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BBEdit vs Textmate?

Asked by inovak (13points) March 26th, 2009
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I’m trying to decide between purchasing BBEdit and Textmate. I’ve played with both and used up the trial period on both. I’m a relatively new web developer so the languages that I’ll be using regularly would be html, css, php, and javascript.

For css, I use CSSEdit. For ftp, I use Transmit. So there is no point for Coda IMO.

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In that case, try Textwrangler.

It’s free!

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I really like Textmate, haven’t spent a great deal of time with BBedit, but I know it’s popular with a lot of old-school Mac users from the OS9 days when it was the best. Really you’d be fine with both.

Also checkout Espresso, a new one from the guys that made CSSedit. You can get it from the bundle going on right now, as long as it gets unlocked.

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or smultron

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I use textmate and I like it. MacVim and Auquamacs are both pretty popular where I work (and free). I recommend new web devs also learn an editor that can run in a terminal on a remote server (e.g. vim, emacs, nano).

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ditto @larsalan
smultron is GREAT. along with CSSEdit and CyberDuck

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use textmate, largest developer community which is constantly working on bundles which extends textmates functionality. There is also alot of support available because of this, since your new, this will be helpful when you need to learn about it.

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Second on the textwrangler it is the stripped down version of BBedit. However if you are going to be doing a lot of editing, buying an editor can more than make up in terms of a time saving feature or two. Pick the editor that has the feature that will save you the most time for the editing you do. If they seem equal on that feature go to the next most important… finally flip a coin if you still can’t decide.

Another free editor is jEdit, it runs on Macs and PCs

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