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Last thing that made you cry?

Asked by Jude (32198points) March 20th, 2009
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For me it would be this. These guys had him for a few years (raised him since he was a cub), then decided to release him into the wild. A year or so later, they decided to go and find him and here’s what their reunion was like

i cry like a baby everytime <<<squish squish>>>

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asking my dad for money :(

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ive seen that vid! so touching!

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Two nights ago, and a night before then. Crying about the work I’m doing now, the work I hope to be doing in the future, finding a job, the fact that, despite a strict diet and daily exercise for the past month and a half, I haven’t lost a pound. You know, the usual.

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Cutting onions

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@les- try heroin, worked for me ;)

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@allen_o : Uh. Yeah. Thanks, but no.

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When I found out Sandra Bullock was marrying that guy from Monster Garage.

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@Mr M hahahahahaha!

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A very powerful argument with my 14yo son last night. It was hours after it was over and I just felt crushed by the sheer weight of the responsibility of parenting. Trying to explain the rationale to him of being somewhat protective and still trying to respect his independence is tough. I stood in the hall between my two sleeping kids bedrooms and cried. Here’s the best part though; he woke up this morning came and sat with me. He looked right into my eyes and said “I know you and Dad love me, and I know we won’t always agree on everything, but we’ll figure it all out – don’t worry.”

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When my dad called me after my mother’s surgery, to let me know everything had gone okay. Tears of happiness.

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I do not cry. Not now. I learned that long ago. When I am sad, I do not show it. When I am angry or hurt, I do not show it. I know it sounds like I am repressed and people here tell me to go to a psychologist. But that is not true. I am feeling. I do not hsow it.

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I was walking down the street that I used to walk down every day to the house I lived in with my friend and my boyfriend. My friend is still living there. My exboyfriend and I have moved out but had to pay rent this month. I still have a key.
This was last night.
I realized, when I had almost reached the house, that I would never walk that walk again. And furthermore, I would never, be greeted by friends making dinner, or my boyfriend, or love, in that little house. Even now, in the light of day, when things always seem more rational (and as I type this on Fluther!) my heart sinks, thinking this.
And it’s making me cry
So, I guess that’s it. Realizing things that will never happen again. Make me cry.

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I think you can not dwell on such feelings, @aviona. Nor can you push them away. The way that is the way is not the way that can be known. Your path has changed. You thought you were going one place, but it turns out to be another. It can be ok. Feelings are complex, and are not always true. In side you, they can twist and turn until you have no idea where you are. Separate from you feelings, observing them, you can more quickly find your own way.

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Last night, I had to chop up a really strong onion without my diving mask and snorkel.

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Just now, reading @bythebay‘s answer.

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@hearkat: I know you know how I felt… :)

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I was not crying because i was in pain or sad. I was HEATED (so mad) yesterday. I Fought my ex bf’s girl. Once someone broke up the fight and i saw her face, I walked away and was crying. Like i said it wasnt because i was in pain, it was just that i was so mad.She wasnt even hitting me.But I Fcuked Her Up So Im Ok Now.
The Video is On youtube

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@ShortStuff Fighting is not good. Violence solves nothing. It is barbaric. Putting a violent video on youtube is a really bad idea. Among other things, it can be used in a criminal case against you. Please conside getting some help with anger management.

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@Marina I know its not good but she wanted to fight me.It wasnt my fault that the video is on youtube.My friend told me she saw it there and i checked for myself, and saw.And as for the anger management i’ll look into it.

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That was such a sweet video! :)

Way to go Les! Just say no! Crack is whack! Hugs not Drugs!

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