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If you could make your own national holiday what would it be and why?

Asked by LouisianaGirl (1144points) March 3rd, 2009
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If you could choose a day that would become a national holiday for people all around America to celebrate what would it be? When would it be and why?

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Election Day

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National Whistling Day. Ever get a room full of people all whistling at once? That’s the coolest thing ever. Imagine a whole day where every place you went everyone would be whistling. Would that be cool or what?

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I’d make a day all about texting

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I couldn’t agree more, Ashpea. For two reasons, primarily:
1. Having the day off work would encourage many more people to vote.
2. We focus so much on the security of our schools nowadays, with locked doors, buzzers, security cameras, and the like all designed to keep out people with no business there. On one day every year, however, we open the doors and invite the world in to do as they please. For safety issues, class should not be in session during voting.

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I would create an Authors’ Day. It would be a day to honor authors and poets of the past and present. I’d make it just about now, say mid-March, to break up the longest interval between federal holidays.

GQ, @LouisianaGirl.

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@lefteh Yep, the first point is exactly why I chose Election Day! I didn’t even think about your second point, but you’re absolutely right about it.

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Fluther Founders’ Day, of course.

Nobody has said Pancake Day yet?

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@AstroChuck there you go!!!!

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@Ashpea9288 and Lefteh – I’ve often wondered why such an important day for our country, is not considered a holiday.

@Lefteh – in our county – they do cancel school, for that reason. Many of our schools are polling locations.

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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! :)

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@Adina1968 ohhhh goody!!!

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National hang over day and it would be the day after my birthday or St. patty’s day…. I haven’t decided.

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Earth Day.

It’s the only planet we have.

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Volunteer day.
Encourage everyone to go out at least one day a year and do something to help their community.

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I would bring back Bobunk.

Any Sabrina fans out there?

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The SuperBowl. Think about it.
Those on the winning side, party and cant work the next day,
those on the losing side, drink enough to forget the season and the playoffs and dont wake up on the next day…
Productivity is already atleast cut in half so salvage the day and just make it a holiday.

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Couch Potato day!!! Everyone MUST stay at home watching tv and not moving a finger!!!!!

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But, that’s everyday.
At least after work.

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We should have off for election day. Around here, the schools are closed though.

I’ve always thought that the day after Halloween should be both a school and work holiday. The kids stay out/up way too late, eat too much candy, and fall asleep w/ face paint on. The adults have either spent the evening trotting their children all over town or partying with other adults. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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Meditation Day
Everyone would be encouraged to meditate at a certain time. Imagine the collective effect of all those good vibes.

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@AstroChuck : Yeah, but maybe you have stuff to do after work. Im talking about a day when you dont leave your house at all!

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@cak: many of our schools (actually, almost all) here in Columbus are polling locations as well. But school is in session.

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