

23) I feel certain I will die alone.

24) I am very proud of being a Graphic Designer and take it very seriously.

25) We chose to adopt despite being able to have children. And I would adopt ten more kids if time and money permitted.

cookieman's avatar

@Dog: I am so with you on the PTA meetings.

I want to stab those people.

cookieman's avatar

@amanderveen: I lurve your list. Very thoughtful.

peyton_farquhar's avatar

1. I am an evictee
2. I am left handed
3. When I was about 5 I was trampled at the Saint Louis State Fair
4. I like to run
5. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one in the world who actually exists and everyone else lives in my head
6. I sometimes wonder if I don’t actually exist and live only in other people’s heads
7. I watch South Park when I get lonely
8. When I’m on my period I get extremely envious of pregnant women
9. There are too many things that I wish I was able to do that I know I will never have the time or patience to learn
10. I used to have a fat-assed crush on Jerry Orbach
11. I’m very prejudiced, but I’m not all that ashamed of it
12. I’m listening to Bosnia by the Cranberries right now
13. I still have rowing calluses even though I haven’t touched an oar in over a year
14. I wish I could fly
15. I was conceived after the San Francisco earthquake
16. I hate lists

augustlan's avatar

1) I’m a natural redhead, who is now mostly grey underneath the bottled color.
2) I’m just tall enough to feel like an oaf, but not tall enough to really be tall. 5’7” and a half
3) At 15, I lost my virginity.
4) At 15, I was hit by a car while crossing a major road.
5) At 15, I went into Thyroid Storm and almost died.
6) At 15, I had a biopsy of a lymph node in my neck.
7) ^^ It was a very busy year!
8) I have huge feet, size 10.
9) I was a smart kid.
10) My kids are smarter than I was.
11) I didn’t meet my biological father until I was 18 or 19.
12) My favorite thing to do is sleep.
13) I met my great-great grandmother.
14) I was the first female in my family to wait until adulthood to have children.
15) I got married at 19. Had my first child at 27.
16) My light brown eyes are almost yellow. They turn green when I cry.
17) Like Jeruba, I am in pain every day, all day.
18) ^^ That sucks.
19) I cuss like a sailor. Fucking hell.
20) I never finish anything.
21) I love words.
23) I am a high school drop-out.
24) I wish I had gone to college.

saranwrapper's avatar

1. When I tell stories about things that have happened to me, I subconsciously rewrite the dialogue to make it funnier.
2. I had an I Love Lucy themed Bat Mitzvah.
3. I hate pickles and mustard.
4. I have perfect vision in one eye and I’m legally blind in the other.
5. I played Rizzo in the 2001 Jewish Community Center production of Grease.
6. I still bite my nails. Yes, I know it’s gross. No, I can’t stop.
7. My big brother lives in Korea and I haven’t seen him in almost 2 years. I miss him a lot.
8. Because my name is so common, Sara, I try to get people to put my number in their phone under Sara#1Loveofmylife. It usually works.
9. I write a blog that I’m pretty proud of
10. My cars name is Harvey Goldstein.
11. I love live music, but crowds make me really nervous and uncomfortable.
12. I sometimes think about getting a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln as a tramp stamp because I figure that’s funny for the rest of my life.
13. I’m a huge nerd. Star wars, comic books, video games, sci-fi movies and television. If the 14 year old kid in the cape playing D&D in his basement likes it, I’m most likely into it.
14. I’m very self conscious about my boobs.
15. My hair is the longest it’s ever been right now.
16. I own a bong shaped like a giant penis, that I bought because it made me laugh, it’s called The Sara.
17. I’m kind of a tease, in that my sense of humor is extremely raunchy and overtly sexual, but I myself am a bit of a prude.
18. I have an obscene amount of pop culture knowledge, making me the person my friends call whenever they can’t remember something or someone.
19. I find it impossible to empathize with people who dwell on things that can’t be changed.
20. I love sports movies.
21. One of my high school english teachers called me his favorite underachiever.
22. I don’t really like shopping. I like clothes, but not the process of aquiring them.
23. My favorite word is ruse.
24. I love leaving voicemail.
25. I’m becoming my mother and I’m pretty okay with that.

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

1. I used to be married

2. I now occasionally sleep with my ex-sister-in-law who introduced me to her brother whom I then married and divorced.

3. She’s wonderful. He’s still a dickless wonder.

4. The simplest joy in my life is baseball.

5. Second to that would be the perfect Margarita.

6. I quit smoking over 4 years ago.

7. I cook on my Weber grill in all four seasons. Even if I have to shovel 9 inches of partly cloudy out of my way to do it.

8. I have eaten wild boar, kangaroo, kobe beef, elk, antelope and scores of other game.

9. I hunted none of it.

10. I was born at home.

11. Bo Jackson is one of my favorite all-time athletes

12. I was at Stevie Ray Vaughan’s last concert

13. I am left handed.

14. Warren Zevon went way too soon.

15. I am nearly 50. I still have a great ass and decent boobs.

16. I’ve never had cosmetic work done.

17. I used to know Michael Keaton.

18. I know people who have been in the Olympics. One of whom won a medal.

19. I am not afraid to buy sex toys in person, however I have made some on-line purchases.

20. I have lived in many places. Colorado being one of my all time favorites.

21. I rank bar-b-que this way: 1. Texas 2. Kansas City 3. Memphis 4. Carolina

22. I make a very good living. I could retire tomorrow if I wanted to and would probably be comfortable for the balance of my life.

23. That said, I refuse to pay almost $4 for a bottle of Heintz 57 Steak Sauce even though it is my favorite sauce for french fries (which I seldom eat anyway) and would probably last me a year.

24. I will pay almost $7 for a beer at a ball park and not stop at having just one.

25. I believe that passing gas is the crudest thing a person can do with another person sitting in the same car. Burping, on the other hand, is an art form.

janbb's avatar

1. I don’t like typing long answers.

rooeytoo's avatar

1. I met my Aussie partner in an on line chat room called Sneakers about 12 years ago, we have been together 10 years now.

2. I like dogs better than people.

3. We have a house at the beach that we rent for next to nothing so that the old man who lives there will take care of the cat and chicken we couldn’t bring with us.

4. I have a Yamaha motor scooter that I love and ride every day even in the wet when it is pouring.

5. My favorite cars were a Corvair convertible and a little white Honda CRX, it was so fast.

6. I have been in business for myself since 1973, not the same business.

7. I was going to college in DC when JFK was shot and passed by his casket in the capitol.

8. I almost went to Woodstock but changed my mind at the last minute.

9. I used to let my dog run in the fenced area around the old asphalt plant at the corner of about 91st and York Ave. in NYC.

10. We are moving soon and I can’t wait, I have to be close to the ocean or I feel lost.

11. I love playing tennis and want to live close to good competition.

12. I have many irrational fears that could take over my life if I let them. It is a constant battle.

13. I am not good in relationships with males, maybe because in my generation, males absolutely think they should be the primary decision maker.

14. I recently discovered that I have a talent for wood carving. I love to pick up a piece of tree and find the creature hidden in it.

15. Khaki is my favorite color. A man once told me I dress in camouflage and that was long before it became fashionable.

16. I am not sure if I believe that global warming is any more than a cyclical weather pattern.

17. As I read back over these I think I am a pretty damned boring individual.

18. I love to photograph birds.

19. My akita is getting so old, I wish he would die in his sleep so that I never have to decide it is his time.

20. I really wanted Federer to win the Australian Open.

21. I run a couple of times a week because I am afraid if I stop I will not be able to start again. I really don’t enjoy it though.

22. I would like to lose a couple of kilos but I don’t have the will power to do it.

23. One of these days I am going to write a book but I am not yet sure what it will be about.

24. I don’t understand why men have long hair, I would love to have a short haircut.

25. I am definitely going to do something to make my life more interesting!!!

Les's avatar

1. I’m in Germany right now.
2. My hair is red because I was Dolly in ‘Hello Dolly’ nearly 8 years ago, and I never changed it back to blonde.
3. I hate Steely Dan
4. My favorite animals (du jour) are pigs.
5. I can sort of speak Russian.
6. When I was little, I wanted to be an Egyptologist.
7. I can’t play any sport involving a ball.
8. I fence.
9. I can pretty much name any X-Files episode by name given only a brief description of the opening scene.
10. My favorite camera is my Nikkormat 35 mm SLR.
11. I went to Chicago Public School for 9 years, and then Catholic high school.
12. My brother is the smartest person I know.
13. My last meal on earth (if I could choose) would be a hearty bread roll with butter, dunked in black coffee.
14. I used to work at an Austrian bakery.
15. I have terrible skin that is only now looking the way a 25 year old woman’s skin should look.
16. I haven’t been on a date in over 4 years.
17. I am obsessed with the Beatles
18. I want to visit La Digue on the Seychelles.
19. My guilty pleasure television program is Hannah Montana.
20. Dr. Gregory House can cure me any day.
21. Favorite book is Jane Eyre or Animal Farm. Its a tie.
22. I’d never be able to stop shopping at Anthropologie.
23. I have had perfect vision all my life, until three years ago. Now I think my vision gets worse every day.
24. Go Cubs!
25. Antarctica was the most incredible place I’d ever been.

Les (9640points)“Great Answer” (10points)
cookieman's avatar

@saranwrapper Lurve for #2. “Ju got some splainin’ to do”

@Sueanne_Tremendous Lurve for #3 “dickless wonder” and #12 (LOVED Stevie – his concert on Austin City Limits was one of my favorites)

@Les Lurve for #25. That must have been amazing.

cookieman's avatar

@Jeruba Is it OK that I still picture you in my head as Cate Blanchett?

SuperMouse's avatar

1. I worked as a financial analyst for ten years.
2. I am divorcing my husband of nearly 22 years.
3. Number 2 was a long time coming and I am – if not happy – at peace with it.
4. In high school I was obsessed with James Dean.
5. I hate long road trips.
6. All six of my younger sisters’ children are older than my oldest child.
7. I was born in Illinois.
8. I didn’t take my first plane ride until I was 15.
9. I have five brothers and sisters.
10. My youngest son was born by c-section.
11. My first concert was George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers.
12. I once saw Bob Hope at LAX.
13. I have seen The Godfather hundreds of times.
14. The first book ever to make me cry was Ordinary People by Judith Guest
15. I hate it when people shout out the answers to Jeopardy questions.
16. I have a black belt in Hapkido
17. I have a nasty habit of finishing other people’s sentences.
18. When he first arrived on the scene I thought BlueFreedom was JackAdams reincarnated.
19. I am incredibly proud of my little sister Gimmedat.
20. I am terrified of death, but working through it.
21. I always knew how I would recognize my one true love.
22. I have a (not so) secret crush on Ben Stiller.
23. Watching Olympic gymnastics always makes me want to go outside and do cartwheels.
24. I watched the very first season of Survivor and hated Richard with a passion.
25. My Oscar acceptance speech has been prepared since I was 16 years old.

51. I stopped reading others’ responses before I typed mine because I didn’t want to be influenced by their answers, now I’m going to read them all.

Aethelwine's avatar

@peyton_farquhar lurve for South Park and the Cranberries.
@SuperMouse love Ben Stiller.

Jeruba's avatar

Lurve for everyone who did this.

@jmah, by my calculation you now owe us a list of 591 random things about yourself (23.64×25).

Jeruba's avatar

@cprevite, please do! And who shall I picture you as?

Jeruba's avatar

@supermouse, #21: how?

cookieman's avatar

@Jeruba I’d be happy with Tony Soprano (with more hair).

delirium's avatar

1.) I try very very hard not to take myself too seriously.
2.) I’m happiest when making something beautiful.
3.) I can do a flawless imitation of any cat, and get a response.
4.) I consider myself to be more intelligent than most people around me.
5.) With time, I can make absolutely anything.
6.) I constructed two perfect replicas of the YipYip aliens from sesame street.
7.) I do something elaborate every single year for halloween for the children.
8.) I’m uncannily good with kids, but am an only child and the youngest person in my entire family.
9.) I have never held a baby. I find them slightly unsettling.
10.) To most everyone, I play the part of the crone. I’m the secret keeper and problem solver.
11.) I can honestly say that I love humanity and the world.
12.) My life goal is to leave the world a better place for me having been in it.
13.) I make an effort to break people out of the dull cast of self centeredness with little acts of kindness, or art. If I can make them wonder or smile if only for an instant, my day is complete.
14.) I like tattoos because I find the notion of covering the parts of my body that I hate with beautiful things comforting.
15.) I don’t do small talk.
16.) I am so self conscious and anxious that walking in to a classroom late makes me feel like I’m going to hurl. It leads to great levels of analysis and introspection. When I’m making art, teaching someone, or saving someone’s world… all the fear and self-hate goes away.
17.) I have clinically diagnosed depression. I’m medicated.
18.) I absolutely HATE when people make jokes about cutting. I used to cut. Its incredibly addictive. It takes all of my willpower even today to not do it anymore. Its been years but I think about it constantly. Its something I am willing to teach people about, and something that I am very passionate to make others understand.
19.) I only have one friend who remembers that I exist when I’m not needed or around. One and a half who make an effort to spend time with me.
20.) I’ve seen the edge.
21.) I keep reptiles and adore them. I keep a VERY limited collection of three.
22.) I have constant nightmares that I have tons of creatures and I forgot some and they suffered because of my failure.
23.) I haven’t not been in pain for years now. I don’t remember what it feels like to not be.
24.) I was an olympic level team swimmer before the injury.
25.) I interned in forensic anthropology for almost six years and was fairly exceptional at it, until I reached a point where I couldn’t keep my faith in humanity and work in that field and had to choose.

tiffyandthewall's avatar

1. i drink coffee like i should drink water. i don’t know why.
2. yesterday i was told by a security guard that i (and my friends) were close to getting arrested i am almost positive that he was bluffing though
3. sometimes i get so overwhelmingly scared/anxious about absolutely everything at once to the extent that i feel like i’m going to throw up
4. i don’t go outside as much as i’d like to
5. as uncomfortable as i feel in a bathing suit, i am happiest laying out at the beach with my best friends
6. i am so sentimental
7. i say “dude” way way way too often, i’m trying to consciously say it less
8. i am such a wish whore. i make wishes on absolutely everything wishable – first stars, pink cars, railroad tracks, 11:11, and lately jinxes too
9. sometimes i miss the worst friend i’ve ever had
10. half the time i absolutely hate florida with a passion, but sometimes, on the nicer days, i go outside and am just so happy that i’m here
11. i want to see the world but i don’t think i’ll ever be able to go to even half of the places i want to go
12. hardly anyone sees the point in visiting the places i want to visit
13. as much as i try not to, i get so selfish with some bands that i like. i tend to get really protective over the bands i care the most about haha. i try not to though, it’s stupid.
14. i love so many mainstream bands, and i hate when people judge me by how popular my favourite band is, or by the other common fans of my favourite band.
15. i take pride in my idea that i sometimes see the world better through my eyes (that are in need of glasses) than even the most expensive camera.
16. i love vegetarian sushi. i had it for breakfast and dinner today. i can’t think of a better way to start or end the day (food-wise)
17. i think one of the things i’ll always remember about inauguration day this year was how beautiful and fresh the weather was
18. my friend’s sister broke my darling digital camera (and now my mother is quite annoyed with me hah) but i can hardly get mad at her.
19. my lips are so sun (or wind?) burned right now.
20. i have a really hard time being rude to people, even if they deserve it. sometimes that’s actually a bad thing haha.
21. i am usually much more offended if someone shit talks one of my friends than if they did the same to me
22. i watched half of catch me if you can the other night and fell asleep, and i can’t stop wondering what happens at the end
23. i feel like i’m always thirsty
24. one of my favourite things to do is explore hotels
25. both times i’ve stayed in a marriott hotel with a friend, we’ve (completely accidentally) broken (once it was quite temporary but still) an elevator.

jlm11f's avatar

1. I talk fast, I think fast, I walk fast.
2. I love my car, it represents the independence that I used to yearn for and now love.
3. I drive fast.
4. Nothing pisses me off more than slow drivers in the left lane. They are a direct cause of high blood pressure leading to cardiovascular problems.
5. I turned 20 on Xmas.
6. I am pre-med, starting medical school in August of this year.
7. I love Chipotle and eat there at least once a week. I am convinced they put some sort of addictive drug in their food. I don’t particularly care though.
8. I hate small talk.
9. I have Trypophobia
10. I moved here (USA) from India in 2003.
11. High school was a joke for me. I wouldn’t mind going back – our cafeteria had decent food (BOSCO STICKS!!!), the classes were easy, I had great friends that I continue to hang out with.
12. Overly-PC people are strange.
13. Also, when you ask someone their name, and you find it hard to pronounce, you should not feel the need to respond with “Oh wow, that’s a beautiful name.”
14. I am the “agony aunt.” Giving advice since 1990.
15. I don’t think I could go for psychiatry as my specialty though. I like the physical diseases aspect of medicine.
16. I am very critical of myself and constantly trying to improve myself. must stop slouching
17. I am competitive in sports/games, I just wish I was competitive in academics.
18. Since that would help with my procrastination problems.
19. I should be studying right now.
20. I have never drunk any alcohol or smoked any drugs.
21. I think everyone has ghosts in their past. The difference is how you deal with them. Some prefer to let go, while others keep whining and pitying themselves about it for years. I fall into the former category.
22. I am not religiously inclined but I am culturally Hindu.
23. I love my parents and grandparents. I know either of them would sacrifice everything for me if there was a need. I would do the same.
24. I believe that loyalty and friendship go hand in hand.
25. Quickies: Voted for Obama, Pro-choice, Pro-human rights, Own a Acer laptop and love it.

eponymoushipster's avatar

@tiffyandthewall lurve for the first part of #10…that’s why i’m getting outta this state.

omfgTALIjustIMDu's avatar

@PnL, Lurve for #13.

wundayatta's avatar

1. I am not very bright when it comes to myself.
2. I believe many things about myself that others say are not true.
3. I believe others lie a lot so as to not hurt my feelings.
4. It doesn’t work.
5. I have fallen so short of my potential that if an avalanche were to swallow me up, my potential wouldn’t even hear the rumble.
6. It amuses me to let folks on the internet only know my failures.
7. I get ocular migraines occasionally, but they are not followed by headaches.
8. This morning, while trying to void my bowels, I saw these little firework things around the corners of my vision.
9. My sex life pretty much sucks.
10. I have one friend that I talk to more than once a week.
11. My other friends communicate with me about once or twice a year.
12. I don’t know what a friend is, any more.
13. No one has ever bought a recording I’ve played on.
14. Less than ten people have listend to a recording of the music I make.
15. I have never finished a story.
16. I don’t know how many stories I’ve started.
17. I know better than to start stories.
18. Every political candidate I have actively worked for has lost, except one (thank me for not working for Obama).
19. No policy reform I have worked on has ever been implemented.
20. I carry the gene for cystic fibrosis.
21. Were it not for technology, I could not have had any children that were genetically related to me.
22. Sometimes I wonder if the technicians replaced my sperm with the sperm of someone with talent.
23. My children are twins, yet were born four years apart.
24. I am a confabulating downer.
25. I like to sit on my porch and shoot squirrels with a slingshot.

Jeruba's avatar

@daloon, double bonus points for #6, which turns your list (and indeed your whole fluther career, insofar as I am acquainted with it) into a Moebius strip. I’d like to buy you a drink for that. With a twist?

Allie's avatar

@PnL Lurve for 7!

Aethelwine's avatar

@daloon #7 I get those too, they suck!

@PnL I’m with you on #4. Do they not know it’s the passing lane?!?

syz's avatar

@delirium I LURVE the yip yip aliens!

syz (35788points)“Great Answer” (0points)
delirium's avatar

@syz Yay! Not enough people recognize them. They’re my aaaabsolute favorite characters Though Swedish chef is up there too.

Aethelwine's avatar

@delirium, @syz. Count me in as a yip yip fan too!

Aethelwine's avatar

@syz omg, I feel like I am five again. That’s so funny! I love it when they get scared. Thanks for the laugh. :)

kevbo's avatar


1. I was born in a M*A*S*H unit in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
2. Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite fiction author. Alexandr Solzhenitzen for nonfiction.
3. I’m a lover, not a fighter. In fact, I’ve never been in a fight, which I guess is kind of odd.
4. In my final semester at college, a professor gave me a passing grade on the condition that after graduation I would turn in a paper I still owed. I turned it in (and the books I had borrowed from him) five years later.
5. I’ve already survived an ex-girlfriend, sadly.
6. (I use parentheses frequently. But I digress.)
7. I made costumes (for extras) for the 2001 version of “Planet of the Apes.”
8. In 1999, I spent six weeks working at a winery in Napa, CA.
9. I would totally do high school all over again.
10. Seattle is my favorite city for a number of reasons, including the rain.
11. Thank God the Internet was just a baby in 1994, because somewhere out there there’s a picture of me rollerblading nude in the dead of winter. In northern Indiana.
12. Thank God the Internet was just a baby in 1998… (dead of winter/Atlantic coast)
13. I can bring the house down with my karaoke rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”
14. I don’t have the temperament to be a pilot, but I love flying in small planes and watching reenactments of WWII dogfights on teevee.
15. I once drove solo from Chicago to Albuquerque in a single, 19 hour stretch.
16. I park crooked more often than not anymore, and that is unsettling for my sense of manliness.
17. I’m still not sure what to do with my Smith Corona word processor circa 1990.
18. I like Tabasco on my Caeser salad.
19. I’m happiest when walking is integrated in my day to day activity.
20. Someday I want to through-hike the Pacific Crest Trail.
21. I’ve had the same desk since I was ten, and I still like it.
22. My favorite power tool is a leaf blower.
23. I saw (at least) six long term and/or married couples who are close to me break up in the past twelve months.
24. I prefer India Pale Ale over all other beers.
25. I one the cockroach.

AstroChuck's avatar

@kevbo- #11, me too!

kevbo's avatar

@AstroChuck- frozen pizza rolls anyone?

delirium's avatar

@syz @jonsblond This is my fave, I think.
Happyhappyhappyhappy boing boing boing boing (He says it at the end. You just have to listen for it.)

Dog's avatar

Oh yeah- Lurve for #11 for sure!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (0points)
jlm11f's avatar

Read this article today and thought it was pretty relevant to this thread :)

Jeruba's avatar

Thanks, @PnL, we deserved that! Still good for a lol. I didn’t know about the Facebook game.

amanderveen's avatar

Facial yoga?? First I’ve ever heard of that. Interesting article, PnL.. :o)

shrubbery's avatar

1. I believe in magic and have always wished that I will discover a doorway into a parallel universe and become the hero of a fantastical tale.
2. ^^ that was pretty heavy for my first fact, I hope you’re not too scared to read on :P
3. I’m claustrophobic.
4. I have OCD in that I can’t stand powerpoints being left on when nothing is plugged in.
5. I worry too much. Way too much. It stresses me out.
6. When I get stressed I get sick. It sucks. I’m sick all the time.
7. Family outings make me depressed these days because I’m pretty much the only grandchild who goes now.
8. I love to draw and sketch even though I’m no good at it.
9. I hate expectations yet I set many high ones for myself and get depressed when I fail to meet them.
10. I hate it when people say “it’s not like you to…” blah blah blah.
11. I went to Africa for a month and spent a week with a community who have nothing yet are blissfully happy- and I still can’t seem to shake my material and greedy thoughts.
12. I enjoy philosophy a lot but sometimes let it get to me too much, and think about things no one around me would ever bother to think about.
13. I find it hard to find balance in many aspects of my life.
14. I’m sick of my friends yet I could never get rid of any.
15. Actually, I’m sort of out of the loop with my friends these days, and I’m not sure whether I mind or not.
16. I’ve recently discovered that I like running, whether to chill out or think deeply about something, or to cheer myself up, it’s good. And I love my iPod shuffle to run with.
17. I still don’t drink enough water despite the encouragement and am going to buy myself a pretty new drinkbottle in an attempt to make water more appealing.
18. I hate it when wanting to keep in touch with old friends is one-sided.
19. I have to take a cold and flu tablet with a side-effect of drowsiness every night just to be able to sleep.
20. I have hundreds of stuffed toys that I can’t bear to give or throw away.
21. This is my last year of highschool/matrick and I’m excited and scared at the same time.
22. I get to watch pretty fireworks tonight.
23. I can’t wait for the rowing nationals and kind of love that they’re being held in my state this year, even if we don’t get to go away.
24. I love that I have friends across the other side of the world.
25. Right now I’m obsessed with The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie.

AstroChuck's avatar

You believe in magic?
No shit.

Allie's avatar

@shrubbery I =] at 24.

flameboi's avatar

It seems you’ve been having fun while I was on leave!!!
1. I went to NC to visit my gf at Chapel Hill and then to Ft. Lauderdale for training, so, I’ve been out for about 2 weeks, but I’m back home, and altitude is giving me problems, big time
2. I was watching the news when I heard this 25 things and the first thing I thought was “It must be running on fluther now” and I was right!
3. I’ve met 3 former U.S. Presidents, and other presidents and former presidents from different countries, politicians, law makers, Mauro Piccoto, DJ Tiesto and Brad Pit when he was about to marry Jennifer.
4. I had my first desk job when I was 15, that was, 10 years ago…
5. I started my big bad music collection with cassettes because I didn’t have the money for cd’s, now I’m close to 300, most of them acquired in the past 7 years.
6. A lot of people think that I’m not from “here” (here is Ecuador by the way)
7. I live in the middle of the world, well, very very close to it.
8. You say “lake” and I’ll say “let’s go”
9. I love shopping, sometimes, just too much!
10. When I was in high school I used to wear a $3.00 casio wristwatch, when I turned 20, I bought my first swiss timepiece, for my 25, I bought my second, and I love the hidden message that both have, at least to me.
11. I love horses, and polo Ralph Lauren, because of the horses, my closet is filled up with that stuff
12. I’m still a college student, 10 years working doesn’t help a lot with that, but pays your bills, so college is not going anywhere, and in a slow pace, I’ll graduate soon, and I did it all by myself .
13. I love reading, I have a lot of books and I love cooking, the looks of my apt are awesome to the max, you can check it on facebook
14. I love clothing, I think if I ever have a family, my kids will ask me for stuff from my wardrobe to go to flashback kind of party.
15. I love 80’s music
16. Name a song, and it will take me back like a time machine to my life, I remember when I bought the mellon collie and the infinite sadness, I was on my way to school, stopped by the record store, got the cassette, had a hamburger at McDonalds and then rushed to school, I was late, doors where closed so I went to a friend’s house to listen to my new cassette, and that was the first time I didn’t go to school on a regular day, then in 1998 I learned that you are not supposed to that in the hard way.
17. I had my first cell phone when I was 13
18. And my first kiss when I was 16, my first love at 18 and I’m still a good friend of her 
19. I had paralysis when I was 15 because of stress and after the doctors told me that I’ll never be able to move the left side of my face again, God gave me a hand.
20. I’ve always believed that grades doesn’t really matter, there are more important things in life and a million ways to be successful.
21. I’m my mom’s favorite
22. My sister and my little brother are super different, we just don’t look alike :s
23. I love wine, and cigars, cheese and stuff like that
24. For some reason I want to be a millionaire, not to be flashy, I just want to be able to give a hand to others
25. I joined fluther after it was featured on the ny times, and I read the ny times every morning, since I turned 18

delirium's avatar

Woah. Flameboi is above seventeen?! Color me surprised.

flameboi's avatar

Surprised??? do I sound like I’m a high school kid??? lol
I do look like I’m in my early 20’s and I hear that a lot!!!

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

1 I am a synesthete.
2 I am amazing at fenceing.
3 I love to wear jeans.
4 I am 14, but it feels really weird to say that.
5 I plan to live in NY when I grow up.
6 I love to play around on Adobe Illustrator.
7 I have realized that typeing on and iPod touch for long periods of time is easier than I expected (only #7? Pshh).
8. I am creative.
9 I am smart.
10 I totally invented the grey lowtop converse trend.
11 At the end of my life, I will have been on the moon.
12 My favorite number is 3 because I associate that number with green, my favorite color.
13 If you ask me what my favorite food, movie, song etc is, I just say whatever I last ate saw listened to etc
14 I have his weird heart thing where at random times it will start beating unbelieveably fast.
15 When I’m with a bunch of people I don’t know very well, I don’t talk. At all. But when I’m with my friends I’m very loud. It’s kind of a Jekell/Hyde thing.
16 Contrary to what my username implies, I barely drink any coffee.
17 My current math teacher cannot teach and has made me hate math.
18 I was born November 24 at 11:24.
19 I was born on Thanksgiving night.
20 I love iTunes’ free songs and music videos.
21. I do high jump (I got first at a meet once!)
22. I am 5’9
23. I have a weird foot phobia. I hate people touching my feet and hate when people touch me with their feet.
24. I hate it when people don’t say thank you.
25. I wear contacts.

augustlan's avatar

@toomuchcoffee911 I would never have guessed you are only 14!

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

Thanks? I get that a lot. People have said I could pass for 18.

eponymoushipster's avatar

@toomuchcoffee911 your avatar does make you look a bit older….hehhe.

augustlan's avatar

@toomuchcoffee911 Definitely a compliment :)

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

Thanks then! :-)

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

26. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tougue.
27. I can do the water drop sound on my cheek.
28. I had a small crush on
Fred from Scooby Doo when I
was littler.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@toomuchcoffee911 You’re a synesthete? Do you like it or does it bother you?

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

I like it; my case isn’t big enough to be an annoyance, but I’d be sad to not have it.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@toomuchcoffee911 I find it fascinating. Of course, I don’t know what it would be like to live with an extreme case of it, but regardless it’s extremely interesting no matter how you look at it. :)

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

Have you read A Mango Shaped Space? It’s about a girl with a pretty big case of it; it was after I read the book that I realized that I had it.

augustlan's avatar

@toomuchcoffee911 My 11 year old recently read that book. She was so intrigued by it.

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

I love that book; when I first started reading it I thought the condition was made up, but then realized it wasn’t.

delirium's avatar

The man who tasted shapes is another good one.

toomuchcoffee911's avatar

@delirium i’ve always wanted to read that book; I just reserved it at the library.

pjanaway's avatar

1. I’m British.
2. I live in Melbourne, Aus.
3. I have 8 computers.
4. I’m self employed.
5. I hate books.
6. I love Happy Hardcore music.
7. I smoke.
8. I have never broken any bones.
9. I love cats and kittens.
10. I hate dogs.
11. I have 4TB of tv shows and movies over all my computers.
12. I find it impossible to put on weight. (I’m usually between 9–10 stone)
13. I’m 5 ft 11.
14. I run afew web games which have thousands and thousands of players each.
15. I’m 23.
16. I’m an aquarius.
17. I have to lift my right leg up when toaster sets off or a microwave beeps.
18. I can’t enter a dark room unless the light has been switched on.
19. I have dark brown hair.
20. I don’t like chocolate.
21. I don’t like cheese.
22. I like boobies.
23. I have 1 brother.
24. I have an xbox 360 with RRoD’d. lol
25. I hate beer (but love cider) ;)

AstroChuck's avatar

edit: Change my fact number two to nine. But it was eight when I posted it.

arnbev959's avatar

Congratulations AC!

AstroChuck's avatar

Thanks. That changed back in October.

TexasDude's avatar

1. I have created a weird, neo-victorian adventurer persona for myself.
2. I’ve been abused.
3. I wrote several essays in highschool on a typewriter.
4. I used to be dreadfully afraid of skin cancer when I was little, so scared in fact, that I’d rip off my own freckles.
5. I’m pretty short: 5’ 6”, but I’m still one of the tallest of my family.
6. I’m half Italian, the rest is a blend of Creole, English, Irish, and Cherokee
7. I may come off as a bit of a “gun nut” sometimes. Don’t worry, I couldn’t hurt a fly.
8. I release critters such as bugs and flies that I find in my house.
9. I’m an apatheist.
10. My professors tell me I’m a “transcendentalist.”
11. I’m just a tad emotional.
12. I’m single.
13. Henry Clay is my great, great, great-some odd uncle.
14. I’m a history major.
15. I fall hard and fast in love very easily.
16. I can speak enough German to get by…
17. I hate partisan politics.
18. I used to collect microscopes when I was little.
19. I own over 3000 books (haven’t read them all)
20. I’m a huge flirt.
21. My hero and role model is Theodore Roosevelt…
22. ...and Nikola Tesla.
23. I dwell on the past.
24. My favorite dessert is tiramisu’ (sic).
25. I’d probably like you if I met you.

augustlan's avatar

Welcome to the nut-house, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard! :)

Dog's avatar

Hi @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard!
Totally awesome on 18, 19, and especially 25!


Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (1points)
TexasDude's avatar

Hey there, @Dog and @augustlan! Thanks for the warm welcome :D

wundayatta's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard We’ll have to compare notes on falling in love hard and fast some time. Welcome to the flirtation station! Be careful though. Falling in love here can be hazardous to your health. It’s hell when they end it.

TexasDude's avatar

Duly noted, @daloon!

CaptainHarley's avatar

1. I was in the US Army for about 34 years, in one form or another.
2. I have 5 children and 10 grandchildren.
3. I recently ( just over 2 years ago ) remarried to a wonderful woman, my Vicky.
4. I will ( hopefully ) soon start work on my PhD.
5. I am 6’2” tall.
6. My most favorite website is
7. My wife and I have two dogs and one cat.
8. My primary mode of transportation is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
9. While in Vietnam for two years, I was extensively exposed to Agent Orange defoliant.
10. My first marriage technically lasted 36 years.
11. I have two undergraduate degrees and a Masters degree.
12. My oldest grandchild is 19, my youngest 5 months.
13. I was an Airborne Infantry company commander in combat.
14. My motorcycle is a 2007 H-D Ultra Classic Electraglide, extensively modified.
15. I have been online since 1989.
16. I am a student of both science and spirituality.
17. I studied Zen while stationed on Okinawa.
18. I have my own 3-D nighclub, Lands End, at
19. I am writing a book which may never be finished.
20. I have incurable cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure due to Agent Orange.
21. My wife and I are rebuilding a home right across the street from where we now rent.
22. I have lived at 28 different addresses in my life.
23. The town I live in has just over 600 people.
24. We have to drive 23 miles to go grocery shopping.
25. I love it here. : ))

G_tech's avatar

1 Born in Ok
2. I am 5 ft
3. Married for 34 yrs
4. have 3 kids
5. work on PC
6. love free software
6. teach computers to seniors
7. love the ocean
8. want to see all of the USA
9. Both my parents have passed
10 my father committed suicide
11. my hero was my grandfather
12 my best friend is my sister
13 love to read
14 former ABer
15 collect shot glasses
16 I have 3 dogs
17 I can be your best friend or worse enemy
18 I have migraines
19 I believe in angels
20 I worked at a cemetery for yrs
21 The color of my eyes depends on my mood, blue or green
22 smallest range of mountains is knocking at my back door
23 I will answer more questions than I will ever ask
24 I was a daddy’s girl
25 I plan on living to be 100

moley_thecontrarydragon's avatar

1) I have a horse.)
2) I am ¼ norwegian
3) I am blonde
4) I am not brainless
5) I am short.5ft1
6) I drink black coffee.
7) I dont take sugar
8) I have 3 children
8)I have 5 Grandchildren
9) I am a voracious reader.
10) I own an suv and horse trailer
11) I am Welsh and contrary( Hence the name)
12) I get lost all the time.
13I have developmental topographical agnosia,( Cant find my arse with both hands)
14) I like nonsense poems
15)I own two mad cats.
16)I do not like judgemental people
17)I am tolerant of those whose views do not agree with mine.
18) I think I am agnostic but may dither between that and atheist,
19) I do not care to argue but do like a friendly debate or exchange of views.
20)I am very interested in what makes people ‘tick’
21) I have DipEd and Dipsw.
22) I have been a counsellor for PTSD
23) I have two artificial hips.
24) I ride my horse 6 days a week.
25) I am here to listen, answer and make friends.

Aethelwine's avatar

I haven’t looked at this question since it was asked. It is nice that it is going around again. Yay for all the new shorties in the house! I’m 5’ 2¾” but I say 5’3” because I’m lazy. :)

I would like to correct my answer way above. I mentioned I enjoy a beer or too. (two I meant) Though it should read 4 or more. ;)

moley_thecontrarydragon's avatar

@jonsblond oohh thats tall, I was taller before they sawed my legs off to fit new hips,I lost at least ½ inchl

Arisztid's avatar

1) I have ass length black hair.
2) Everyone wonders if I am wearing contacts because of my eye color (lavender).
3) I can put both feet behind my head and sit in both the front and side splits (martial artist)
4) That leads up to… I am a martial artist (two blackbelts)
5) Ice and I do not get along. I am almost clinically incapable of not kersplatting if I try to walk on it. I believe that ice has a conspiracy against me.
6) My mother died giving birth to me but my father kept her memory alive to the point where I feel that I knew her.
7) I am a biker currently without a ride.
8) I am a phlebotomist. That is the hospital vampire that draws your blood for blood tests.
9) To make the above really funny my family was not only from Romania, they were from Transylvania. Go ahead, yuck it up, you know you want to…
10)... and I work third shift (graveyards). Now just go ahead and laugh.
11) I am kind of the King of Nattering On. My answers can reach the 2–3 feet in length range. If I am going to post one of those, I shall put it on my blog and just give Fluther a link rather than wearing out your scroll finger.
12) I have one computer program. It is called the Keysha v.1. That would be my wife. How to initiate said program is to look panicked or frustrated. Said program rolls her eyes, tippy tappy on the keyboard, and voila! the computer is fixed. When I ask “did I do something stupid,” the Keysha v.1 patiently says, “no dear.”
13) I am dyslexic.
14) I have always taken in stray cats. My current cat is a guy I took in when he was about 16. He is going strong some three years later.
15) I can sing relatively well and like to sing “Your Man” to my wife. youtube link
16) I collect antique pharmacopia. Answer describing this
17) My favorite foods are Sushi and Mexican food.
18) I consider myself to be a religious skeptic or an agnostic depending on the day.
19) I am Rromani Gypsy.
20) If I see a picture of, say, a litter of kittens, I have to count them! OCD anyone?
21) When the phone rings I glare at it and, unless I have no choice in the matter, my wife answers it. The glare I give it would reduce most things to smoldering ash.
22) I turned off my television in 2003 and never got around to turning it back on.
23) I left my heart in San Francisco. I spent most of my life in the Bay Area and really miss San Fran.
24) I am an amateur Holocaust historian who has been studying the subjecct since my teens.
25) I once ate a lizard on a bet… whole and alive.

jerv's avatar

1) I prefer cats over dogs… and every dog I come within 50 feet of knows it
2) The most I’ve ever spent for a car in my life is $1375
3) I’ve accidentally set hands on fire at least fifty times refilling a Zippo
4) I learned to read when I was 3
5) I have vomited on the side of a US Marines head… and I wasn’t beaten for it!
6) I can’t swim very well; dog paddle only
7) The easiest way to piss me off to lie, though persisting in self-delusion comes a close second (hence why I often get into arguments with Uber-Conservatives)
8) I’ve been working on a sci-fi story for over 20 years, used the characters in various RPGs, but still haven’t bothered to sit down and actually write it all down yet
9) Sometimes I forget that not everybody is as smart and multi-talented as I am; I am not always egotistical
10) The only Texans I’ve met that I didn’t want to start a fight with are those that either are glad they left, those who can’t wait to leave, or those from Austin. (So far, anyways…)
11) I am devoutly Agnostic and while I respect the beliefs of others, I only do so as long as they respect my non-belief.
12) The most I ever earned in a single year was under $22K
13) I am more observant than people give me credit for; I just keep my mouth shut about how much I really know ;)
14) The only computer I ever bought new was my netbook.
15) I almost skipped the 7th and 8th grades, but my mother decided that I had a hard enough time being the youngest person in my class already that it would be a bad idea to widen the gap a few more years.
16) I have ridden a mountain bike in Hong Kong and Kenya.
17) My ears are very sensitive but I can’t always filter out noises… or hear voices over noises that others may not even hear.
18) My favorite author is Neal Stephenson
19) I am addicted to cheese and crackers
20) I love driving in the snow and ice… unless there are other cars around because I don’t trust their skid control skills so I tend to get a little paranoid when I actually have to share the road in the wintertime.
21) Despite being born and raised in the US, I have enough of a British accent to fool some Londoners as to my nationality. (My mother has the same accent and we are the only two in our family that do; the rest have Boston accents.)
22) I think that George Carlin was quite possibly the comedic mastermind of our time.
23) I managed to get a copy of The Illuminatus Trilogy into Boot Camp as a religious text
24) Somehow, I earned the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait) but not the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia) (Nobody seems sure exactly how that happened.)
25) I still can’t figure out how my wife puts up with me after all these years… But I’m glad she does :)

jerv (31076points)“Great Answer” (11points)
jerv's avatar

@Arisztid Re:#8–10 : I don’t think I can laugh hard enough without my nuts falling off.

Arisztid's avatar

@jerv You might want to avoid that… your wife might not appreciate it.

To make that even funnier, the climate where my family comes from is hardly temperate and warm. They were from the foothills of the Transylvanian Alps. My father had the same problem with ice that I did. I have no clue how I came to be considering the familial predisposition of kersplatting at the first hint of ice. Natural selection should have caused my family line to die out long ago.

Arisztid's avatar

@CaptainHarley You said: “15. I have been online since 1989” What was your first computer?

Jewel's avatar

OK, @jerv and @Arisztid both accepted the challenge and made their lists. And they are as good as I suspected they would be. Interesting men! But now I feel obligated to do the same. So here goes…
1. I am an Aspie and OK with that. I like who I am. It is the rest of the world I have a problem with.
2. I have one sister, one brother, one half brother and one three quarter brother. (Same dad and our moms are sisters. Dad was awful! So was my aunt.)
3. I am currently owned by 2 dogs.
4. I love Science fiction written by scientists.
5. My parents were once charged with (and cleared of) piracy.
6. I have seen a few ghosts/spirits in my life and had prophetic dreams until I was prescribed a med that stopped it all.
7. I have been on TV and in the newspapers. The piracy thing and other barely newsworthy episodes.
8. I just bought my first cell phone. Since I don’t even answer my home phone, it seems odd. But I needed it for emergencies or my grand daughter wouldn’t be allowed to come see me.
9. Currently, my favorite TV show is Fringe.
10. My favorite book is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.
11. I love the northwest coastal states of the U.S. And live in Oregon.
12. Cities make me breathe funny. I think it is anxiety. Too many people. Too much of everything.
13. I am interested in almost everything, and have managed to learn a bit about a lot of things.
14. I hurt (physically) all of the time, but most don’t know it.
15. I have just been laid off of another job. Anyone need an graphic designer or desktop publisher? The job market in Oregon is really bad.
16. I like fog if I don’t have to drive in it. Same for snow.
17. I was a member of a nudist colony when I was about 7. Well, my whole family was. I didn’t just decide to go alone.
18. I raised a deer. Last time I saw her she was hanging out with a beautiful buck and another doe with a yearling. She wouldn’t come to me, wasn’t terrified of me, but she was of every other human thing. I did a good job!
19. I had two sons. Both are grown and wonderful men. One has given me a beautiful grandaughter. The other is practicing a lot.
20. I find getting older is a lot harder than I thought it would be! In fact, it sucks!
21. Are you sure we have to do 25? I am not that interesting!
22. I am mechanically inclined and fix my appliances, do some of my auto repair and maintenance and do home repairs.
23. I like men! Interesting creatures and they make better friends than women do…for me.
24. I can’t touch type unless I am lookng at the keyboard.
25. I am currently barefoot. Well, I usually am!

jerv's avatar

@Jewel _Ender’s Shadow is better, but forget the rest ;)

Jewel's avatar

@jerv. I didn’t like it as well. It may have been the surprise factor of the story. I mean, I already knew what the BIG surprise would be so I couldn’t get as into it as I did the first book. But I am not surprised that you are a fan!

jerv's avatar

@Jewel You should try Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Thick but worthwhile.

downtide's avatar

What a great idea for a question. Let’s see…

1. I’m English, and many of my ancestors on my father’s side were fishermen and lifeboatmen.
2. My username was stolen from one of those ancestors.
3. I have been partially-sighted since birth – blind in one eye and not brilliant in the other.
4. I broke my leg at the age of two because of #3
5. I’ve been atheist all my life except for a brief spell in my late teens where I decided I was a born-again Christian, and after that a few more years as a neo-pagan. Now I’m back to being an atheist.
6. <== this is my favourite number but I have no idea why.
7. At the age of 14 I performed on stage in my home city’s main theatre, in a dance production of Jeff Wayne’s “War of the Worlds”.
8. I couldn’t sing until I was 20, then I realised that I could sing after all.
9. For the past 20 years I’ve been singing in folk-clubs
10. I am transgendered, and identify as male even though I am biologically female. I intend to have gender reassignment.
11. I taught myself to ride horses at the age of 11.
12. I will never be able to live in a rural area because I will never be able to drive, so I have to live where there is a decent public transport system.
13. I have lived with my partner for 24 years, of which 21 in marriage.
14. I do not really have ginger hair, but I love the colour and I wish I was ginger.
15. I did not travel anywhere in an aeroplane until I was 30. My first time was a 5 hour flight to Toronto and I was too excited to be afraid. I still love flying (but I hate the whole hanging-about-in-the-airport bit).
16. My mother did not travel anywhere in an aeroplane until she was 65.
17. I am a science-fiction and fantasy geek
18. When I was born, all four of my grandparents were alive. By the time I was three they were all dead and I don’t remember any of them.
19. I’m over 40 and I still don’t know what I want to do for a career when I grow up. Consequently I’ve had an assortment of boring office jobs and catering jobs that I rarely stick at for very long.
20. I am fascinated by languages and the comparisons and similarities between them, but I am hopeless at remembering vocabulary and I don’t speak any other language fluently, besides English.
21. I love doing karaoke but all of my friends hate it and no-one will come with me.
22. I love drinking, and am a bit of a real-ale snob (and a whisky snob) but I never drink enough to actually get drunk.
23. I once traveled alone to the USA to visit some people I’d met only on the internet before. And I had an absolutely fantastic time.
24. I have some unspecified learning disorders, but I consider myself far too old to bother getting an official diagnosis.
25. I have written two novels, neither of which have been (or will ever be) published. One day I’ll get one published.

Fernspider's avatar

ooo, yay, my turn my turn!!

1. I have an unusual fascination with spiders in addition to a love for rats.
2. I was born in New Zealand but grew up on and off in the United States.
3. My father retired from the US Navy as a Senior Chief at 40 years old.
4. I hate pumpkin – erck.
5. The older I get, the more my parents mean to me.
6. I have a tattoo on my right hip which was done by a tattooist I was having a fling with at the time – age 20 – in his living room.
7. I love hard rock music, Tool and Metallica ranking at the top.
8. I enjoying torturing my partner, close friends, family and colleagues with smelly farts – my level of maturity astounds me.
9. I am almost 26 years old yet I still get ID’ed when buying booze (even with the drinking age at 18 in NZ).
10. I love the Crime Investigation channel and watch it more than some would consider healthy.
11. I would love to get a law degree or a degree in Criminology but the thought of being a student again freaks me out.
12. 90% of the presents under the Christmas tree this year are for my wee dog who I love more than I love most people.
13. I don’t know how to comfort others when someone close to them dies. I get uncomfortable when others cry despite having compassion for them and their situation.
14. I have done the Myers Briggs test and my profile is: ESTP
15. I have touched a winning lotto ticket for $50,000.00 – sadly it wasn’t mine.
16. I have an obsession with paper towels… tea towels gross me out.
17. I suffer from Trichotillomania but am ashamed to tell almost everyone I know.
18. Sunshine makes me smile. Rain makes me grumpy.
19. I become possessed by all evil if I don’t consume coffee by 11:00am it’s not pretty, it is similar to what happened to the Gremlins
20. I grew up watching MTV music videos. I still remember some from the 80;s.
21. My favourite place in the world that I have been is Hawaii but I can’t afford to live there.
22. I smoke pot occasionally.
23. I play World of Warcraft – my main is a Troll Hunter – Lvl 61 in Nagrand Realm.
24. I am 5’4, long brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin and weigh 60kgs.I like to consider myself to be cute :)
25. I love to paint landscapes but don’t because I dread the clean up.

DrasticDreamer's avatar

@Rachienz Lurve for Tool, knowing your Myers-Briggs type, and torturing your loved ones with stinky farts. :D

CaptainHarley's avatar

@Arisztid… My first computer was an IBM clone with an amber screen. Heh!

scotsbloke's avatar

25 things huh?

1) I like to read comic books.
2) I have 5 Tattoos
3) I hate the smell of Cooking Cabbage – But love the taste
4) I used to wear cartoon ties to work
5) I prefer Full Fat milk
6) I’ve never been to America
7) I won a room dehumidifier in a radio competition once
8) I have over 4000 feedback on Ebay
9) I still love most of my Ex-girlfriends
10) I failed the entrance exam to join the Royal Navy in 1982 so joined the Army instead
11) I once hit someone on the head with a Rake (It’s a long story)
12) I was bullied at school for about 2 years
13) I play the cornet
14) I used to sing with a live band
15) I worked as a bingo caller
16) I once threw up in a nightclub, all over a bouncer
17) I have 3 grand-children
18) Love still confuses the Hell outa me
19) I’ve had Cancer
20) I secretly LOVE the Little house on the Prairie and the Waltons
21) I drink WAY too much Pepsi
22) I used to Work as a Disk Jockey on a Pirate Radio Show broadcast from a fishing boat
23) I have a collection of over 5000 music cassettes, around 8000 records and over 1.2 million MP3’s
24) I’m a Chocoholic and Cheesoholic
25) I’m lonely and need a friend :0)

shrubbery's avatar

@scotsbloke, you’ve come to the right place then, we’ll be your friends :)

scotsbloke's avatar

@shrubbery Thanks, can I borrow a cup of sugar? lol

shrubbery's avatar

@scotsbloke, why certainly :P

Fernspider's avatar

@scotsbloke – care for a chocolate covered cheese pepsi float? What do you mean, “No thanks?”... I just want to make friends :)

scotsbloke's avatar

@Rachienz – it actually sounds pretty good. Bring it on. Can I have a bucket with it just in case…

Fernspider's avatar

LOL! Ewwwwwww @scotsbloke

scotsbloke's avatar

I’m willing to try just about anything once and if it involves chocolate, bring it on! (oops that makes 26 facts about me) lol

jerv's avatar

@scotsbloke Meh. Wrap it in bacon. Or we could compromise; chocolate-covered bacon! I’ve seen it, but haven’t tried it yet…

Fernspider's avatar

Whoa, I suddenly feel like I am in Springfield… doh.

augustlan's avatar

Love getting to know you all better!

scotsbloke's avatar

@Rachienz – yup the beardy springfield!

Theby's avatar

1. I once trained a flying cockroach to eat out of my hand at the same time each night.
2. I took LSD at school when I was 15.
3. I have incredibly flat feet.
4. I cannot see in 3D as my eyes are slightly off-kilter due to a childhood car accident.
5. I have a terrible phobia of seeing birds run over on the road.
6. I once went night skinny dipping at Bondi beach and when some strangers came along I sat on the sand and also fashioned a “bikini” out of sand before they saw me.
7. Animal cruelty makes me literally “see red.”
8. I went to Brazil and my back was operated on by a healer. Someone from the audience stitched me up afterwards.
9. I was given a free trip to Holland by a couple I met in Brazil.
10.I have 3 brothers and have not spoken with the eldest one for 6 years.
11.I had a pet stingray as a child.
12.I sometimes bite my nails until they bleed.
13.I lost most of my friends when I converted to Islam.
14.A baby possum bit off the top of my right index finger when I was 8 years old.
15.I went home at morning break on my first day at school as I thought it was lunchtime.
16.I can’t dive, I have to jump.
17.The first concert I went to was “Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.”
18.I have memory problems due to a recent stroke.
19.I despise cooking and will go to any lengths to get out of it.
20.I was once left on top of a snow-covered mountain in New Zealand at sunset by my helicopter flying friends as a “joke.” I only got out because I had to pee!
21.My childhood neighbour used to starve her pet birds to death.
22.My childhood neighbour has multiple sclerosis.
23.I believe in Karma.
24.When I moved back to New Zealand 10 years ago I took a feral cat with 2 partly amputated legs with me.
25.I collect feathers I see in the park.

jlm11f's avatar

@Rachienz – What is the tattoo? Also, I am ESTP too =)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

LOL, you asked this when I was in labor w/Ark.

MissAnthrope's avatar

1. My eyes change color, which I think is really cool. They’re usually green, blue, grey, or some variation thereof. I am always unsure what to mark down on forms. After all these years, I’m not sure how or why they change.

2. I was the first grandchild and an only child until I was 12.

3. I suspect that my paternal grandfather and I are the same person. No one else in my family is much like me, but my grandpa and I were like two peas in a pod. Same temperament, same love of fantasy and gadgets and technology (he had a computer and an Atari before 98% of America). There are loads more similarities. I miss him.

4. My paternal grandfather passed away when I was 21. I really wish he’d lived longer so that I could have gotten to know him better, on an adult level. I would love to sit and have coffee with him and talk about his life. In hindsight, so much I want to know!

5. My parents divorced when I was a year old, mostly due to the fact that my dad is an alcoholic. My dad, apparently quite the ladies’ man, has been married and divorced 5 times (my mom was #2). I only remember 2 of my step-moms, one of whom was quite the Cruella DeVille (crazy and kind of evil).

6. I’m estranged from most of my family. I’m envious of people who have great relatives and live the kind of family life that I associate with TV and movies. My family is fucking crazy and full of weirdos.

7. I’m very different from most of my family. Quite honestly, with the level of dysfunction, I have no idea how I turned out as well as I did.

8. I’m not lucky at all when it comes to winning things, finding money on the ground, or any of the things you might associate with that kind of luck. I am, however, tremendously lucky when it comes to matters of bodily injury or death. I think I must have a pretty awesome guardian angel. I constantly have moments in life where I realize that things could have gone a little differently and the outcome would have been really bad. I’ve nearly died several times and I have been only moments and the randomness of chance away from horrible things happening. Why I’m still alive with full faculties? No idea, but I would appreciate it if the Universe would give me some inkling about what it wants from me.

9. If I could change my life with a wish, I would wish to be exceedingly wealthy. I don’t care so much about the material aspects, but I would very much like to not work and to spend my life taking classes and traveling. I equate wealth with freedom and there is A LOT I would do if I had that kind of freedom.

10. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, an astronaut, or the first woman president.

11. In hindsight, I should have totally pursued the vet thing.

12. I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say that I was made fun of every year of school, from kindergarten until 12th grade. I was a fat kid and I also was very sensitive and thus, easy to pick on.

13. This has given rise to crippling shyness and social anxiety, especially since I feel fairly socially awkward and everything I do right in terms of social interactions, I had to work at and learn. (mostly, I am pretty proud of myself for figuring it out, even if it is a struggle)

14. I am a photographer. I love the art in general, but my passion is self-developed and self-printed black and whites. I took three years of darkroom photography in high school (and partly supplied photos of the yearbooks) and I was given an entire darkroom setup last year (!), though I don’t yet have a place to set it up. I long to have a DSLR, but I can make do with my two point-and-shoots and 35mm Nikon SLR.

15. I think I have real skills as a photographer (and videographer, as well, but I don’t enjoy that as much). I think anyone can do it and take good pictures, but only some people have the eye and intuition to get a phenomenal shot. I’m definitely better than average.

16. I would LOVE to make something of this passion I have for photography. I’ve been published a few times, but what I want now is someone to buy one of my photos. :) I was this close to selling one to Microsoft, but they ended up going with a different photographer.

17. I think I’ve lived a fairly interesting life so far, very far from average or “normal”.

18. I seem hell-bent on doing everything the hard way the first time. For whatever reason, people’s advice and warnings don’t sink in until after.

19. I’ve visited and lived in many places around the U.S. I’ve also lived in France and Italy. After much time, experience, and struggle, I realized that I am a west coast girl and California is my Promised Land. (so, don’t leave again)

20. I spent my senior year of high school as an exchange student near Lille, France. At one time, I spoke French like a native and even managed to get rid of my American accent. However, the natives did not treat me well, so I also developed a very strong hatred of the French. I could probably speak French fluently again, like if I went and spent a month in France, but I really, really hate France, the French, and hearing the language spoken makes my stomach turn. So, probably not going to happen.

21. I could and should write a book, but I find it tedious and I rarely finish anything I write.

22. I have the widest range of interests of anyone that I know. I don’t really like mastering things because it takes too long and I get distracted by new things before I get there, but I love to dabble. I research and read up on a whole hell of a lot of different subjects. The only thing I can think of that completely disinterests me is sports. No idea why or how people discuss sports ad nauseum.. YAWN

23. I am a natural teacher. I love imparting knowledge and answering questions. I also can be quite pedantic and I know this is super annoying. I just can’t help it – I like talking about things I find really interesting and if I find that someone knows nothing of the subject, I find myself informing them. As I said, I realize this is very annoying, but I… can’t… stop…

24. I am very scatterbrained. I would attribute this to smoking pot, but honestly, I’m just as scatterbrained even when I don’t smoke. This is tied into my clutter issues and I think both have to do with how my brain works. My brain never stops (part of the reason I smoke pot) and it’s full of all sorts of random stuff swirling around. I am capable of exploring a train of thought, but my mind makes quick connections and jumps around a lot. So, it’s kind of like Ooooo, put that idea down, pick up this one, go! I also can generally only focus on one thing at a time, so getting distracted or drawn away from that subject almost guarantees I’ll forget what I was doing or thinking before. Lists are my friends.

25. As I alluded to in this thread regarding the central theme of my personal story, I am a Seeker. The line I quoted from a Who song pretty much says it all. I feel like I was born for a reason and, especially considering the number of times I’ve been saved from injury and death, I feel like I’m being kept here for a reason. There was one time where the people at the hospital told me they didn’t believe what I’d said happened because I would be dead. However, the Universe is not playing nicely and I have no frigging idea WHAT this reason is. So, I flit around and hope it becomes apparent to me. I have loads of questions and talents, I just need my purpose to become clear. (I am also a bit tired of waiting, I mean, sheesh)


This was fun and I could have kept going.. hopefully, I don’t appear narcissistic because I am actually very humble. :)

MissAnthrope's avatar

^^ I just realized that is the perfect example of the chaos inside my brain. I wrote this in a total stream-of-consciousness way, and the topic jumping is how my brain rolls.

BoBo1946's avatar

1. man
2. right handed
3. bad home enviornment
4. athlete (played college basketball)
5. love animals
6. 6“4” big frame
7. lived in a small town
8. college grad
9. coach and teacher (11 years)
10 insurance adjuster (25 years)
11. retired at age 57
12. avid golfer
13. single
14. have one child (A UVA grad, Northwestern Univ. MBA Kellogg) (great kid, father, husband, and son)
15. take meds for depression
16. Christian (not the best, but a water boy on the team)
17. Love people
18. Have an Irish temper
19. Hate drama
20, don’t take criticism very well (raised myself with no authority figure might have something to do with it)
21. in pain all the time (soon have two artificial hips)
22. i’m an open book.
23. don’t like people that take themselves real serious.
24. poor English and poor speller
25. hated to study, but wanted out of the getto
26. Love MsA’s profile and really respect her….very fair and good person.
27. I don’t suck up…. like people based on what they represent, not their status.
28. oh, only 25…just getting started..loll

BoBo1946's avatar

Really enjoyed reading these answers. Great question.

asmonet's avatar

Looks like I never answered this, I remember intending to. So I will now!
Huzzah, resurrection!

1. I dye my hair a new and interesting color every six weeks it seems. The majority are shades of red but I’ve had brown, black, blonde, pink, magenta, blue, orange, some green and varying shades of all.

2. I have always been against getting a tattoo, when my dog of 15.5 years died this past March I decided I would look into getting one in her memory on my foot where she always curled up and rested her chin.

3. I can do a pretty fabulous Marvin the Martian voice.

4. I can also play eyeball ping pong, stare at people boss eyed on both sides, wiggle my ears, bend my fingers all the way back, put my feet behind my head, touch my tongue to my nose and do loads of ‘stupid human tricks’.

5. I bought a cat on the rebound from my dog’s death. I bought her because she has a Hitler ‘stache. No, really. Her name is Sweet Dee. I originally was set to buy her brother, because she was supposedly set for someone else, they didn’t show and I snatched her up.

6. I am obsessed with tea, I own 7 teapots. I have about eight pounds of looseleaf right now, and countless bags. I collect unique teapots. I have some that are one of a kind from local artists, but the only kind I want right now and do not own is a short, squat cast iron pot. A girl can dream.

7. I detest Spngebob and South Park. Seriously, I’ve tried. I’ve forced myself through whole seasons. Those shows are fucking awful. I don’t have a single friend in real life that agrees with me on this. It gets annoying.

8. I paint. I’ve never had a class that taught me technique or anything, only studio time. I’d like to take a class that actually teaches me something, but hey. I can’t complain. You can see my stuff here.

9. Once I grew out of bobby socks with the lace trim as a kid I have never worn socks that covered more than a tiny bit of ankle. The less sock the better. I will pitch a fit if I have to wear thick or long socks.

10. My first name is ancient Chinese or a Persian last name which is frequently mistaken for being an Irish name. I get told its misspelled a lot. As if I wouldn’t know. My middle name is Aztec loosely based off that guy – pretty badass. I myself am German/Spanish for the most part and my entire extended family is Ecuadorian with a few splashes of Columbian, English and Austrian. I am a giant ‘white’ girl in every family photo, awash in a sea of short brown cousins.

11. I lived in South America as a child. Specifically, Quito, Ecuador where I once stumbled onto a guerilla meeting. I was five and sitting in the rafters of a rundown building with a handful of other children as they all pulled out their guns and waved them in the air cheering. Had any of them gone off, any one of us could have been killed.

12. I keep trying to play the guiatr, but I’m hyper mobile in all of my joints and my fingers lock up if I stretch too far for a chord. As the Robot Devil put it i have “stupid fingers”. I can bullshit my way around it, but I’ll never be as good as I’d like.

13. Aviators are the only glasses that do not give me the alluring look of a glutinous chipmunk.

14. My favorite colors are rich vibrant greens you see on leaves backlit by the sun, the color of red wine held up to a light and the color of egg yolks. But if I have to choose, shades of green always win.

15. I have a habit of stopping a sentence in a conversation midway and heading off into my own world. I usually begin singing lyrics. Frequently, 40s/80s pop songs. Most frequently – Jenny 867–5309, Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Your Love and More Than A Feeling. I have no idea why I do this. But it makes me happier so, whatever. This happens a handful of times a week.

16. I cut my own hair because it grows too fast to be affordable to get cut and styled professionally. My hair grows roughly an inch a month.

17. I type 85WPM usually using only 6–7 fingers. I blame the…

18. World of Warcraft. I’m a giant nerd. I mean, I’m sitting next to my Sonic Screwdriver. I’ve been playing WoW since the original beta in ‘04. Yeah, I know.

19. I watch so much British TV that I honestly mess up in my daily life with words that aren’t regularly used here in the states. Today I told someone they need to relax and have a pint. I’ve started calling elevators lifts and so on.

20. I think this is getting more difficult.

21. I’m working towards transferring to William & Mary to study Anthropology, I would then like to study abroad or finish my degree at Cardiff University. Mostly because I have a horrible insane lust for Welsh men.

22. I hate cooking, but I will bake you so many delicious things!

23. I have a ring on my right middle finger I take off maybe a handful of times a year, it’s a marquis cut peridot in a silver setting, not prongs but set in silver with some twisted silver around it. I have no idea where I got it, I can’t remember not having it. I THINK I’ve had it for ten years. I wish I could remember who gave it to me, because I love it very much.

24. I moved seven states away when I was 19 with less than two weeks notice and no money. It was a learning experience. I was stronger and more brave than I thought I was looking back on it, that’s insane.

25. I actually think old fashioned corsets are not only incredibly comfortable (when fitted and worn properly) but very attractive. If they came back into fashion tonight, I’d be decked out by morning, happy as a clam.

Um, there.


Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@asmonet “Mostly because I have a horrible insane lust for Welsh men.” – I love you.

MissAnthrope's avatar

@asmonet – You sound like someone who would be fascinating to listen to over coffee. I’d sit there blinking at you over my mug and asking you loads of questions. Haha.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@MissAnthrope “Blinking at you over my mug” – is that what you kids are calling it these days? Hey, @asmonet, count me in too.

asmonet's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir / @MissAnthrope: I love you guys, too! And would totally have coffee with either of you. Mostly my friends just let my tangents run their course until I run out of steam or they don’t remember what we were talking about. Then we just begin again. I won’t be quieted for too long. Blinking at me over a mug is not uncommon. If you’re ever in VA/DC :)

asmonet's avatar

@Simone_De_Beauvoir: Why haven’t YOU answered? EH. HMM. DO IT.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@asmonet Well excuse me, beautiful, but it just so happens that on the very day this question was asked, I was pushing my 2nd kid out of my vagina and was, like, totes too busy to Fluther, :). But, since @Jude eventually re-asked this q, I did answer it then (though I love when you order me around, feel free to do it as much as possible); you can see my answer here, missy!

asmonet's avatar

Fair point. ;)

Vunessuh's avatar

1) My name is Vanessa, although my mother was originally going to name me Loganne.
2) I’m an only child.
3) I have two pot-bellied pigs named Pickle and Pumpkin.
4) My favorite color is yellow. I drive a yellow Mustang, my mom drives a yellow Escape and the house I grew up in was yellow.
5) I’m Cherokee Indian (mom) and German (dad).
6) My favorite animal is a polar bear and I collect polar bear figurines, stuffed animals, calenders, posters, pillows, blankets, nightlights and other polar bear trinkets.
7) Right after I graduated from high school and right before I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my career, I coached a high school JV volleyball team. We went 10–4. WOO! It was a great transitioning period. :]
8) I’m a screenwriter for film. I enjoy writing dramas and psychological thrillers. My current project is about a girl with an eating disorder.
9) I use to write for pornography to make extra cash.
10) I’m the Chief Operations Officer of a brand new promotional company for restaurants.
11) I don’t like fruit.
12) I have 4 tattoos.
13) I believe in past lives.
14) I have trichotillomania.
15) I visited Australia for 3 weeks in 6th grade and got electrocuted by a fence there. Damn Aussies be up to no good. XD
16) I have the terrible habit of biting my nails.
17) I played volleyball and basketball in high school and was on the track team. I broke the long jump and high jump record in middle school, even beating out all of the guys. Suckas!
18) I lost my virginity when I was 20 and haven’t had sex since. I waited a while because I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it. I was right.
19) I masturbate often though. :D
20) I love playing games like dice, dominoes, poker, board games, etc. I’m really freakin’ competitive.
21) I got stranded in the desert once.
22) I’ve never had anyone close to me pass away.
23) I had a bit of a drug problem in high school and it continued a few years after I graduated, but everything is great now.
24) I joined the q&a community (bouncing around to several different sites) about a 1½ years ago after I experienced something rather difficult and these online communities have helped me tremendously.
25) I don’t like nuts. :]

augustlan's avatar

@Vunessuh I’m hoping you get to try # 18 again, with a different partner. ;)

BoBo1946's avatar

ahhh MsV…. high jumper and broad jumper! Me three… good stuff!

Dog's avatar

@Vunessuh Is 25 literal or? Mustang- yessss! Got any pix of Pickle and Pengin? Perhaps for the Fluther photo album? :D Polar Bears rock!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (2points)
Vunessuh's avatar

Alright, beware…I’m going to be like one of those mothers who shows off her kids and brags about them way too much.

Here they are when they were babies. Pickle is in the front and Pumpkin is behind him.
Here’s Pickle asleep.

They’re a lot bigger now.
They’re both sweet as can be with tons of personality. Very intelligent too.
Here’s one more. They live with my mom right now and I can’t wait to see them in a few days! I miss them.

Anyway, there you have it. Tada!

Jude's avatar

@Vunessuh adorable. :)

Dog's avatar

Awww! They are wonderful! :D How cute that baby one- snout in camera! Thanks!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (2points)
augustlan's avatar

Now I want a pig.

BoBo1946's avatar

My friend @Arisztid 13) I am dyslexic. Did not know that. Think Chaz had that problem. I know it must be frustrating.

Dog's avatar

@augustlan Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (1points)
lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@Vunessuh – What do they taste like?

Vunessuh's avatar

@lucillelucillelucille What does what taste like?

Jude's avatar


coastiegirl96's avatar

This is soo old, but ah, what the heck. Here ya go (:

1. My name is Paige, and my initials spell my name. (P.A.J.)
2. I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old.
3. My eyes turn amber when I’m extremely pissed. (They’re originally green, blue, grey, and yellow.)
4. I can’t draw anime.
5. I love to act.
6. I met Taylor Lautner, and Taylor Swift. :D
7. My first best friend passed away when I was in third grade, on June 2nd, 2005.
8. My mom is friends with Jaime Paglia, from when they were in high school. (Warrenton HS (: )
9. My fingernails are purple tiger print right now.
10. I’ve dyed my hair every natural color, of the hair color world.
11. I have 2 pets.
12. I’ve never done drugs.
13. My older sister ran away when I was in 4th grade.
14. My dad is in the Coast Guard.
15. I’m in online school.
16. I’ve never had sex.
17. I live in a small town.
18. I’m a hypocrite.
19. I’m a vegetarian.
20. I prefer Chinese and Mexican food.
21. I love all kinds if music. (I’m talking from AC/DC to Of Monsters and Men to The Pretty Reckless) xD
22. I’m a Twi-Hard, and a Hunger Games fan.
23. I was grounded for 6 months once.
24. I believe in ghosts and angels.
25. I’m watching 7th Heaven right now.

Dutchess_III's avatar

1) I missed this question in 2009!

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