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Do You Have A Crazy Uncle ?- How Crazy ? They say everyone Does.

Asked by Johnny_Rambo (888points) February 26th, 2009
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I have a theory that everyone has at least one crazy uncle, I was fortunate enough to have one… favorite.

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Yes I do. My great uncle is a grown man and he still craps himself and is an alcoholic. So yea your not alone but I think I top the charts. Oh and his girlfriend just stabbed a woman the other day.

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Now thats a crazy uncle LG.

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@Johnny_Rambo Yea I told you!!!

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Yes all of my uncles are crazy they go out, then come back home drunk as can be and then they throw up on their selves their so crazy!

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I’m more the Dane Cook crazy uncle, but some have the Jack Nicholson crazy uncle…whoooooo !

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@LouisianaGirl you totally win.

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My crazy uncle would slip on a black glove and tell us scary stories about ” The Black Hand ” until we went to sleep. Crazy bastard, but we loved him.

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Oh yeah. We have one in our family. He is very southern, but tries to fake an Australian accent (I guess it’s supposed to attract the ladies), it’s horrible. Then he reveals his more freaky side after a Thanksgiving dinner…removes his shoes (I could have done without this one!) showing us his black painted toenails and toe rings on each toe…both feet. Ok, whatever. He decides to start telling us that his GF loves to paint his toenails. I got up and went outside after that, I so didn’t even need that info.

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I think your uncle must read Esquire because women have been polled and an Aussie accent does turn them on.,,but the toe rings have to go. (”

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OMG I HAVE A SUPER CRAZY UNCLE.. hes not really the favorite at gatherings

seriously.. and i think that my dad (his brother) is beginning to become a crazy uncle.. hah

ANYWAYS.. hes soo annoying .. hes around his 50’s and still wants to hang out with the young crowd at get togethers.. acting like hes one of them..he used to wear this barney shirt ALL THE TIME!.. he makes fun of anyone.. and criticizes everything that he doesnt like.. once he tried to drown me when we went camping.

my sister has stopped coming to our reunions because she cant stand him and leaves when he arrives..

i know ur supposed to respect your elders but seriously i wont respect him cause he bags on me every chance he gets.. and well i return the favor.

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I’m not sure. I never really got to know any of my uncles even though I have 7.

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@elijahsuicide I know I top the charts!!!

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I’m missing out. I don’t have any uncles. My dad is an only child, and my mom has only sisters.

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No, I am the crazy uncle.

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I have an Uncle drunken Tyke who is crazy. He is infamous in my hometown. He’s really my great uncle and is in his 80s. But he stands outside a gas station at a busy intersection and hitches a ride home. Home is only like 2 blocks away, but if he tried to walk, he’d probably stumble into traffic. Nobody in my family talks to him.

I actually drove him home one day- this was the first we had met. He was so drunk he drooled constantly all over my back seat. I tried to tell him who I was, but he just kept asking if the pretty lady (me) would come inside with him. I said, “No, I’m your great niece, dude!” He tested me and asked who my mother was and I said, “Her name is Becky, Phoebe’s daughter.” And he said, “Oh, Punkin!” Which I later learned was my mom’s nick name as a kid. It was weird out of context. He was weird anyway.

Anyway, I hear that a local restaurant gives him $10 a day to pick up trash in the parking lot.

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I have a crazy awesome aunt, does that count? She makes a living singing in shows, she’s a devout Wicca, brews her own mead, and has been whooping my ass at Magic: The Gathering since the game was invented. She’s so much fun!

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Not crazy but highly eccentric. I had an uncle who owned what must have been the only low rent real estate in Santa Monica, right next to the freeway. He loved beautiful women and was married 3 times, providing me with a cousin for each of his marriages.

Earlier in his life he had been a teacher and told an interesting story about how Elizabeth Taylor had been in one of his clases, but was always getting excuses for not attending so that she could work on films.

He was crazy about cars and kept dozens of cars in various states of disrepair along the streets of his properties. The residents and government of Santa Monica were none too pleased. At one point the town passed an ordinance about cars not being allowed to stay in the same position for more than a certain amount of time. So my uncle made a point of manually moving cars around.

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@lostinparadise where in Santa Monica was his office?

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@Johnny_Rambo – the Aussie accent doesn’t mix well with Southern twang. I’m Southern, no twang, HE has the southern twang!

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Well I have a crazy coke head grandpa and when I was smaller he use to make me call him uncle. My mom said he use to do the sand thing to her when she was little. He speaks so fast that half of the time I don’t even know what he’s saying, he talks crap about everyone. I remember one time we were in the car and my little sister was crying cuz she didn’t get to go in the car with my mom and he goes “you cry for anything I’m going to give you something to cry about” and bit her haha it was so funny and he just started laughing so hard. He’s crazy

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@adri027 – good lord. I think you’re right…he’s crazy! He seriously bit her? Yowsers!

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@cak yeah haha I’m telling you them crazy old coke heads they’re something else.

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I have a real creepy uncle, if that counts. I think he’s been married like 4 or 5 times, I don’t even know my cousins that he has fathered because he has so many kids with random women. It’s really gross.

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I had a crazy uncle and a crazy great-uncle. Not bad-crazy, but crazy in the sense of adventurous and individualistic. I don’t remember a lot about my (late) great uncle, except that in the late ‘50’s/early ‘60’s, he decided he would become a vegetarian. He would go into the woods looking for wild-growing watercress.

My uncle (his nephew) was another relative who would fall into the “crazy-individualistic” category. One night, after an evening of drinking, he did not want to drive home, so he stopped a police car and said, “Officer, I’m too drunk to drive, and I’m afraid to walk home in my condition.” Sure enough, he got a ride—to his house, not to the slammer.

Some in my family say I have inherited the mantle of “crazy uncle”. Oh the tales I could tell…

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I am the crazy uncle.

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