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What is the distribution of money from the sale of a iTunes song?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) March 26th, 2009
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i.e. When a iTunes 99c song is bought where how much goes to Apple, the artist, song writer, producer etc..
Sorry if this has been asked before, i couldn’t find it in a search

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I don’t know but I’m curious, as well. Great question.

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I heard that Apple does not get much of this money. There was time recently when the Music Association had the meeting to talk about royalty changes, that Apple would close down iTunes because it would be too difficult to make money. Luckily, everything was kept the same. Apple’s nudge was part of it staying the same from what I read.

But I agree, very good question. I want to know this , too.

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As usual the artist get the least. The record label used to get the biggest part of the pie, but now it’s iTunes. With the labels the artists could make anywhere from .50 to $4.00 per CD sold, but with iTunes selling mp3’s for .99 the artist get pennies per cut, about .05—.20 depending on the deal.

So when artist complain you’re stealing from them when you download something from LImewire for .00, just buy a ticket to their next live performance and throw down the bucks for a Tshirt. The money the artists make from selling ancillary product goes directly to them. Hence, many bands give their music away to build loyal a fanbase to sell their real money making items.

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