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Whatever happen to and excite chat?

Asked by davoice (53points) October 23rd, 2007
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I think yahoo ate it.

robhaya's avatar was to be purchased by Yahoo in 1998, but they were sold to @Home Network in 1999. And became Excite@Home.

After acquirring Blue Mountain Greeting Cards and sponsoring an Indy Car racing team, the merger of Excite@Home fell short of expectations and in October of 2001 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

iWon went on to creat an Excite like portal and eventually won a court ruling to acquire the domain and brand. After the go ahead from the court iWon transfered the users over to the new Excite portal. You can read a detailed history in wikipedia .

As for excite chat, I’m not sure.

Hope this helps.


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I didn’t know that anything had happen (ed) to Excite. com. I have used it as a home-page since forever – easy-to-manage data base for stock portfolio, some custom news headlines, the programs on the 5 TV channels I receive. info on moon and sun rise and set; all of the usual.

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