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What's the best tasting organic peanut butter?

Asked by robhaya (999points) October 24th, 2007
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What is the best tasting organic peanut butter (creamy)? . I’m looking to make the switch from Jif Creamy Peanut Butter to a much healthier version which tastes similar. If you can give me the brand name and details, it would be much appreciated.

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man, this is the easiest question ever posed here for me to answer because i happen to be an evangelist of sorts for this stuff: trader joe’s organic creamy is hands down the best i’ve found, and i’ve tried, if not all, very close to it.

if you don’t have a joe’s in your hood, my heartfelt sympathies.

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Be careful of seeking too close a match. Jif, like other mainstream food-like products, is loaded with salt and you might have to learn to enjoy the taste of peanuts. I think Consumers Reports once did a comparison test of Peanut Butters (all kinds). Worth checking out. TJ’s is great.

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not only salt. check your jif label—if it’s still around—as i remember, it, like skippy and other faux peanut butters, contain significant amounts of various hydrogenated oils—in other words, oils rendered plastic-like non-food.

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Skippy actually has a sub-brand these days called “Skippy Natural” which doesn’t have hydrogenated oils. It’s super delicious and still has the consistency of normal mass-market peanut butter (i.e., no goupy separation in the jar). It comes in both creamy and chunky.

My sister actually asked me a similar question half a year ago, and I sent her a jar of Skippy Natural as a birthday gift; the shipping cost more than the peanut butter itself, but it was totally worth it!

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if you want natural, you want separation. it’s unavoidable. simply stir it up. once opened, all quality pb should be refrigerated anyway as oils can go rancid easily; not a good thing, and somtimes hard to detect.

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I’m a big fan of Santa Cruz Organic. Doesn’t taste so much like just mashed-up peanuts.

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