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What is the meaning of the word clax?

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) April 11th, 2009
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Aphex twin has tracks called blue clax, yellow clax, and green clax so what does it mean?

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According to Urban Dictionary:

1. A word to describe people with the relative I.Q. of a salmon.
2. Somebody who acts like a complete idiot 24/7.
3. it can also mean nothing.

As smed would say “brads ya fuckin clax!”

I’m sure that’s not what you were looking for.

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You probably need to ask Aphex Twin. It could even be a typo, since he has also called himself Blue Calx (not Blue Clax). However, his spelling is, shall we say, creative? drukqs anyone?

Breaking news: According to that venerable and reliable source, Wikipedia:

“Calx is a residual substance, sometimes in the form of a fine powder, that is left when a metal or mineral combusts or is calcinated due to heat.

Calx, especially of a metal, is now known as an oxide. According to the obsolete phlogiston theory, the calx was the true elemental substance, having lost its phlogiston in the process of combustion… UK Electronic music artist, Aphex Twin (Richard David James) named some of his tracks after different coloured Calx (green, yellow and blue).” (

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It’s the sound the train makes as it goes along the trax.

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I think you made it up…...

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Me, or Mr. P. Pluf the sun?

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It’s the plural of Clack right? As far as what a Clack is, I know nothing, I see nothing, and I hear nothing.

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Maybe it’s code for the plural of “crack” – when you want more than one “fix” but don’t want to be too obvious.

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Isn’t that a block game that was on the regular nintendo back in the day?

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It’s what you say in response to “Clickety”?

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