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Have you ever used fluther to make a major decision in your life?

Asked by Baloo72 (702points) February 15th, 2009
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If you have, what was it? If not, would you be willing to try it?

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No, but if something resonated strongly within me, I’d definitely consider it.

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Are you using fluther to make a decision as to wheter or not to use it to make a major decision?

I haven’t but I might consulting the collective for input and to get new perspectives on a topic. Actually, it doesn’t sound like a terrible idea to me. There is wisdom in numbers (sometimes).

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The information I get here sometimes helps me make decisions.

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This election was the first that I had been old enough to vote. I had no clue who to vote for because I was never really in to politics.

I was leaning McCain (only because in my part of VA it was either vote for McCain or for the nigger terrorist). I decided to do some research on my own, because I felt like I shouldn’t do something just because everyone else does it.

I read tons of articles, made a Fluther account in September, asked some politically stimulating questions, and got really great answers from the collective. I received great explanations of political ideas, and I realized McCain’s platforms sucked and wouldn’t help anyone.

Obviously in the grand scheme of my life, who to vote for in ‘08 was not a major decision. However Fluther helped shaped political beliefs that I’ll probably have for the rest of my life.

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Fluther helped me to decide that there aren’t many websites on the Interent that are even close to being as good as Fluther is.

That in turn led me to make the decision that I would devote even more time to being on the Internet every day.

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@queenzboulevard: I’m in VA and I voted for that ‘terrorist’ too! High-five!

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No I make decions by myself. I don’t consult anyone so if it does not work out I only have myself to blame.

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I’m doing a lot more cocaine now. Thanks Fluther :)

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You’re welcome.


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I wouldn’t make a decision based on fluther alone, but your fellow jellies can point out the obvious when you may not notice it. They sure helped me through a hard time in my life.

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Not so far, but I would certainly seek advice from the jellies if I had a major decision to make.

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Also, judochop used Fluther to make a decision that literally saved his life! Seriously, this is a must-read for any new member.

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Not in the way you are implying, but yes, I get opinions which may sway my own. I consider flutherites (and all internet users for that matter) to be real people, not just internet nicknames. And especially here they tend to be smarter than most other places. So yes, I do take everything into account.

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No i haven’t yet. I just became a member yesterday but who knows? Maybe I will someday..


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maybe to help me process information I need to make decisions.

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I would not try to, mostly because it’s hard to relay all the details of situations to my fellow jellies. For those kind of decisions, it’s hard when you’re getting advice from people who don’t know you entirely all that well. It is good to hear opinions on things like that, but I wouldn’t make that decision based solely on fluther alone.

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@TitsMcGhee: Don’t sleep with men in the seminary. There life decision made.

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@asmonet: I will definitely keep that in mind.

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If only you’d asked before you did it ;)

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@augustlan : Haha, that would’ve been a HILARIOUS thread.

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@TitsMcGhee: you’ve mentioned this adage a lot lately, but I’m wondering why not? If the guy hits on you, it’s not your responsibility to keep his vows. He’s the one who did something wrong, not you.

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@daloon: It mostly keeps coming up because it’s just a generally funny situation. There’s no guilt on my part at all.

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No, and I can’t imagine the circumstances under which Fluther would be a deciding factor, though the input might be helpful.

But I don’t completely rule out the possibility.

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Well, maybe a bit.

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