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Tumblr: How to use my own image as a background?

Asked by catpita (1points) February 24th, 2009
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I’m using the Fold theme and don’t know how to change the HTML. Do I do it in the Theme/Customize HTML area, or the advanced/“add custom CSS” area? Detailed help requested from any smart people! Thanks…

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“Customize theme” is to change the basics of a template they provide. This is usually things like changing a font color, or a border color…basic stuff. If you want to change the background image you will need to go to the “add custom CSS” part. At least that was how my template was for my tumblog: . Let me take a look at that template and can give you more specific info in a minute.

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Ah yes. You are using the same theme as me. OK. Here’s how you do it. If you go to “Customize” from your dashboard you will get to the workspace for making changes. Click on the “theme” header and select “Use Custom HTML”. This will give you all the magic code that you can mostly ignore. However, scroll down about one click and you will see this chunk of code:

body {
background: {color:Background} url(’/themes/4/bg.gif’);
margin: 0px 0px 50px 60px;
font: Normal 13px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
color: {color:Text};

To change the background image, you need to replace ”/themes/4/bg.gif” with the URL for your actual graphic. For example, I uploaded a little pattern to the free site and this is the URL for that pic:

Try it for an example by copying and pasting the above URL and replacing ’/themes/4/bg.gif’ with ‘’ but change ONLY that. Be sure not to delete any additional characters. Save the theme and then preview it and you should see a blue pattern now. You can do this with any graphic you want to put there.

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Thank you! That worked…sort of. It shows up in safari, but, weirdly, not in Firefox. Any clue what’s up with that? If you look at, do you see the interlocking C’s logo? Or just a pale aqua patterned background?

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@catpita My guess is that you need to hard refresh your browser, if you haven’t already. That means, clear out your browser cache and reload the page. You are probably seeing a saved version of the graphic instead of the redone one.

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What backgroud do you two use? i would like to do this to mine

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Anyone know how I can upload a background image for the thumblr theme Simplification? I’ve been in the Customize Html area, and tried out several things, nothing seems to be working:/

Anyone know the answer for this? Tried to google it, but the changes I did are not affecting the background:s What am I doing wrong?

Thanks soo much for any help!

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