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Can you write a poem? Now?

Asked by tb1570 (3113points) February 15th, 2009
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Can you create a poem (haiku, sonnet, free-form, what ever you like) right now, off the top of your head, stream-of-conscious style, without thinking too much about it and with complete dis-regard as to what others might think or what may or may not be “proper”? Do it. Now. Stop thinking. Don’t look at what others have written. Just scroll down and write. Now. Quit thinking about it! Just do it! Now!! GO!!!

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fishcakes and lime
taking time
to give you some
small part of me

now you’re gone
thinking anon
the curry
will do for tea

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I thought about the words I’d write, a sonnet, perhaps prose
but always, never failingly this seems to be the way it goes
I write with fervor, fingers flailing, keyboard clacking loudly
Looking down I see the words I wrote and read them proudly
Then with a touch (morosity) I backspace all the refuse
Wondering what sort of person I was planning to amuse
The greatest poems that e’er been wrote were written with a thought
A goal, a hope, a dream, surely something not for naught
But still I clatter on the keys of fluther’s textly box
Addicted to a feeling that I’m not so sure I’ve got
And without reason then I end the waste, debris, the litter
And chalk it up to stubbornness because I’m not a quitter

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I once knew a guy from Fluther,
Who looked a little like my brother.
He was ugly as sin,
With a shit eating grin,
And I felt really bad for his mother.

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Reckless abandon,
often running “pell-mell”, life in apparent disorder…
Chaotic, haphazard, disorganized, confused,
Tumultuous, disarrayed, muddled, pandemonium…

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Look out the window
Gulls sitting on chimney tops
Look in the window

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its 7
why am I not sleeping
dreaming of heaven
instead im on fluther
missing my lover
wishing it was already summer

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this task is too easy to do
would be a little harder if me and you
tried to do this in turns, like a line each
and see how far down we could reach…

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The sun is shining on this fine day
“What have you got planned?” the Mr. will say
“Not much. Having coffee. Maybe go for a walk”
And that’s what I’ll do, without much talk.
Heading into the day without much care
I won’t even have to worry about my hair.

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What should I do now?
Want me to write a poem?
I think that I will.

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I would tell you what you should know,
But now it’s time to go…

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There was a dog named Molly
Who needed a home,
to call her own.
So she looked all around, by Golly.
She came to my town
Said “I’m homeward bound”
And she is staying to this day.

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A poem? Now?
...And how!

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Poems don’t have to rhyme
But if you have time
to succumb to rule
Subscribe to the school
of traditional thought
some have fought
for you to be right
on your way to great
work not too late

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Can I write a poem now?
Easier said than from the brow
dispensed before Fluther.

Mayhap I’ll do another
Or move out in the world
My poetic wings unfurled.

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orange spotty tiny holes
uneven edges against my jagged white sky
uneven edges against my smooth brown ground
covered with moments
but not forever

when I go
(and I will go)
there will be another shade
another hue
another passer-by

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There once was a fluffy pillow
Who wished he was down below
Sea level right now
With a big ka pow!
While wearing an orange polo.

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Purple chimney top of garroted angst
A tension of lipless, fetid gems
Become in galloping trance a charm
For lost and limbless chatter.

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TB 1570
has asked me to write a ditty
so clickity klank on the keyboard
I struggle to say something witty

A poem can be happy
A poem can be sad
without a subject it’s probably bad

So my friend tb1570
accept my refrain
for a wonderful day
It was a really fun game!

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Death can make you feel alone
Hearing a dying person’s moan
You sit with them through their pain
All the while trying to keep sane

Know you can’t do anything,
But always trying to do something
Wanting to help them stay alive,
Constantly feeling their deathly vibe.

Death can leave you alone.

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a coffee sip
a dip with toast

a twitch a wink I think
we might do something

today maybe stay
in and twirl our hair

without a care,
it’s Sunday

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2 jamspoon – Lurve your poem. Internal rhyming, very cool.

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You make the world seem so easy

When you’re gone it’s so hard

When you hold me tight you keep me going

Your arms are like a safety net

I fall down they are there to caught me

They pick me up

They help me stay strong

Your eyes are like hope

I feel weak

But I look at them and see the future

Everything seems great

Everything is strong

I see you holding me

Never wanting to let me go

You see me slipping so you hold on tighter

You say your there

And will always be there

You’re my safety net of life

And you will always keep me going

And keep me strong

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the hum of my computer
reminds of the
hum of my CPAP machine, except
the CPAP machine sounds like
someone is taking a shower.
Of course the shower gets
the shower mat wet and in
the morning my feet suffer and
the wetness is great for athletes
foot! So many things itch on my
body it isn’t funny. Some people
think that I am—funny, I mean— but I
don’t know where it comes from. Perhaps
it is the hum of my computer?

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Alone, we still school,
As if swimming in the same pool
makes us less solitary.
We swim with our own strokes —
We do move, we do progress,
yet nonetheless we do less; we just confess.

Perhaps we grow less chary,
less wary of sharing,
less suspicious of others:
Others are watching our mile
completed freestyle.
Anonymous smiles…
We’re less single file.

L’oeurve, the work,
the daily work — that goes on, it adds up
Without us.
We sit here talking,
typing furious deathless prose
while life goes on,
about us.

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@comedian with a username like that I wouldn’t expect a poem like that.

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gifts of leisure
grow cruel, emaciated thorns
resplendent in september falsehoods
of deedless days spent

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Fluther pancakes, mmmm.
Please make me some for breakfast.
Dinner is good, too.

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it took you two days to write that?

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@all — I’m so sorry. It should be “l’oeuvre”.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Fluther lix balls
and so do you

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@BoyWonder How much of that blue weed you been smokin? But you did get me laughing… I’ll give you that!

autumn43's avatar

@BoyWonder – and it took another two days to write that?

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@autumn43 what do you expect from someone who has been smoking week continuously since the question was asked?

autumn43's avatar

@daloon – I won’t point out that he’s been smoking the week away….but I always thought it made people more creative!

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Pot is a distraction
And so d…oh look…a butterfly…

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what sensitive flutherites u are…

@autumn43: I do have a life, which doesn’t consist of crafting an ingenious poem exclusively for YOU to savor via fluther. Yet somehow, I have become something like a phenomenon to you. Thanks, I guess?

@SherlockPoems: Glad somebody saw the humor in it. And I been smokin enough to pass some of it over. Cheers!

@daloon: Smoking week? I smoke weed, not week. Put the crackpipe down.

@Blondesjon: You put yours down too.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Weed smokers live and let live
Why don’t you?

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@BoyWonder – lighten up! (or light up!) It’s all in good fun. Sorry you didn’t see the humor in my post.

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ya’ll didn’t know you could smoke
time? (and I don’t mean thyme). Ah well.
Maybe it’s the kind of thing
only quantum parsnips do.

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Tell these self-righteous moderators to let me live, how bout that???

K, gonna go smoke now, goodbye.

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angry footprints
flawed among
frivolous and ribald trails
of ephemeral concrete guideposts
running ruin in the stain

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If I can,
the next question is
if I should.

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I like the haikus
The are my favorite poems
They’re simple and brief

Though the problem is
I seem to choke on 1 Syll’ble
And that one is in this line!

I’ll wait for you to figure it out….
(HINT:Don’t count the second one as a haiku.)

Is that some shortened haiku with 3/5/3? And I thought 5/7/5 was too hard >.>
Hey I just learned what a haiku is…what is that one called?

aprilsimnel's avatar

@90s_kid – Yeah, it’s 3/5/3. I had to write a bunch of 3/5/3s and 5/7/5s in 3rd grade for one of my classes at my arty-farty elementary school. But a true haiku is 5/7/5 and is about nature.

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Ask any question
Get all the answers you need
Fluther is my friend

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The Internet brings us together.
Like many fine birds of a feather.
Our community is close,
And certainly verbose,
So we connect in all kinds of weather.

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The rain is falling.
The ground is wet and white and green.
It’s a birthday of sorts.
No one can be seen at the party.
Who knows why. Who knows where.
The rain is falling on the ground.

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Seems to me a purpose of Fluther,
respect and treat as sister & brother.
To disagree is a normal response,
allowing modicum of nonchalance.
“Smile and the world smiles with you…
cry and you cry alone.” seems true.

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Hey! Did anyone notice the date today? 03/03/09

squaring root today
3 times 3 equaling nine
notable measure

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An ephemeral highway of
cashmere reference
softly biting foodless thoughts
for needless instance carried.

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Dying people moan
Being stabbed in the back hard
Bleeding endlessly

Blondesjon's avatar

Freely destitute in programmed clockwork tales
Counciled facts from doubting, choked on, tastes
Forever new in sky and hearth
but chilled for tiny excursions held.

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Wondering if this is right
Stealing away, into the night
People watch, take notes and walk on
Wanting more than can be offered
Shaking off the feeling that nothing else matters

SherlockPoems's avatar

monday already
hard to wake up in pitch dark
daylight saving time

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Enjambment is a favourite
technique that I enjoy
using from time to time.
I’ll employ

It to challenge myself
to write something
that doesn’t just follow
a typical rhyme scheme.

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covered in stone
she stood straight
her eyes like fists

Blondesjon's avatar

work very
hard to just
settle for

has a
task seemed so
baleful as

is the
mind that employs
a needless

work very
hard to just
settle for

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As my son prepares for his field trip
I look at him with wonder and disbelief
How beautiful, how tall, how much he’s grown
A tree from a little leaf

Is that a tear? A tug at my heart
Those strings tugged with so much pride
I love him so much, I love him so much
Ok, I admit it, I cried.

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@Jack79 I liked your rhyme and
Your spontaneity, and you have a natural flair
It’s also fine, doing a line at a time
So I’ll meet you over there

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Amidst a field of verdant wonder
I chose a place in which to slumber
I discovered staggering dreams without number
Poured into me from this tumbler.

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my bra has come off
with no one around
my bosoms are happy
bobbing up and down

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Oh, honey,
Let me tell you –
never mind my phone;
I need to
jailbreak my heart
and reboot my mind.

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The game is on, the ball is flying
And I’m sitting here, so happy I’m crying!
For baseball is here.
The best time of year!
The Red Sox are the best – sometimes without trying!

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love words silenced
you walk away leaving
sand in my mouth

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Ever present tawdry baubles
Persist in twinkling poverty
From highest peaks
Of resolution’s grandest lie.

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I love you little pistachio
peeping out of your home
your green glory
and purple passion
you seem rather alone

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I stopped by to offer up praise.
The poetry here does amaze.
The words are sublime,
Sweet rhythm and rhyme,
Which I’ll remember for the rest of my days.

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Thursdays. Lazy. Wandering around.
Finding things not wanting to be found.
Drinking in the moment, and wishing it would last.
Closing eyes to the reality.
And onto Friday. Commitments abound.

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@daloon @autumn43 Smoke any good week lately?

autumn43's avatar

Nah. But I have had some smoking weeks!

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At any given moment the
world finds a way
to make you
stop and

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It’s Saturday night and I’m feeling uptight.
Lost in the darkess, seeking the light.
With nowhere to go and nothing to do,
My joy is all gone, leaving me blue.
I try to be hopeful that I will recover,
There must be new passions for me to discover.

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I’ve been away awhile
wishing I was here
But whilst I was gone
you’ve all whittled on
And I now feel I’ve wandered
too long

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@lynneblundell I was just thinking about you today and wondering where you were!

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@janbb ahhh thank you x it’s lovely to know you’ve been thought about x

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I’m not special or worthy – nor particularly deserving
I’m probably a little like you
In the wintertime it’s hard to keep warm
(And I tend to come down with the flu).

Sniffles and piffles, Kleenex and rum
I cough and scoff and wheeze
Santa dear, my only wish:
Someone to bless me when I sneeze.

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@NewZen Great poem!


NewZen's avatar



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Out there in the dark
Autumn is waiting.

Easy peasy

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Sometimes I just want to write
I don’t want to sing
I want to write
And yet I can’t
There’s nothing to write about
Nothing important in my life
no new characters in my mind
and all old ideas have been done time and time again
And then I feel stuck
and all I want to do is cry
and the only thing that will fix it is to write
And yet I can’t.

I gave it my best shot.

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